How to Install Dishwasher in Island Without Sink

Setting a dishwasher on your kitchen island makes your washing job easier. When the dishwasher does not have a sink included, it becomes tricky to fix the dishwasher. So, how to install dishwasher in island without sink?

You have to have a water supply line to run the wasted water out to it. That means without a sink, the dishwasher needs a connection to the wastewater line. If you can connect the dishwasher to the basement or crawlspace, then the dishwasher will be all set.

So, let’s know the procedure to install the dishwasher on the island that does not have a sink.

How to Install Dishwasher in Island Without Sink

How to Install Dishwasher

Without a sink, the dishwasher needs to connect to the water supply lines to let the wastewater out. There are some kitchen islands with a plumbing sink which is wiring for the stove. Some kitchen islands do not have the option for the sink. Then you have to remodel these islands for the dishwasher without a sink.

So, how do you install a dishwasher without a sink? Follow the steps below.

Step-1: Evaluate the Kitchen Island by Cutting the Opening

  • First, you have to make a 24-inches wide opening for your dishwasher. As most dishwashers are structured to set them under the countertop, you can set it like that and set the connection through the water supply. So, you have to select the area where you have to cut the opening.
  • Your cabinet may or may not have doors. If yes, remove this door and then make your cutting done on this area.
  • The kitchen island cabinets are generally partitioned by a vertical hardwood piece known as a stile. The nearest stile of the island from the sink is the perfect starting point to cut the opening. So, make a mark from this starting point to the top and bottom horizontal rail to point out the cutting line.
  • This mark for the cutting line should be a square shape that goes across the shelf and straight to the bottom back part of the cabinet. You can use a square-shaped frame to mark this line.
  • Now take a reciprocating saw and cut through the rails. After cutting it, check this opening from the bottom point. The shelf may be connected in the back. In this case, you have to use a hammer and knock it gently to loosen it. Then obliterate the frame.
  • If any shelf needs support to stand here, you can cut a small strut to support the shelf and then remove it.
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Step-2: Plumbing

In this part, you may need to seek help from the professionals as you have to make several connections and openings for various purposes. If you think that you have experience and can do it yourself, you can do this part.

  • The sink which has garbage disposal is easy to set the dishwasher drain without sink. You just have to make a branch opening for the drain of wastewater and the electrical for the garbage disposal.
  • The next hookup is for the hot water disposal line. So, make ½ inch line that starts from the faucet and goes under the sink.
  • Now you have to connect one side of the kitchen island to the other base cabinets. So, you have to use a saw and drill to make a 2 inches hole that will go through a vertical side jamb between the newly installed dishwasher opening and the sink.

Step-3: Sliding in

Now you have to check by sliding the part of the new dishwasher through the opening.

Next, connect the hooks between the plumbing lines and the electrical lines. Then again, slide the dishwasher to flush it through the bottom of the countertop.

Now, adjust a screw straight at the top through the small lip of the dishwasher through the front edge of the kitchen countertop. Use the cordless drill and one ¼ inches screws to make this connection.

Step-4: Complete the Process

  • After finishing all the attachments and connections, now, you have to check the system. You will find one already missing from the cabinet, and the other door may be too wide. So, you have to remodel it. Cut the wide door using a table saw.
  • If you have the slab door, the work is simple. Just slice it into a vertical section and hang the door back to the cabinet. In the case of the inset panel or the raised door, slit it vertically to remove the loosened portion from the board. Now reattach the door.
  • If you do not like the vacant place, you can remodel the firstly removed door and set it back.
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Now your kitchen is all set to use the newly installed dishwasher and get the best comfort in your work.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a dishwasher be installed on an island?

Yes, it is possible. A dishwasher on a kitchen island makes the daily work easy and comfortable. It is an easy and simple task. You also can install dishwasher island without sink. Many people get frustrated when they see that their dishwasher does not have a sink. But there is a specific procedure.

How do you plumb a dishwasher on an island?

To plumb a dishwasher on the island, install an air gap fitting in the sink’s rim under the countertop. You have to plumb a P-trap in the sanitary tee branch to make a router from the dishwasher drain to the air gap inlet.

Can a dishwasher drain into a standpipe?

Though the standpipes are used to drain the washing machine, some people install them under the sink for dishwasher drain. But it is not such an effective way for the dishwasher. Standpipes are taller compared to the dishwasher line. The water may overflow instead off disposed of.


When you have a dishwasher without a sink, you will have the question of how to install dishwasher in island without sink. After reading this page, you know the procedure in detail. You may need to seek some help from professionals to make the connections and the attachments. If you can do the screwing and cutting job with caution, you can do all the steps yourself.

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Now you had learned how easy it is to install a dishwasher. So, don’t be late and remodel your kitchen cabinet to get the best comfort.

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