[3 Major Problems] American Standard Touchless Toilet Problems!

Suppose you are in a situation where the American Standard Touchless toilet problems are making a mess but it’s hard to tell the root causes. And hardly you can get to the fixations. Facing quote similar hassle?

Most of the time, it will have flushing errors, leakages, or maybe running issues if the culprit is interior parts. Basic issues of the toilet can be fixed easily by changing the flush valve, seal, or flapper to solve them really quick.

But, in the Touchless toilet of American Standard, you will see a sensor that lets you flush the toilet without touching the device.  

This type of toilet is functioned differently and act bad when suffering from problems. Don’t panic as we’ll let you know how to solve the issues along with their causes so that you can easily take action. So, Without Wasting Time, Let’s Get Into It!

How To Fix American Standard Touchless Toilet Problems?

Most people usually face problems using the American Standard Touchless which are water running, partial flushing skills or don’t clean the waste even after Hand Sensor Module lightens up. To fix these, you need to replace the fill valve, adjust the water level, or tighten out the wire.

Reasons for American Standard Touchless Toilet IssuesSimple Fixes
Bad fill valve Remove the old one and install a new fill valve
Improper water levelAdjust the water level
Loosen up wire (that connects the Flush Control Module to Hand Sensor Module)Tighten out the wire

Tired of seeing your bathroom toilet not able to flush properly or the Hand Sensor Module doesn’t work? Just like American Standard VorMax problems, it has issues that need to be fixed in order to save water spending by up to 20%. 

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According to Sunrise Specialty,

Be aware of the fact that a toilet spends almost one-third of the water needs of your household daily. That means that you can save several thousand gallons of water and a lot of money per year by switching to a low-flush toilet.

In the American Standard toilet manual of Touchless model, the brand claim it has the ability to use for up to 1.28 GPF or gallons per flush. However, it may consume up to 1.6 gallons of water per flush or more if the toilet has problems.

Fixing The Continuously Running Water Problem in Touchless Toilet

A lot of people claim that the American Standard Touchless toilet parts such as fill or flush valve can be the reason why running issues occur. If that’s your case, then follow the given directions:

  1. Turn off the shut-off valve.
  2. Next, open the cover of the toilet tank.
  3. Flush the toilet to ensure no water is left on the tank.
  4. Remove the flapper. To do that, take out the clevis pin, trim lever, and rod. Be sure to employ a nose plier if you can’t use your hand to adjust it. And then, take out the flapper.
  5. Inspect the flapper if it has faults or not. Also, check the rubber seal. If they have errors, then replace them.
  6. Then, take out the old fill valve. Check if it is broken or not.
  7. If yes, install a new one in that place. Insert the flapper and seal. After that, attach the clevis pin, trim lever, and rod to lock the chain in the right area.
  8. Open the shut-off valve and see if it still runs water on the toilet valve.

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The Incorrect Water Level Might Be Causing Touchless Toilet Problem

Another common problem of the Touchless toilet is bad flushing that mostly happens due to inappropriate water levels. To fix that, take a look into the given steps:

Check All Parts & Fix Them

Start by inspecting all parts inside the toilet tank to fix errors. Sometimes the issue of weak flushing can occur due to refill tube and overflow tube bad connection. So, connect them rightly if that’s the error.

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Fill The Toilet Tank

Turn on the water supply (if not). Fill water in the toilet tank at the correct level (check the label to know easily).

Adjust The Water Level

You have to again understand the water level theory in the tank. If the water level gets higher or lower than usual, then you have to take different tricks to level toilet tank water.

  • In order to increase the water level, grab a Philips screwdriver and use it on the adjustable bolt (on the upper side of the flush valve). Turn it to the “+” sign or on the right side.
  • To decrease the water level in the tank, move the adjustable bolt to the “–” sign or on the left side.

If The Hand Sensor Module Lighten Up but Does Not Flush

Step-1: Turn off the shut-off valve in the toilet.

Step-2: Detach the lid of the toilet tank.

Step-3: Identify the Flush Control Module.

Step-4: Take out the wire that attaches “Flush Control Module” to the “Hand Sensor Module”.

Step-5: Inspect all parts if they are okay or not.

Step-6: Attach the wire tightly to the Hand Sensor Module.

Step-7: Next, remove the Hand Sensor Module and Flush Control Module batteries for a few seconds. Afterward, attach the Hand Sensor Module batteries in 3 minutes and then insert the Flush Control Module batteries to synchronize the codes.

Step-8: Close the lid of the toilet tank and turn on the shut-off valve.

Tip: Be sure to use the “Manual Flush Backup” option if you need to flush when the battery is low, just press on the Manual Flush Button for up to 2-3 seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When American Standard Touchless toilet lights are red?

When the indicator turns to red light, it means the American Standard Touchless telling you to change the batteries ASAP by blinking when you flush the toilet. In that case, it would be wise to simply swap old batteries from it.

What does it mean when your toilet makes gurgling noises?

Most toilet including the American Standard Touchless usually makes a sound like guggles or bubbles to inform it has negative air pressure or suction. It builds up the air inside the drain line by making an airlock that prevents water to the toilet bowl.

The gurgling noise also causes a bad release of water or clog-like issues due to air restriction in the drainpipe and toilet bowl. So if this is what happening, it could eb pretty serious and you should not wait for contacting an expert.

Final Words

Still, having the same American Standard Touchless toilet problems even after trying the methods? Using wrong treatment will not solve the hassle and so most experts suggest locating the causes before solving the problems.

We have tried our best to give you in-depth lists of Touchless toilet errors with the fixes so that you can quickly solve these. Be sure to use good-quality tools and follow the steps without skipping a beat.  

Hope this guide helped you in the journey of fixation. And if the above-mentioned techniques don’t work out for you, then call a professional plumber to fix the errors as soon as possible. Keep Up the Good Work. Good Bye!

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