No Hot Water In Shower But Hot Water In Sink- 6 Must Now Causes

Hot showers are a requisite part of our life. Hot showers are always indispensable, whether for health benefits, as a stress reliever after a wrecking day, or just for a comfy feeling once a while. And with that, another common problem that comes is no hot water in shower, but hot water in sink. It can be dues to the faucet, machine, or the anti-scald device is faulty.

Here in this article, you will find significant reasons for not getting hot water in the shower. Knowing these will help you determine the possible causes behind this issue. So keep reading till the end to learn the reasons.       

No Hot Water in Shower But Hot Water in Sink- Know Why

no hot water in the shower

Multiple reasons cause no hot water in shower but hot water in sink. But some specific grounds are mainly responsible for the issue. Here we have listed these causes and how to solve them. Let’s take a look at these.  

Misadaption of an anti-scald deviceAdjust the device properly.
Issues in the shower mixing valveReplace the valve, Install the valve accurately
Faucet issueCheck the faucets to determine the main problem.
Dis adjustment of temperatureSet the accurate temperature in the water heater
Gas burner not working correctlyClean the gas burner.
mechanical difficultyContact a professional.
Broken dip tubeReplace the dip tube

Look For Malfunction In The Anti-Scald Device

The anti-scald valve, aka pressure balance valve, helps to keep the water temperature at a balanced temperature. It maintains the water in a moderate thermal condition and prevents it from getting too cold or too hot. The water that comes directly from the water heater usually has a very high temperature.

Here, the anti-scald device reduces the excessive heat of the hot water by letting cold water get to blend into it. This way, the water becomes moderately hot and safe for children and elderly people to use. But if the anti-scald device is not placed well, then it may be a reason for hot water not coming out of the showerhead. Now let’s see how to solve this problem.   

  • First, remove the handle from the shower faucet. You can use a screwdriver or any other hand tool required.       
  • After removing the handle, look for a plastic device placed under the faucet handle. That plastic device is the anti-scald device.         
  • Now, you need to change the anti-scald device’s current position. To do that, slightly rotate the device to the right and adjust it accordingly. Now check the water temperature. The water should start getting hotter.         
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Continue to rotate the device to the right repeatedly until you get your desired temperature.            

Issues In The Shower Mixing Valve

Another reason for no hot water in the shower may occur from shower mixing valve malfunction. Take a look at your valve to make sure there is something wrong with it.

The mixing valve mixes both hot water and cold water to make your shower comfortable. But some issues can mess up the valve and prevent hot water from getting into your shower water. Possible issues that may occur are listed below.              

Broken Mixing Valve

it’s possible that any component inside the mixing valve is torn out. In such cases, the mixing valve can’t operate properly.         

The Mixing Valve Is Out Of Date

Over time, the mixing valve loses its effectiveness. The rubber materials in the mixing valves get damaged and clog the shower pipes. In such cases,         

The Valve Setting Is Inappropriate

Another reason for a single-handle shower faucet no hot water is the improper setting of the valve. And when the setting is faulty, the valve will fail to provide a hot water stream. Since the mixing valve’s components are connected with pipes, it’s easy to misplace the settings of the valve. In such cases, professionals are best in aiding the misplacement.       

Have A Thorough Check On The Faucets

Check every hot water faucet in your house and measure the temperature of the water. The temperature seems hot at first but starts to cool down quickly, then there might be an issue with the water heater.

On the other hand, if you notice no hot water in the shower but sinks are fine, then the anti-scald valve or mixing valve is the main problem       

Water Heater Issues       

There might be quite a number of issues with the water heater. These are listed below       

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Disadjustment Of Temperature:

A common reason for having cold water in the shower is not setting the temperature correctly. To avoid this problem, always make sure to check the water heater temperature and adjust the temperature accurately. If you still feel like the water is not hot enough even after adjusting the temperature, take a look at the temperature control in your water heater. There might be some kind of issue.         

Gas Burner Not Working Correctly

since the water heater is made of various complicated materials, any damaged component can easily affect the whole machine. For example, the gas burner can get clogged from the dirt buildup in it. This causes the gas burner to slow down and makes it impotent in generating the required amount of heat.                

Mechanical Difficulty

Another issue can be mechanical difficulty. In the case of an electric burner, The heating components might work improperly due to mechanical difficulties. And cleaning these electrical materials won’t help much. Professional repair is necessary for such problems.                

Broken Dip Tube

This could be another reason for the malfunction of the water heater. The dip tube transfers the water to the heating tank. And that’s where the water turns hot and moves onto the faucets or shower in your home.

But when the dip tube gets damaged or broken, it cannot properly transfer the cold water to the tank. The water leaks and escapes through any other pipes.         

Malfunction In The Thermostat

A faulty thermostat will not show an accurate temperature. This will make it hard for you to determine the exact temperature of the water and adjust the temperature as well. That’s why keep the thermostat in check and if you feel anything suspicious, then contact a professional about it.    

Cross-Connection Issue       

Cross-connection might be another reason behind not having hot water in the shower. Determining this issue is quite simple. If there is a hand sprayer available in your shower, then try spraying the water in your hand and see if the water is coming cold or not.

If the water comes hot only when the regular shower is off, it’s a sign of a cross-connection issue. It is best to treat it with the help of a professional plumber rather than doing it yourself.     

Consider The Timing Of The Water Usage      

Look at the timing of your water usage. Due to the workload, there is a constant pressure on the heater to heat the water. It takes at least 30 minutes to heat the water. If you don’t maintain this time limit, there is a high chance that you will not get hot water in the shower.

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Try giving the water heater at least 30 minutes to heat up the entering cold water in between your shower routine or other wash load works. That way, you will have hot water in the shower without any hassle.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you fix a shower that won’t get hot?

First, start by adjusting the anti-scald device. You only need to remove your shower handle and adjust the anti-scald device by rotating it slightly on the right side. And then check if the water temperature. Keep doing this until you reach your required temperature.

Why do I have cold water but no hot water?

There may be an issue with the mixing valve of your shower, or the anti-scald device is not installed inaccurately. If both of these are okay, look for a problem in your water heater, and don’t forget to check if your water heater has the accurate temperature set on it.

How do I know if my diverter valve is working?

Start by removing the boiler lid. Look for the diverter valve system. Turn on the hot water and see if the valve is moving. If it’s moving then it’s working fine, and if it’s not, then it might’ve gotten stuck.


Hot shower problems are pretty much common in every household. But the majority of the people don’t know how to handle such inconveniences properly. And as a result, time, effort, cost, and hassle get huge.

On the other hand, it gets much easier to resolve if one knows the key causes behind this problem. In this article, we have included the major points responsible for no hot water in the shower, but hot water in sink. Hopefully, this article will help you.

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