Viessmann 100w Vs 200w: Find out the Key Differences!

What is the difference between Viessmann 100W and 200W models? Well, the 200w series is slightly more advanced than the 100w in technology, increasing more reliability.

High fuel efficiency is one of the core factors that make a boiler worthwhile to install. And guess what? Viessmann 100w and 200w both are fuel-efficient. Then what makes their pricing different? Let’s know!

You should choose a heating system that can provide a trouble-free winter for an extended period. But if you have trouble deciding, our Viessmann 100w vs 200w comparison is here to help you in that regard.

Viessmann 200w Vs 100w Comparison Chart

Key PointsViessmann 100wViessmann 200w
Build QualityRelatively compact and lightweightPretty larger
Fuel Efficiency94℅98%
Water Flow Rate10 to 14 LPM10.3 to 15 LPM

The difference in Boiler Quality

The Viessmann group does not compromise on the build material. Even the Trustpilot endorses the German-built systems. So, the boiler quality of Viessmann 100w and 200w is second to none.

Almost all the Viessmann 100w family models are built to be compact and lightweight. In contrast, the 200w models are quite larger in dimensions. They are even configured with a wide LCD touch screen display that one can confuse with a smart Tab.

Comparing Efficiency

Viessmann boilers aim at wasting as little energy or fuel as possible. So to heat your home or water supply, both models utilize most of the heat. But 200w is slightly more fuel-efficient because of its updated sensors and design.

Both of them integrate the highest grade of stainless steel in the heat exchangers. So, the system valves can become more corrosion-resistant. Steel also acts as a contributor to efficiency and sustainability.

However, they are also efficient at preventing sound pollution. Their integrated technology and design allow them to operate at an acceptable volume. The produced maximum noise level is 39 decibels. So they don’t make rattling noises while operating. 

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Controller Differences

Controlling the boilers is really less dramatic as both the versions are compatible with Viessmann’s apps. And they are integrated with Wi-Fi technology. So you can lower, increase, or turn off the heating temperature with your smartphone from the Vicare or Vitotrol(specially designed for 200w) apps.

Even if you are away from your home, you can control the system. Even the Vicare app can automatically notify an engineer when it detects any fault in the system. And the engineers can remotely monitor the boilers and suggest tips or adjust the features by using Vitoguide software.

For the Viessmann 100w, you do need a thermostat device to align the heating system temperature with your room temperature. But for the 200w, it is not necessary because it is configured with weather compensation technology that automatically helps the boiler adapt to the outside temperature.

Functional Differences

The models are different in function mainly because of the module ratio. The higher the ratio, the more efficiently a boiler functions. The 100w boiler has a 10:1 ratio, whereas the other has a 20:1 ratio. 

Also, combi and system boilers are different in functionality. And most of the models from the 100w series are system boilers. They are less fuel-efficient as they can supply hot or cold water to multiple taps, unlike the combi ones. The other series is available for both combi and system operations.

The 100w cannot adjust itself to different gas types. But the 200w can, as it has a Lambda Pro kit that helps the boiler to adapt to high efficiency even when the gas quality fluctuates. 

Whether the gas is natural, LPG, or Biogas, it will not make any difference to the boiler’s functionality. Unfortunately, the 100w can face damage if the gas level fluctuates often.


Just like you do need care at times to function properly, your boiler does too. Otherwise, it will not sustain itself for a long time. But maintaining the 100w series is quite easier than the other. Because you will need 50% fewer spare parts for its regular servicing than that of the 200w series, the spare parts are easily available at stores, so you will not face hassles finding them.

They are less likely to need servicing to fix water hammer issues – especially the 200w model because of its updated built-in shock arrestor. Water hammer is the strong flow of water that hits the plumbing system and makes annoying noise and vibrations. Without the shock absorber, 200w can cause damage to your plumbing systems. 

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Also, they have a combined pressure relief valve and condensate connections. And this combination saves time as only one drain is necessary to remove the condensate before servicing. However, for maintenance, you can call the Viessmann engineers. Depending on the issue, they will be at your doorstep within a few hours or days.

Price Point

Although both the models are a bit similar in terms of build quality and reliability, their price ranges aren’t different. There is at least a $200 difference between the costs. Even the same model with different sizes and types costs different. The boiler itself does not cover the installation cost; you will need to pay $500 to $600 more to install it.

You need to get a low to high output (KW) boiler from the 200w series for the best performance. But they are really expensive.

For example, its large-sized Viessmann Vitodens 200-W 60kw price ranges from approximately $5700 to $6000, including the installation price. And its low output (26 KW) boiler’s cost ranges from $1150 to $1600. 

However, in case you do not like to compromise your budget, get a Viessmann vitodens 100 35kw or 30kw boiler. They are quite efficient at the $1000 to $1500 price range.

The plus side is, if you install any of the Viessmann series by their trained installers, you will get 10 years of warranty. Otherwise, it is only 5 years. So, you can save some bucks on servicing and maintenance in the long run by asking for the Viessmann installer’s help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Viessmann Furnaces Good?

Yes, any boiler series from Viessmann is configured with user-friendly technology and features to provide the best service at an affordable price range. Because of their reliability and fuel efficiency, they have been awarded consecutively for three years. Even their replacement kits and parts are easily available.

Are Viessmann Boilers Quiet?

Yes, Viessmann manufactures one of the quietest heating systems. Viessmann is innovative in technology and build quality to produce a quiet performance. Boilers make noise because of faulty thermostats or debris. But Viessmann uses a high-quality heat exchanger so that less to no debris can build upon it and the boilers can function quietly.

Final Verdict

It is usual to go indecisive over which boiler to install, especially when you do not know which factors make your purchase worth it. And we know that installing a boiler that does not meet your requirements is a waste of your time and money. So here is our take on the ideal boiler.

If your home or place does not have a stable gas quality or supply, stick to 200w because its Lambda gas valves provide inconvenient performance even when the gas supply fluctuates. 

But if you live in a small apartment, a compact-sized, lightweight, and budget-friendly boiler like the Viessmann 100w is the ideal choice.  

In the end, it is your decision to label any of the models best. But we hope our Viessmann 100w vs 200w comparison could put your doubts to rest!

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