Who Makes UPC Shower Faucet- Introducing Top 7 UPC Faucet Brands

Some people may have confusion over the UPC shower faucet and what exactly it is. Well, UPC is not a single brand name. Make this thing very clear at first. It is a standard of plumbing products out there that you often use.

So, the question comes who makes UPC shower faucets. Manufacturers around the world have to meet specific criteria to get UPC certification. Different brands all over the world try to ensure UPC certification. We will discuss some essential insights about the brands that make UPC-certified products.

Who Makes UPC Shower Faucet: 7 Top-Ranked Ones

As we have mentioned earlier, several brands make UPC standard products. Let’s say you want to change your shower faucet. To do so, you need to see the brand’s name badly.

UPC stands for uniform plumbing code. If any manufacturers want their products to enter the USA market, they should have the certification of the Uniform plumbing code. As a consumer, you can be so confident with your shower faucet if those follow the UPC.

Most of the faucet manufacturers maintain UPC. Let’s walk away today knowing some top-rated companies that produce UPC-registered shower faucets.

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Grohe is a Germany-based faucet manufacturer. They have been spreading the faucet’s products in many countries of the world. Grohe ensures UPC standards. They are performing several projects to make even more high-class plumbing products. Grohe’s products are not behind the times.

Delta Faucet Company

Delta is a leading faucet manufacturer company that has an excellent reputation. This company has a well-skilled workforce.

Masco corporation found it back in 1954. This specific company has won different awards for its high-class products.

Viga Faucet

Viga faucet is one of the most popular faucet manufacturers. This is a Chinese company that makes the best faucets. They ensure UPC certification in all of their products.

Similar to shower faucets, Viga produces faucets for the kitchen, bathrooms, etc. As Viga faucets have UPC standard make, anyone can rely on their products.


Kohler believes in a safe environment. That’s why this manufacturer makes the shower faucet, according to UPC. Kohler undoubtedly is a UPC brand shower faucet maker. They have over 36000 accessories around the world.


Sento is another world-class faucet manufacturer company who makes upc shower faucet. This company also provides you with UPC-certified shower faucets.

Sento was founded in 1999. The products manufactured by Sento are available in almost 90 countries. Consumers around the world have a positive mindset for Sento.


YDvalve was also established in 1999. This is one of the renowned brands that makes UPC shower faucets. Since the company started, they have been trying to deliver the best plumbing products to their customers.

Along with shower faucets, YDvalve manufacturers other essential home accessories as well.

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Moen is a water sense manufacturer partner. This company introduces the best shower faucets ever.

Moen has an outstanding reputation for making high-quality and attractive faucets. You can quickly identify the brand by seeing the logo on the products. Moen doesn’t compromise making unique and quality products.

There are lots of more brands out there like these that manufacture UPC standard shower faucets. As the brands need to gain the high capability to get uniform plumbing code certification, they must make the best products.

What is UPC?

IAPMO issues uniform Plumbing code certificate (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials) is a non-profit organization. Having a UPC certification means your products are ready to dive into the world market decently.

If any brand can follow the criteria given by this organization, it will provide the brand with a UPC certificate. UPC has an issued time, and companies have to renew it again.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What brand of faucet is UPC?

UPC is not a brand or company. It is a standard of unified sanitary plumbing products. UPC stands for Uniform Plumbing Code.

How do I find my bathroom faucet manufacturer?

You can quickly identify the manufacturer of your bathroom’s faucet. There will be a manufacturer’s symbol in any part of the faucet. Users can also notice this by following the model number and stem or cartridge length.


UPC certification is a standard that all the faucets manufacturers are looking for. If they ensure this standard, the consumers will rely on their products. But to do so, companies around the world have to fill up some criteria and qualifications.

We have mentioned some brands’ who makes UPC shower faucet. These brands are very much top-rated for their products. When you tend to buy any shower faucets, try to choose the brand or company that ensures Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) standard. In short, this blog will help you in this regard. Let’s call it a day.

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