How To Remove Toto Flapper

You might not give that much importance to your toilet flapper if it fails. But sometimes, this can lead to trouble if you don’t know how to remove toto flapper.

However, this disc-type round rubber flapper is assembled to the bottom of the overflow tube in your toilet tank.

After using toto flappers for a long time, toilet flappers get hard, which causes them not to create a seal. So, after a flush, the flappers ultimately can’t stop the water from entering the bowl.

Hence, you need to replace the old one over a certain time when you see your flappers are not working properly. So, let’s get to know how to remove and replace it by yourself at home.

How To Remove Toto Flapper

A worn-out toilet flapper causes a lot of trouble. A constantly running lavatory is kind of a hint. Plus, it wastes a lot of water.

However, you can get rid of this issue by removing the flapper. But how do you remove toto flapper?

Well, you can do it yourself just by following some steps. Even if you don’t have any plumbing experience before. So, here’s how to do it-

  • First, turn off the water. Tighten up the handle to shut the water flow to the toilet.
  • Then remove or take off the toilet tank lid.
  • Now locate the Toto flapper. You’ll see a blue or red seal at the bottom of the tank.
  • You’ll find a chain running down to the flapper from the flush lever. While flushing the toilet, the chain will lift the Toto flapper by tightening
  • Now flush the toilet to empty the tank. If that does not work, hold the flush down until the water fully drains out.
  • To remove the flapper, unhook the flapper chain. You’ll find a clip at the end of the chain to unhook easily.
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Additionally, if you are thinking about how to remove toto flapper thu331s, follow the instructions. You can do it all by yourself at home alone or along with the family.


After taking off the tank lid, put it somewhere safe. So that it doesn’t get damaged while fixing the flapper.

Most flappers don’t have a clip system unhooking. So, don’t unhook the chain from the flapper top.

Some Other Ways To Remove Flapper

You can’t normally unclip the flapper If there is a closed loop on its arms. In this case, lift the post in the opposite way of where you’re pulling the flapper. Keep doing it until the flapper’s arms slide off the post.

On the other hand, you must unclip the flapper, if its arms have open-loop them on it. In this situation, gently lift the flapper arm upward by one hand and hold the post down by another. Repeat the procedure until the flapper is removed properly.

Sometimes, you won’t be able to slide the post in both ways because of the extremely hardened flapper. Therefore, you need to use a knife to cut off the flapper arms.


Be cautious while cutting the arms of the total flapper. Make sure you don’t cause damage to the toilet tank or post during this time.

When to Remove?

You have already known how to take off toto flapper. But how do you know when to take it off?

If you observe these signs and symptoms given below in your toilet, take quick action to replace the old flapper.

  1. Notice if the toilet tank or post is not filling
  2. Taking too much time after flushing or running intermittently between flushes.
  3. Causing water leak or running down into the toilet bowl between flushes.
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How to Remove Toto Flapper Valve

Sometimes replacing the Toto flapper doesn’t make any difference. If you already have purchased a new flapper, but your toilet tank still runs, take a look at the flapper valve.

Because of age and use, the valve seat gets hard or pitted. To stop the linkage, you might need to change the toilet flapper valve.

For this purpose, you should know how to remove toto flapper valve. And here’s how to do it-

  • First, remove the tank lid
  • Turn off the valve clockwise to stop water flow
  • Drain all the remaining water from the tank. Hold the flush lever until it is flushed properly
  • Soak all the residing water in the tank using a towel or sponge
  • Isolate the hose or water supply with the tank.

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long do Toto flappers last?

A toto flapper can last for about four to five years. When the toilet flapper gets damaged, it allows water leakage in the toilet. So it should be replaced in between 3 to 5 years.

Do toilet flapper valves wear out?

Yes, toilet flapper valves do wear out. Over time, worn-out valves cause many problems. You’ll know if the flapper valves are worn out or not the tickled sound of water drops.

Final Words

Finally, we have come to an end. Hopefully, you have learned how to remove toto flapper. Now you can try this easily at home.

But still, if you are confused, call a plumber to get your job done. Don’t ignore the signs and remove the damaged flapper as soon as possible to prevent toilet troubles.

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