Why Does My Moen Sink Drain Leaking?

Why does my Moen sink drain leaking? Sometimes, any loose screw or improper seal can lead to this issue. So, is it the installer to blame?

Well, no, the problem can also occur even with the proper installation, just as your instruction manual said. Why so? Many times it is seen that the drain kit has an uneven texture. So, it doesn’t fit in right.

No matter the reason, here in this article, you will get straightforward solutions. So, without further delay, let’s jump in.

Moen Sink Drain Leaking- Reasons and Solution

Possible ReasonsSolutions
Drain Flange is not screwed appropriatelyScrew the Drain Flange nice and tight with the pipe down there
Drain Pipe Gasket is not sealed properlySeal the gasket tight with the threads
The flange is not sealed against the top center of the basinSeal the Drain Flange against the center top of the basin nicely

Whether you are installing a Moen drain kit for your sink, or any other brand, the kit design is mostly the same.

So, the installation is also similar. When you do the installation, you should follow the instruction manual that comes with the kit. Here we are stating some primary reasons for your Moen sink drain leaking.

Drain Flange has not been screwed appropriately

When installing a drain kit, the most common mistake is to push the flange against the center hole to the bottom to attach to the drain pipe. But in actuality, the flange is supposed to be screwed with the drain pipe.

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Firstly, put the flange inside the hole and hold it. Then, insert the drain pipe screwing towards the flange. Do it in the right way, because pushing the flange hard will not work. If you don’t, there will create a gap between the flange and the threads. So, the water will leak from there.

Drain Pipe Gasket is not sealed correctly

Sometimes the gasket that comes with the kit doesn’t fit with the drainpipe tightly. Generally, the pipe is threaded. And when you install the system, you have to screw the gasket up and attach it to the basin bottom.

So, when the gasket is loose and not touching the basin wholly, the water leaks from there.

Drain Flange is not sealed against the top center of the basin

Again some flange issues. The drain flange is supposed to stick in the center top of the basin. When it is not sealed correctly, the water finds its way to leaking down. So, you have to make sure the flange adheres to the basin nicely.

How to fix the drain leakage

fixing moen sink drain leaking

When you see a leakage in your sink drain system, you may not understand where the real problem is just by seeing. So, you have to make sure you do the corrections in every possible way. Because, if you do one and leave another, the leaking problem may appear again and make all your hard work go in vain.

Now, let’s swiftly talk about the quick fixes on how to fix a leaky sink drain pipe. Here is a short step-by-step guide for you.

Step 1: Teflon tape and Plumber’s Putty are the choices to fix this kind of sink drain leaking issue. So, it would help if you kept them handy.

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Firstly, remove the flange and drain pipe. Then screw them again altogether. Screw till you see the rubber gasket position touching the basin tightly and mark the location. To mark it, you can use a pencil or eyeball.

Step 2: Unscrew again and wrap the bottom threads of the drainpipe with Teflon tape. Make 4 to 5 rounds of the tape around the lines. The rubber gasket is going to be threaded anticlockwise. 

So, make sure you tape the pipe anticlockwise because you have to do it in the same direction for ease of screwing the gasket. If you do it clockwise and screw the gasket anticlockwise, you may face problems screwing, and the tape may tear or get loose.

Step 3: Make a more than a half-inch thick rope of plumber’s putty. And wrap it in the bottom of the flange. Now, seal the flange against the center hole of the basin. Push the flange harder and make sure it is adequately sealed.

Now, hold on to the flange with one hand, and with another hand, screw the pipe in from the bottom of the basin. Next, gently tap the body of the tube with your hands.

You may still see some space between the bottom of the basin and the gasket. Apply some plumber’s putty over there to seal it. Make a rope of Plumber’s Putty, apply it, and seal properly.

Step 4: Hold on to the flange above and twist it along with the drainpipe with another hand. Line up with the lift rod and the thread for the pivot rod to line up.

Screw the drain nut clockwise tightly. And remove the excessive Plumber’s Putty from the flanges around.

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you stop a sink drain from leaking?

You can stop a sink drain from leaking using some tools. They are- Teflon Tape, Plumber’s Putty, 100% Silicone (Pipe Thread Sealant), and Pipe Dope.

Can I use silicone sealant instead of Plumber’s Putty?

Yes, you can use Silicone sealant instead of Plumber’s Putty. But make sure it is 100% Silicone and a 30-minute water-ready glue. Also, look at the label if it is usable for your purpose, like Kitchen/ Bath/Fixtures/Countertop.If you choose Plumber’s Putty, go for the stain-free one because it goes with any kind of basin, whether it is white, tiled, or made of marble.


This was all about Moen sink drain leaking. It is almost the same with another drain system as well.

So, you can follow the same procedure to fix it. By reading this article, you will be able to do it now on your own properly.

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