How to Purge Gas Line for Dryer

Whenever a new natural gas line is constructed, it is necessary to purge the line’s initial air. Purging the gas line is also necessary in times of repair or extension of the line. How to purge gas line for dryer?

This article describes the process of purging gas or air from propane gas lines or natural gas lines, furnace gas lines, and fireplaces.

Purging a gas line can become dangerous sometimes. So, safety measures are must-takes steps for every procedure.

Now, let’s dig into the explanation.

How to Purge Gas Line for Dryer

Here, we will discuss purging different gas lines as there are some differences in purgingother gas lines.

Natural Gas Line Purging Procedure

Purging air from natural gas lines involves a bleeding process. Follow the steps below and purge the line correctly.

Step-1: Preparation

As preparation, you have to ensure some safety.

  • Make your home or the area well-ventilated. Open all the doors and windows. Turn on the fan to blow the gas away.
  • Turn off all the electrical devices, including phones, musical instruments, and PDAs.
  • You should put on a face mask and protective goggles for your safety.

Step-2: Addition of Tie

Before turning off the main gas line, add ties or clamps on the line. All the items involved in the process should be tied tightly as a sandwich style. Add the relationship in such a way that you can make double ties on the line. When the line is completely sealed, then you can turn the line off.

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Step-3: Bleeding

On this step, first, take the gas line and then open the vale from which item you have to purge the air.

  • To remove the gas from the line, push it through the line and let all the gas out. Keep the valve open till it is empty.
  • Now, wait for a few more minutes and let the gas out of the room completely.
  • Next, you can fix the item you need to repair and then close the valve accordingly.

Step-4: Reopening of the Gas Line

In this step, you have to reopen all the ties which you have added.

  • First, untie the furthest connection.
  • Starting from the furthest one, open the closer ties one by one. be careful while working, of course.
  • Now, turn the main gas supply ON. Next, ensure there is no leakage in the line. When you are sure that there is no problem, check the item that you repaired.
  • After getting satisfied with the repaired item, make sure that the room is still vented well and keep all the doors and windows open for a few more hours.
  • After that, make sure all the gas is out of the room, and it is safe to close all ventilation. Now, close the windows and doors. Turn the fan off.

If you need to know how to purge air from the furnace gas line, the above procedure works well.

How to Purge Air from Propane Gas Line

Though it is easy to purge air from the propane gas line, you should be careful enough to avoid unwanted accidents. Follow the steps below.

Step-1: Opening of the Valve

First, you will open the valve of the propane tank. To open the valve, you have to rotate it counterclockwise.

Step-2: Light the Stove

The next step is to light the stove burner. First, lighten one stovetop. Then light all the others. The stove will take time to lighten up because the gas flows and then push the air from the system. Then it lightens the furnace.

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Step-3: Closely Check the Flame

Now is time to watch the burner flame closely. After burning the flame for a while, it will be steady, and the color of the flame will be blue. This means that the propane line purging is complete. Now, you can turn the stove off.

Step-4: Check Other Appliances

When the burner is purged, you should check other appliances which are propane powered. Check carefully if they are working well and there is no leakage.

If you are looking for ways forhow to purge gas line for fireplace this procedure works well for fireplace purging. You have to follow the steps for the pilot light of the fireplace.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the meaning of purging a gas line?

Purging means displacing the gas or air within the gas pipeline or pipeline section. It is the process of emptying the gas pipeline, which is hazardous or old. These gases can be natural gas, inert gas, or air. When a new gas pipeline is installed, and an old gas line is replaced or repaired, purging the line is a must.

How do you purge air from a gas line?

To purge the gas line, you have to open the valve and push the gas up. The gas will go through the pipeline and get out. You have to keep the valve open for a few minutes till the line is empty. While doing the purging process, provide the room well ventilated. Open all the doors and windows. After completing the purging process, close the pipeline.

How long do I need to purge the gas line?

If you purge the gas line for the dryer, it will take full 3 minutes. To purge the water heater, it takes two to ten minutes to clean all the air out of the tank. You also need five to ten minutes to purge the fireplace and the furnace.


Purging the gas line is a crucial step to ensure safety to the maximum. There is an enormous risk when you replace or repair any parts or items of the gas line. That is why, every time you do some repair to the gas line, you must purge air from it. How to purge gas line for dryer?

You have got the answer in this article. With three significant processes, you can purge air from the propane gas line, natural gas line after reading this guide.

Learn the processes and stay safe.

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