Pilot Light On But No Hot Water

There could be several reasons why the pilot light is on but no hot water or heating from the device. It can be an issue with the pilot light, the thermocouple, or sometimes the gas valve knobs can be causing this.

If you are facing the same let’s not tweak your headache more. Let’s help you through the guide and know about the reasons along with their solution.

Reason Why Pilot Light On But No Hot Water

In the water heater process, the pilot flame burns thermocouple, which triggers the temperature at signals the main burner to start.

However, if the boiler pilot light is on but there is no hot water, then it is a problem with either of the equipment in the combustion process.

Check on this table for a glance on the problems and solutions.

Major Reasons for the IssuePossible Solutions to Try
Problem in the thermocoupleReplace it
Gad valve knob issueSwitch the flush tank position
Mineral buildup insideFlush the tank

The first issue could be a faulty light which is easily detectable. If the light is not on and you are getting hot water then the light is faulty.

The Thermocouple

The thermocouple is responsible for igniting the main burner. As it heats up, the thermocouple triggers a voltage that opens the main burner connection. If that is the issue then you quickly fix it.

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Here is how you can resolve the problem :

  • At first, take out the bottom cover and use a multimeter to check DC voltage.
  • Then, remove the thermocouple with a wrench to expose the wires connected to the valve.
  • After that connect each prob with the connector and then turn on the pilot and hold the button to get a reading. It should be around 20 to 30 millivolts.
  • Then disconnect the gas supply and wait till the system cools down to turn the control knob off.
  • Now remove the ignitor wire and remove the screws that hold the burner.
  • After that, unscrew the thermocouple, pilot tube, and manifold tube, allowing you to slide out the assembly.
  • Now, when replacing, you will first push all the wires out of the manifold and detach the p, allowing you to remove and replace the thermocouple.
  • Then, put the new thermocouple in and push till you hear a click and snap it to the door plug.
  • Finally, align the ignitor and pilot tube through the manifold door and assemble the pilot with the burner to screw it in place.

Mineral buildup

Calcium and magnesium can block the heater, causing it not to heat the water. These are natural minerals that are pretty commonest to build up in the tank. In that case, you should–

  • First, turn the gas pilot setting to the pilot and shut the turn-off valve.
  • Then go to your closest hot water connection and connect a garden hose to the drain pipe.
  • Now open the drain valve that will allow you to flush the tank along with the sediments.
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Then you will start seeing discolored, ion which indicates the sediments are coming out with the water. However, you will need to do multiple flushes to remove the deposits entirely in extreme cases.

So, you can flush the tank, fill it back up, rerun the process until you have clear water, and an adequately heated water supply when texting.

The gas knobs

If the pilot is not providing hot water, check the gas valve. Most of that is the main culprit, as in the beginning, you will have to turn it on manually.

In that case, the pilot light will turn, on but hot water will not come out., simply check the gas valve knob, and if it is not, switch the tank flushes to the other side and test the mechanism.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my pilot light on but no hot water?

It is probably because there is an issue with the combustion process. You have to check what is causing the water not to heat up and change or replace that part. However, you can always forget to turn the gas knob on.

What to check when there’s no hot water?

At first, check if the pilot is on or off. If it is on, check the gas knob and everything as usual. Moreover, you can also check the tank for any mineral buildup. Then, more importantly, check the thermocouple; it may need replacement.

Final Verdict

Hot water is also a compulsion in modern homes, especially in winter. That is probably the reason why you installed a hot water supply system in your home. But one, the day you turn the shower, on and there is no hot water; however, the pilot light is on.

So, what is the issue? The pilot light on but no hot water for the shower. You probably have problems with your machine, and we have provided a complete guide on how to resolve them on the fly. We offered comprehensive guidelines on each situation and solution for your convenience. 

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