How to Fix a Toilet Handle That Has No Chain

On a fresh morning, you never want to waste your time reading a newspaper struggling with a problematic toilet handle. It may be a common scenario that you are facing problems with the mechanism of handling your chainless toilet flusher. But you don’t need to witty if you know how to fix a toilet handle that has no chain.

Here you will have a proper direction of handling the chainless toilet like Mansfield and pressure-assisted toilet. You don’t need to worry about manual repair or replacement of the lever of the traditional toilet. Let’s dive deeper to sort out the problem.

How to Fix a Toilet Handle That Has No Chain 

While you are determined to fix the toilet handle manually, you have to go through some easy methodologies that will help to make your effort work. Once you can detect the problem, you just need to follow the given instruction.

There are 5 most prominent types of toilet handles. such as:

  1. Front-mount toilet handle
  2. Side-mount toilet handle
  3. Angle-mount toilet handle
  4. Extended long-reach cistern lever handles
  5. Universal toilet levers

These are the common types of toilet handle that may not usually be connected through the chain with the lever. Traditional toilet connects the handle with the flapper rod by a chain. But you may not get a lift-up chain in some toilet handles, such as the Mansfield toilet.

Tracing Out the Problem

Before fixing the toilet handle, you must check all the tools inside the tank. There is a toilet flapper and a lever in a chainless toilet tank.

The lever is like the arm which is used to control the flapper during the flush cycle. It is attached to the flush handle and a rod on the other end. Basically, the rod is attached to the toilet flapper.

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The lever functions as the chain and raises a circular disk inside the tank which is used to seal the water.

In order to find out the problem of handle you have to check the following thing:

  1. Check the joint of the handle and the lever
  2. Whether the seal get bind 
  3. Whether the lever cracked 

Sometimes the loose handle may create a disturbance while flushing. Check it and tighten the nut and screw it if needed.

When the seal inside the tank gets bind, you just need to push with a little more force. But sometimes, it is caused when the lever breaks down. If the lever breaks down, you need to replace the lever to fix it.

Fixing a Lever Armed Toilet Handle

The chainless toilet handle has a flapper, which is an adjustable circular disk. The disk sealed the water in the tank after refill. And so they are well known as lever-armed toilets.

Here, the flapper disk needs to open up to get rapid water passing. Proper assembling of the handle is a must to get an accurate function of the lever and regular flow of water.

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However, fixing a toilet handle is not a lengthy task to do. Let’s see how to fix a toilet handle that stays down and manage flawless water passing.


  • A new toilet handles
  • A wrench

The steps to fix a chainless toilet handle:

Step-01: Uncovering the tank 

First of all, you have to open up the Lid cover of the water tank to find out the plastic nut. You can unscrew the nut by hand. If it seems hard, you can use a wrench to move it in clockwise and unroot it.

Step-02: Assembling the arm and the flapper

The lever has to be attached to the flush handle inside the tank. Here the lever plays the role of a traditional chain mechanism. It should not be too long or short as a slight creak on it make you replace the lever. There is a visible hole in the flapper rod. Connect the last edge ofthe lever with that rod.

Step-03: Tightening Everything

Now you have to go through the reverse action of removing the nut. Slide the nut at the end of the handle. Connect the lever with the flapper rod. Finally,turn the nuts in the anticlockwise direction and tighten everything.

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How to Replace Chainless Toilet Handle

When the seal is stuck up, the handle demands harder force while pushing. It leads to the toilet handle broken down. The relaxing matter is you can manage a new handle easily in your nearby hardware shop and replace it easily.

Here are the steps for replacing the broken handle of the toilet. 

Steps for Toilet Handle Replacement:

  1. Uncover the tank to find out the plastic nut
  2. Depart the end of the lever of the broken toilet handle from the flapper rod and pull out the handle to remove it.
  3. Insert the new handle by following the fixing methods. 

Things to Notice:

The things that you have to notice very carefully while conducting the operation of fixing a chainless toilet handle are:

  1. High pressure on the nut through the wrench makes the nut break. The nuts are most often made of fragile plastic.  
  2. Remain careful while detaching the arm from the flapper. 
  3. Don’t put much force to tighten the nut as the movement of the handle depends on its flexibility. 

Push-Type Flushing System Works without Handle

There is another common design of toilets tank that doesn’t provide any flapper or chain. You might be familiar with the pressure-assist flushing mechanism if you used a flash button on the top of the toilet tank. In these types of toilets tank, you will get a sealed content bowl with an amount of air pressure. When the tank gets refilled, the air gets compressed. A push on the top-bottom makes the air pressure inside the tent and a valve open immediately to flow the water quickly. Here you don’t get a handle attached to the lever to pull.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Why does my toilet not have a chain?

The difference among the designs defines the use of chains in a toilet. If your toilet is a Mansfield toilet or pressure-assist toilet, it would not have a chain or flapper.

How do you fix a toilet without a chain?

To fix a toilet without a chain you need to open up the tank. Detach the arm and the flapper and keep the assembly apart. Now you can replace the new handle and adjust it in the toilet tank

Can a toilet handle be replaced?

Your toilet handle can be replaced with another handle. If it gets broken, you can’t flush water into the toilet. You need to focus on the instructions and fix them appropriately.


Now all the steps and proceeding techniques are in your hand. It is a common scenario that you may face trouble with a broken toilet lever. If you have a clear idea about How to fix a toilet handle with no chain,you don’t need to face any unwanted hazardous in the toilet. 

You can also attach a bendable brass arm with the handle for your convenience. Don’t let the issue pinch your head for long as you can solve it by yourself. Just follow the instructions and overcome the problem within a few minutes.

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