The Only Delta Shower Faucet Parts Diagram You Need for Assembly!

It could be for a replacement; it also might just be an assembly process. And there’s also a good chance you just want to know more about Delta parts to buy one of them for changing.

In all cases, a Delta shower faucet parts diagram would come handy. That’s what I think. So here we go.

Basically, the common Delta shower faucet parts are seat & spring assembly, showerhead, shower arm, flange, tub spout, a few O rings, trim nails, escutcheon, spacers, and screws.

Let’s move on to the illustration below.

The Delta Shower Faucet Parts Diagram!

In this section, I’ll show you the diagram of Delta shower faucet parts and then provide a delta faucet parts catalog or table right after.

Delta Shower Faucet Parts Diagram

List Of Delta Shower Parts Diagram!

After seeing the above illustration, it’s time to describe the Delta shower parts in detail and their purpose:

NumberPart DetailFunction
1Long Escutcheon Trim Nails (2x)A long and thick nail that fits on the Escutcheon trim part to hold it in place.
2O Ring (2x)To block the path of water or leakage, this part does a great job. It also helps block the gaps.
3Set ScrewIt reduces the movement of the object and fits tightly.
4Seat & Spring AssemblyThanks to the (2) springs and (2) rubber seats, it prevents leakage in the faucet system. 
5EscutcheonA circular or round plate that covers the hole in the wall and holds the faucet pipe in a proper way.
6Hot or Cold Indicator Button with KnobIt contains a hot and cold level mark in the plate with a stick that moves via the knob to the hot side (red) to flow hot water and the cold side (blue) to flow normal temperature water.
7Long O RingSimilar to most O rings, it prevents water leaks around the spout base. 
8Spacer (2x)It’s a metal part that sits in the end part of the faucet system.
9Touch-clean ShowerheadIt flows water from the main water line through the spray holes.
10Shower ArmA long and extended pipe that holds the touch-clean showerhead to let you enjoy the shower.
11Shower FlangeIt’s a metallic plate that sits on the wall to hide the holes where the pipe goes. 
12Handle ScrewA special kind of screw that sits inside the handle or knob switches on the shower by pivoting to the left or right side (for hot and cold water).
13Tub Spout – Pull-up DiverterIt’s a bathtub spout that flows water when you pull up the diverter (a small knob at the top).

Assembling Delta Shower Faucet Parts

Before you think about putting together all the delta parts for the shower faucet, there are a few things to know:

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how to assemble delta shower faucet parts
  • You should have a canvas drop cloth laid on the floor for the installation.
  • Prepare the positions for the new head by marking them and also make necessary cuts.
  • Go through the valves and tape if needed before installing other elements. Use caulk if there’s a need for sealing any gaps.

Before the assembly, you also need to gather all the tools necessary for the process to go smoothly.

It’s not a hard assembly project at all, so hardly a need for any professional plumber to help. However, the shower valve regarding steps could be a little headache. Those may need expert attention.

Here’s How to Assemble the Delta Shower Faucet Parts Together

  • Use Teflon tape for threading on both sides of the shower arm to start the process.
  • Next, you need to insert the shower arm’s longer side into the wall. And it shall go through the water supply pie’s elbow connection. Tighten with a clockwise direction.
  • You can also use an adjustable wrench for tightening in case hand tightening is hard. A thick towel needs to be wrapped around the arm to keep the bent end points downward facing.
  • Next, you need to place the shower flange over the shower arm in a way that it rests flat against the wall. So that the drywall hole is completely covered.
  • Twist clockwise the showerhead to the bent end of the shower arm for proper attaching.

Keep In Mind – You should never overtighten the showerhead according to the recommendation of Delta.

  • If you are switching from two handles to one or vice versa, there will be a need for a plumber to assist with the procedure. It is also applicable to situations where you have a non-compatible valve.
  • Remove the bonnet nut from the valve, test cap, and screen one by one. Insert the cartridge while fitting the key into the valve slot. Use the bonnet nut to tighten the cartridge.
  • Slide in O-ring and handle sleeve in cartridge assembly. Then you want to place an escutcheon plate. Adjust the temperature control valve for installation and then fix the adapter to the valve stem.
  • Use an adapter for fitting the tub spout in the threaded pipe’s nipple. A little bit of Teflon pipe for threads of pipe will help. Make sure the tub spout sits flush against the wall. And it should point downward and be tight enough.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to identify delta shower faucet model?

The manual will have instructions on exactly how to find delta faucet model number. And it will also have the number given on the front page. You can also find the escutcheon plate should have the series embossed right beneath the handle.
And this is because not all products have the number identification on them. So, by getting the series number, you can find replacement parts as well in case there’s confusion with the model number.

How do you repair a Delta shower faucet?

That’s actually a complicated process. However, to repair a Delta shower faucet you must find out the meaning of the problem signs it is showing, and decide what part exactly is causing the issue.
Then you need to repair that part and sometimes this involves replacing the old delta shower faucet parts. You can make this process easier by referring to the manual’s troubleshooting table.
And if you don’t want to self-repair, go ahead and contact the service center or a local professional who conducts such chores.

Do all Delta shower faucets use the same valve?

Delta shower faucets using the same valve can be the case but it’s not always true. However, it is correct that the manufacturers do have universal shower valves.
You must contact the manufacturer if needed to confirm the interchangeability of delta faucet replacement parts as designs of faucets can be revised and changed.

Wrapping Up

And that was the delta shower faucet parts diagram that you can use for getting new delta replacement parts or simply for an assembly process.

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There’s of course detail about it in the manual. But it can feel too monotonic for one to understand easily.

Hopefully, this guide was able to give you a depiction of the thing as well as the right instruction for the process without lurking.

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