Can You Braze Over a Solder Joint? Don’t Miss It!

You may be confused to braze over a solder joint and think that, Can you braze over a solder joint? We would say, yes, you can, but you might have a perplexing phase with the strength.

Basically, brazing and soldering are the two jointing process among different metals. The metals can be gold, silver, copper, and so on. One can heat the metals and makes them melt to give the desired shape.

However, this article contains full information about brazing and soldering. Moreover, it contains what you will pick among the brazing or soldering and the reason to pick. Furthermore, how you can braze over the solder and why you are eligible to do that. We won’t keep you waiting for more to go forward to read the entire context. 

Can You Braze Over A Solder Joint?

Well, as you know, brazing is a metal melting process that combines dissimilar metals with a high heating alloy. It can join two different metals like copper, silver, or gold.

On the other hand, soldering is like welding, but the filler should be melted below 450°C temperature. One can make a bond among gold, aluminum, or any other metals by soldering too.

However, now the question is, when you are going to connect by brazing any metal that already has soldering, can you do that?

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Yes, you can do that. Basically, soldering bonds metal by giving a thin texture between the two metals, whereas brazing gives a stronger joint between the disassembled components.

However, when you are trying to braze over a solder joint, you should pay more attention to that because you are going to put more pressure on a thin base.

How To Do Braze Over Solder Joint

The metallic pipe or any other thing that you want to braze, wipe off very first.  Additionally, heat it, the fitting. And do repeat wiping off with a rag for a while. Then, after cleaning up, try to braze the joint carefully. Let it be cool for a while.

Meanwhile, check the joint once if the components get connected or not. After becoming properly cool, it will become stronger. 

Now, let’s know how effective the joint will be after brazing over the solder joint.

How Much Efficient Will Be The Joint?

You may try to braze over solder when you see a leak on a metal pipe, and you are not capable to replace a metallic component. However, sometimes, while facing the situation, some professional plumbers advise doing brazing over the soldering. So we can say this task is appreciable.

Moreover, As you know the strength of soldering and brazing, so you can’t expect such strength from secondary work. But the joint will be more effective if the joints remain laid down and placed on a plain area, then the brazing will give you a smooth plumbing journey.

Since a single soft solder can’t hold more pressure on plumbing, it becomes sustainable enough if there is added brazing. But not as welding or proper brazing.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will solder stick to brazing?

When you join a metal by adding adhesive and soldering, definitely you will find a good solution for the permanent joint. But the matter is these can’t beat with the strength of brazing a metal. So to get enough strong and permanent solution, brazing is the best.

Why would you braze instead of solder?

Before getting the answer, at first, learn what brazing and soldering are. Well, brazing is the joining of different, dissimilar metals by highly heating and melting the filler. In comparison, soldering is a comparatively low temperature-based jointing process that melts the solder made of tin. So, one should choose a strong and permanent jointing experience that brazing can offer to solder.

Can you solder on top of solder?

Yes, you can solder on the top of another soldering joint. It is advised by a professional plumber who told his customer to solder on the earlier soldering. But the matter is, you have to clean the old solder first and then do soldering on it. Without it you can’t add more solder, it won’t work long life.

Is a brazed joint stronger than a soldered joint?

Obviously, a brazed joint is pretty much stronger than a soldered joint. It is efficient enough to use in leak-proof joints. However, when you see your metal pipe is leaking, you won’t need to replace the entire pipeline. Just braze the pipe, and it must work very fine.


To sum up the entire story, you may get the answer about can you braze over a solder joint. In a sentence, it is not impossible to braze a joint that already has a solder joint. But the matter is that both processes of jointing by melting the metals are quite efficient in their individual ways. But the matter is of thickness and lasting. It is okay to braze over a solder joint but it won’t work as they individually work. So, this is the fact.

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However, although soldering and brazing strength are not the same, they can give you a strong joint in your crying need. So, best of luck with your soldering and the brazing journey.

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