Kohler Villager Vs Bellwether- What Is Ideal to Go for & Why?

Among many bathtubs out there, what is the difference between a Kohler Villager and Bellwether bathtub?  With an average weight of 782 (IBS) and 768 (IBS), the villagers’ overall weight is slightly higher than the Bellwether (IBS). But which one will you pick for your bathroom to provide you with comfort?

We are not going to stop here as we have to present to you a brief exchange of views about Kohler villager vs bellwether. You will step forward step by step differences right below for your better interaction.

Kohler Villager Vs Bellwether

FactorsKohler VillagerKohler Bellwether
MaterialsCast iron with a long life expectancyConstructed with enameled cast iron, most
Price DifferencesDepending on the model and size, less costly than Kohler bellwether.The price range is a bit high compared to villagers.
Tub Style of Villager & BellwetherFunctional design with variations in the drain positionContemporary style with the cast-iron building
Available SizesVariety of sizes and modes, but the most common size is 60×30.”Different sizes depending on the dimension
Beneficial FactsWith a high-strength powder coat finish, easy to install.Wide storage spaces for different things and incredible comfort as well.

These are the considerations you should keep in your head while buying a bathtub for your bathroom. People may have various viewpoints based on their bathroom designs, layouts, budgets, etc. We recommend you pick the finest one that suits your criteria. Whatever slight differences they have, we will find those out for you.

We really don’t want to end our discussion here because we will briefly discover the revealed facts in the latter part of it. So, once you have got a minimum idea, let’s move right into the deep.


There isn’t a single material used in the creation of a bathtub. Time has passed, and the elements that make a bathtub must improve in quality. The users’ comfort is extremely vital. It’s a waste of money when you’re not happy with the bathtub you own.

Nowadays, most bathtubs are made of thermoformed acrylic, enameled cast iron, fiberglass, etc. But then we specially talk about Kohler; they use cast iron to make their bathtubs most of the time because of its comfort. Kohler always tries to ensure the best product using perfect elements.

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However, talking about the Kohler villager, the enameled cast-iron makes the tub very smooth to use. And the specialty is you can insert this sort of bathtub with a stand-alone fixture. As the cast iron in Kohler villager, the tubs ensure more durability.

Besides, you can also find Kohler bellwether with cast iron, one of the popular materials for quality bathtubs. Bellwether also has an internet apron for better comfort. Besides,  Bellwether ensures the cast iron with a safeguard finish which is necessary for any bathtub.

According to millions of users, cast-iron bathtubs are the most durable bathtubs that are made with melted iron.

Tub Style of Villager & Bellwether

You have to make sure that your bathtub design suits the bathtub you tend to set up. Experts say this is an essential choice factor for users.

A perfect design with proper bathtub size will enhance the look of your bathroom and house as well. Once you can have a precise idea about your bathtub location, you can choose between a villager and a Bellwether.

Both the Kohler Bellwether and the Villager bathtubs come with stunning designs and high-quality materials that create attractions.

If we mention villager separately, you can have different colors like white, biscuit, and almond bathtubs, but the most common is white. This variety of bathtubs has both right-handed and left-handed drains with enough space. To be more specific, you will find a functional design with great styling. It also has an integrated apron system.

The Kohler Villager, on the other hand, has stunning features as well as a premium design. It ensures internal flow that prevents water from flowing outside of the tub. Along with the villager, the bellwether also has a smooth surface, which is very easy to clean no matter what model you purchase.

Many consumers believe the Bellwether is a better-looking tub than the Villager, however, your perspective may disagree.

Available Sizes

You may not want to buy a bathtub that doesn’t fit with your bathroom. That is why Kohler is producing several bathtubs in different sizes. You can purchase a tub that gives a classic view of your bathroom.

Kohler Villagers come in many sizes and models. The most common are 60×30”, 63×36”, 60×32”, etc. The villagers also have K-series bathtubs like K-14, K-15, K-16, and many more that users prefer a lot. Here, 60” means the length and 30, 32, and 36 represent the width.

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There are also many standard sizes available in terms of Kohler Bellwether. You will collect any size that we discussed in Villager a little while ago. The sizes here are 60×30″, 60×34″, 60×32″, 66×32, and a lot more. These sizes are also included in the K-series as well. Both the Kohler Villager and the Bellwether are alcove bathtubs. When discussing kohler villager vs bellwether, don’t forget to take this into account.

Beneficial Facts

We surely have no doubt at all about the benefits that you will get from these two bathtubs. But, you might look for a comparison.

Like the Kohler Villager, a modern bathtub undoubtedly will provide a great deal of relaxation.

You can enjoy a relaxing bath with a smooth surface beneath you. Because there are plenty of sizes to select from, you can find one that best fits your bathroom’s space requirements. This type of bathtub is more pleasant because it is made of enameled cast iron.

Don’t worry if you want to buy a Kohler Bellwether. Because of its several sizes and nice texture, you will also get comfort here, and easy to install too. Different shapes are there for you to choose in this case.

Besides, Bellwether will emphasize storing a lot of water, and you can control the water flow quite easily. Most people like to reduce the amount of water in the bathtub quickly once their bath is finished. Kohler Villager and Bellwether also ensure this.

Price Differences

You might be wondering when this issue will move ahead, don’t you? Suppose that the baths’ quality remains unchanged. What will you do in that scenario? You should definitely choose the less expensive option. However, several elements will always impact the price range of these two tubs.

Kohler villager and bellwethers come in a variety of sizes and models. Let’s take the 60×30 size as an example. On the official website of Kohler, the price ranges for villager and bellwethers are given specifically.

We are not discussing an offer or promotional price here; rather, we are considering the original price.

Kohler 715 will charge you $678 as it is the most common sort of Kohler bathtub. As mentioned earlier, the price ratio will vary with the models. But to give you a picture of the price, the Bellwether 60 x 30 will charge you $868.

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There, we see that the price of a bellwether-alive bathtub is a bit higher than a villager. And so, this can be one of the key points of Kohler Bellwether vs Villager.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How heavy is a Kohler Villager bathtub?

It depends on the size. But if we talk about average weight, It will be 300-500 pounds in empty tub condition. Kohler villager is low weight if you compare it with other brands’ bathtubs. If you increase the water flow, the weight may typically increase.

Is a cast iron or acrylic tub better?

If you compare these two modern bathtubs, they are made with cast iron as they have better durability than acrylic tubs. Bathtubs made with cast iron are very easy to clean as well. That’s why users prefer this sort of bathtub a lot.

Are Kohler tubs fiberglass or acrylic?

Most Kohler tubs are premium fiberglass, as they claim. Fiberglass has a long-lasting ability that customers like to get. Kohler also makes acrylic bathtubs too.

Which Bath Tub Is for You?

The main part is yet to be presented to you. We hope that something is playing with your mind right now, isn’t it?

It will be a lot better if you think about all your circumstances and choose the best bathtubs for you. You have to spend money, and we discussed Kohler villager vs Bellwether only for your consideration.

We really don’t know the size of your bathroom or the amount of money you have. You may not have any confusion now about choosing one over another. But what we assure you is that both contain superb quality and durability, with some slight differences all the time.

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