Grey Sediment in Toilet Bowl! How to Keep It Clean as New!

The last thing that you might want is a dirty toilet. It is embarrassing, especially when you will see grey sediment in toilet bowl. But, it’s not for the lack of hygiene or cleanliness. There are a lot of things that can develop stains in your toilet.

Today, we will be looking into such causes of developing stains and sediments in the toilet bowl. On top of that, we will also show you guys to remove these. So, if you want a pristine white china every time, then buckle up! This is gonna be a fun ride.

Grey Sediment In Toilet Bowl

There are many reasons behind the formation of grey or other sediments on your white toilet bowl. The first thing that is the culprit is the water. In most cases, hard water forms sediments with minerals.

Apart from that, many other reasons can also make your toilet bowl look dirty. To sum things up, here is a list of problems, their reasons, and most importantly, remedies for your toilet bowls.

Grey SedimentsHard WaterBleach
Black SedimentsBacteriaVinegar & Baking Soda
Rust SedimentsIron BacteriaChlorine
Brown SedimentsIron & Manganese ComponentsAcid Stain Remover

How To Remove Stains and Sediments

Grey sediments in toilet bowl are not a pleasant thing to experience. The vitreous china of your toilet bowl deserves to be clean and fresh.

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So, what causes sediment in toilet bowls? Hard water, as well as other bacteria, are the culprit. You can easily get rid of those just by using some home remedies.

Method-1: Removing Grey Sediments Using Bleach

Now, regular scrubbing and cleaning will be sufficient to prevent the stains. But, if the somehow rigid ring or sediment forms, you need to treat it with bleach. Follow the steps to get a good result.

Step One: Soak the bowl

In this part of how to clean sediment from toilet bowl, you will have to take ½ cup of bleach and soak the bowl with it. Let it sit around for some time.

Step Two: Make a bleach Mixture

Now, take 1 part bleach and 9 part water to make a bleach mix. Soak a rag or cloth with the solution and tuck it around the rim, especially the affected areas.

Step Three: Clean the Seat

Your toilet seat also needs some cleaning. For that, spay the mixture and wait for some time. Then wipe down the stain.

Step Four: Scrub!

Now, remove the rags from the rim, and scrub the whole toilet bowl thoroughly. It will clean all the stains and sediments.

Method-2: Removing Grey Sediments with Vinegar & Soda

You can also get rid of grey sediments with vinegar and soda. The acidic reaction of vinegar softens the sediments where Soda cleans it from the china bowl. You can also use this way to remove black sediments.

Black sediment mainly occurs from mildew. It is a wet mineral deposit that can be retrieved from the hard water components.

To remove these sediments, you can use undiluted white vinegar. You can easily find these in any superstores or groceries. Follow the given steps to get a clean toilet bowl.

Step One: Add The Vinegar

Add 1 or two cups of undiluted white vinegar to the toilet bowl. Some of you might be worried if vinegar ruins the white china. Rest assured, vinegar or bleach will not cause any harm.

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Now, add the vinegar to the bowl. Make sure that you have soaked the entire surface.

Step Two: Add Soda

Take a cup of baking soda, and then sprinkle it around the toilet bowl. Make sure that the soda is not washed away. Let it sit for at least 10 minutes.

Step Three: Scrub

Now, after 10 to 15 minutes, take a toilet brush and scrub the toilet bowl. For heavy sediments, you might need to repeat the process. However, you will get the desired result in the first chase.

Removing Rust & Grey Sediments from Toilet Bowls

Rust Sediment in toilet tanks can be a huge problem. It is mainly caused by bacteria. The bacteria contain iron, so the color of the sediment is kind of rusty.

To remove the rust, you can use 2 remedies. The best part is you can use these remedies to get rid of grey sediments as well.

The first one is, that you can add a filtration system to your tank. It will use ozone and osmosis to filter the water.

Filtered water loses all the hard components, making your toilet bowl less dirty. Also, you might find sediment that looks like sand in the toilet bowl. It can be because of the dirt. The filtration will also clear that out for you.

The second process is adding chlorine. Add a dash of chlorine to your toilet tank. Let it sit for sometimes until the water is clear again. The rust will be eliminated, and you will have a fresh toilet bowl and tank.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get rid of the sediment in my toilet?

You can use many home remedies like bleach, vinegar, baking soda to get rid of sediments from your toilet bowl. You can also buy acidic solutions and cleaners to get good results.

Why is there sediment at the bottom of my toilet?

Because the inlet of your toilet is kind of U-shaped, so there is a chance that it can build up sediments. The inlet jets the water to the outlet pipe. If the sediments are not cleaned properly, it might cause a clot.


So, to remove grey sediment in toilet bowl, you can use home remedies. The key to maintaining a good toilet is to clean regularly, flush properly after every use, and maintain a supply of good water.

You can also buy good-quality cleaning solutions and water filters to have great results. Maintain good housekeeping, keep your toilet seat up, if you don’t want to get thrashed. Lastly, make your dumping experience happy and satisfying.

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