How To Remove TOTO Toilet Seat Within Minutes

Don’t you know how you can remove TOTO toilet seat? It’s pretty simple. Just pop out the tabs that are covering the bolts and screw out the bolts with a screwdriver. And then you can remove the toilet seat easily.

However, if you are newer to do so, you may not find it as easy as we are prescribing. No matter, we are here to help you by giving a complete guideline on how to do it and what to do.

So, why are you waiting for? Read the whole context to get a vast idea about how you can remove your ToTo toilet seat or how you tighten your toilet seat if it becomes loose. Moreover, there will be some extraordinary tips and tricks to do your job as well as explanations.

How To Remove TOTO Toilet Seat

Well, if you see quick navigation, we think you will not face any hassle to get the idea. Just unscrew the TOTO toilet seat parts, then the seat will come to your hand. Then you can remove that and install a new one.

However, there is a step-by-step process of removing TOTO toilet seat cover to change the older one or clean it.

Things That You Need

The things you will need to remove the toilet seat are a small and medium-size screwdriver, a pair of rib joint pliers, and in cases, a small hacksaw.

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That’s all you need to operate the replacement of your TOTO toilet seat. However, it does not always need all of them, but a screwdriver and a pair of rib joint pliers are a must.

Exceptionally, the hacksaw is needed only when you need to cut something. Then the main procedure begins.

Open The Tabs

You may notice that two tabs cover the joint between the seat and the toilet. First of all, you have to open it. This point is pretty much tricky because you are going to access the screws underneath those tabs.

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However, pick a small and flathead screwdriver so that you can go through those tabs. Then, pop it up, you will get the screws.

Unscrew The Bolts

Now you have to pick a medium-size screwdriver. Use that to unscrew the bolts. Meanwhile, you can use your fingers or a pair of rib joint pliers to hold the nuts underneath the toilet seat while it is screwing from the upper side. However, screw out both side nuts and bolts, and remove the seat from the toilet.

Now your turn, whatever you intend to do with it. If the seat is cracked, you can change it, or if it is loose, you can place it newly and tighten it quietly.

After reading the above discussion, you may know now how to remove TOTO toilet seat bolts. So, these are the procedure to follow.

Oh, most importantly, if you find any difficulty opening the tabs, you can use your hacksaw. Cut the tabs and get the screws. 

How To Remove TOTO Toilet Seat For Cleaning

When you intend to clean your toilet seat by opening it from the toilet, you just need to follow the same regulations like how to remove the toilet seat. You know, when a thing goes older, it remains dirty and gets stains. So, then one can remove it and reuse it after cleaning very well.

  • However, you just need to unscrew and then place the toilet seat on the washroom floor. Then use a cleaner, whichever you like, and clean it. After cleaning, reinstall it smoothly.
  • Next, tighten the screws very well so that the seat can’t be loose.
  • Use a screwdriver and a pair of rib joint pliers to perform the installation accurately.
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Then your work is done!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you remove the toilet seat from TOTO toilet?

The basic idea of removing TOTO toilet seat is pretty much like other toilets. But the thing is, some models of ToTo toilets deserve more attention to remove toilet seats or unscrewing the bolts. However, to remove the toilet seat at first use a screwdriver to unscrew the bolts. Then open the nuts and bolts to your hand and uninstall the seat from the toilet. Now, do whatever you want, either replacing a new one or removing that one.

Why I can’t unscrew my toilet seat?

If you can’t unscrew your toilet seat from the toilet, it can happen for two reasons. One is for fastening the bolts while tightening them before, and the other reason is if the nuts and volts get corroded. Then you can’t unscrew the toilet seat smoothly like others.

How do I know which TOTO toilet seat I have?

Well, when you are confused about getting the number among different TOTO toilet seats, you can use a trick. However, to find the correct parts, you will need the model number. Remove the tank lid and look at the impression stamp on the tank’s back wall to get the model number. Furthermore, to get the correct replacing parts number, you can figure out the underside of the tank lid. There you go! 

Final Verdict

You may now know how to remove TOTO toilet seat, and if that’s clear to you, our perception will become satisfying. However, to sum up, the entire story, we would like to state that, do whichever we mentioned. Otherwise, your amateur hand can harm your Toto toilet by making it faulty.

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Not only that, when you use a hacksaw, pay attention to your hand and do the job carefully. Furthermore, you will have to pay attention while you find Toto toilet seat toggle bolts, and you need to unscrew them.

At the end of the day, a successful outcome will appear when everything goes well. So, enjoy your work doing by yourself with our direction and make us worthy of explaining.

Good luck!

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