Cycle Stop Valve Pros And Cons

Are you thinking about buying a cycle stop valve for your water pump system? Be sure to know about the cycle stop valve pros and cons to avoid buying this.

A cycle stop valve is a controversial mechanical valve. You will find that it has more cons than pros. You can buy this to get constant pressure and reduce pump cycles, but it won’t be up to your mark.

So, just go through the article if you don’t want to spend your money on an unnecessary thing and decide what you really want.

Cycle Stop Valve Pros And cons

Before directly jumping on the pros and cons at first, let us tell you about this valve. And how it works

What Is A Cycle Stop Valve

According to Cycle Stop Valve inc., It is a mechanical valve that can deliver constant pressure with proper efficiency from small flows to larger amounts of water flow. It could be a small kitchen or bathroom usage or filling a swimming pool. It is connected downstream of the pump above the pressure switch.

Why Do You Need A Cycle Stop Valve?

We all have a pump system in our houses to get water. The pump transfers the water in the tank. From the tank, it is transferred to the taps or water lines. So what happens is when you turn on the water lines, the water level goes down in the tank, and the pump provides the water to fill up that space. So your pump turns on and off several times, which is bad for them

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Using a cycle stop valve benefits you by providing constant pressure. Because of the constant pressure, the cycle process of the pump on and off reduces. It gives the pump a more efficient and longer life span.

Pros And Cons

When it comes to the pros and cons of a cycle stop valve, you will see more cons than pros. Let me enlighten you on that.

Cycle Stop Valve pros

Let’s have a sneak peek at the essential strength that makes this valve so beneficial

  • Pump lasts longer: The most vital thing about a cycle stop valve is it reduces the water cycle of the pump, which causes it to turn on or off less than before. And thus, it increases the lifespan of the pump.
  • Saves electricity: Cycle stop valves show good efficiency when used. So it helps to save electricity for its fantastic mechanism.
  • Good performance: You will get good performance if you use it in your household water system.
  • Gives constant pressure: One of the essential reasons behind using cycle stop valves is constant pressure. Constant pressure-providing pumps offer robust efficiency, and people with constant pressure pumps better know this.

Cycle Stop Valves cons

In spite of the pros, it has a few drawbacks that bring it in the middle of controversy.

  • Costly: Cycle stop valves are pretty much costly. So decide properly before you buy one.
  • Not effective for powerful pumps: In the case of robust pumps, cycle stop valves don’t show the same efficiency as normal ones.
  • Refills slowly in big tanks: Because of the constant water pressure takes a lot of time while filling up a big tank. To wait that long could be irritating.
  • Excessive back pressure: The back pressure it provides can damage the pipes. And if that pipe has any kind of weak spot, there is a chance that the pipe could burst.
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The Truth About Cycle Stop Valves

There are a lot of controversial talks about cycle stop valves. Some give it a bad review. Some say that claims from Cycle Stop Valve Inc. about Their product are full of lies. They provide misleading information and hide the information about the faulty parts of this product.

But the company denies all these accusations. It is like a debate on the virtual platform between them. But there are people who claim to get good service from cycle stop valves, and some of them have been using it for a long time.

We personally think it varies from person to person depending on their water system. Like it could give you the output you want in a household pump system. But you might get a headache if you want to get the same kind of performance in large projects like farms or something like that.

It’s not that the product is terrible. The product has some disadvantages that the company wants to hide. You must give the proper info for your product. Otherwise, it will always be controversial and could mislead people.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Bottom Part

So after knowing about the cycle stop valve pros and cons. What do you think? Should you use it or not?

We are pretty sure, now you will find something that is not controversial as a cycle stop valve. And you have no other way, you can install this system.

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