2 Differences Stand out the Battle for Snifter Valve Vs Schrader Valve

What is the major difference between shifter valve vs Schrader valve? There is hardly any difference, but the durable robust spring in Schrader valve makes it a winner. Still, it is confusing, but we will clear this out for you!

By the end of this article, you can understand the differences between the Snifter valve and the Schrader valve. And of course, you’d be able to choose the suitable one for your pipes or tires.

So without any further intro, let’s get started.

Snifter Valve Vs Schrader Valve

Truth to be told, there are no major differences between a Snifter valve and a Schrader valve. On the whole, they are more or less the same.

However, after spending on hard-core research, some significant differences came to our hands.It can help you to distinguish between the two.

Difference in Durability & Strength

A snifter valve usually lacks a stronger core spring. It is weak. So if there is even a little bit of vacuum, you got to fill it up with air.

On the other hand, a Schrader valve is comparatively stronger and durable.

Application Difference

You can use a Snifter air valve only on deep walls followed by a Submersible Pump. If you prefer using the Snifter valve, ensure that the water feeding technique should be the old-school bladderless expansion tank.

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On the contrary, the Schrader valve works both on the tube and tubeless valves. Additionally, you can use these valves in the refrigeration process, air-conditioning services, refrigerant recharging, and the list go on.

These are the main differences that we are talking about. Other than that, the name just differs. Everything else is the same.

Whether it is a Snifter or Schrader valve, you need to air it every now and then because it is going to prevent water from leaving the piping system while the pipe keeps functioning.

The special Schrader valve that the experts call ‘Snifter valve’ lets air enter the good line to drain the piping water into the well.

Both the Schrader and Snifter valve looks like a car tire valve from the outside. It is usually mounted on a check valve, somewhere near the pressure tank with a ⅛” tapping.

However, if you put excessive air or pressure into the tank, the water pump will fail to push enough water into the bladder. As a result of this, you will notice air discharge.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section, we are gonna answer some Frequently Asked Questions on the confusion regarding the Snifter valve and Schrader valve. People face issues with their tanks or valves and come up with these common questions. So thought of sharing this here:

What is the difference between a Schrader valve and a snifter valve?

What is a snifter valve used for?

The snifter valve is only for deep well purposes like steam engines and hydraulic rams. You install a snifter valve to allow air into the water pipe drain valve and prevent the vacuum from getting out of it. Mostly it comes for bladderless tanks. The snifter valve intakes a small amount of air (one pump) and replaces the air cushion in non-diaphragm pressure tanks. So that the air cushion gradually gets absorbed in water.

Why does my well have a Schrader valve?

Your well has a Schrader valve because a Schrader valve lets water enter into the system. So that once you turn the pump off, water is able to drain back into the well.

Final Decision

From our experience, we recommend using the Schrader valve. As it can be used for multi-purposes, you can use it for your cars, tires, refrigerators, and more. Plus, the core spring of the Schrader valve proves to be stronger and durable compared to the Snifter valve. Moreover, you don’t need those old expansion tanks to make the Schrader valve work. The installation also comes in simple steps.

Hope this article addresses all your concerns regarding the Snifter valve Vs Schrader valve. By definition, both are the same except for a few standalone differences. That is why people get confused among these two.

However, we’d always prefer using the Shrader valve over the Snifter valve. Because it not only has a stronger core spring tension but also can be used for multi-purposes. Besides, a Snifter valve is an old-school thing that doesn’t fit in every case. In such cases, Schrader valve can come to your rescue right away!

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