Why Little Giant Pool Cover Pump Won’t Turn On

Did you find out your Little Giant pool cover pump won’t turn on? The circuit breaker or a loose connection may be the issue. What if some deeper fault?

Sometimes people seem to face a lot of problems with their little giant pool cover pump, and you never know you can fix it yourself.

Let’s show you how.

The Little Giant Pool Cover Pump Won’t Turn On

It is an electrical object; however, electrical objects can be damaged at any time. And Electronic devices are dependent on fate most of the time, and there is nothing wrong with that.

However, if you know why it breaks down, it is possible to avoid the device from breaking down quickly.

There can be a number of reasons for the power loss of the little giant pool cover pump. But first of all, how do we know that the pool cover pump is not working?

Notice the fade in the yard away from pools and electrical outlets. Among the many reasons, there are 4 important reasons why this pool cover won’t work.

The reasons and explanations are given below.

Probable CausesSolutions
Don’t receive the correct electrical power supplyMake sure that all electrical wires are in good condition, no loose connections, and the electric current reaches your pump properly.
A damaged impellercannot be allowed to create a small air pocket in the impeller.
Impellers and piping if not installed properlyMake sure that impellers and piping are installed properly.
The pump is too oldGet a new pump.

Don’t Receive The Correct Electrical Power Supply

If your pump stops working or does not work at the level you expect, this could be a problem with the pump’s power.

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It is essential to check the factory specifications of your pump and make sure it is getting the amount of power it needs to function correctly.

Make sure that all electrical wires are in good condition, that there are no loose connections, and that the electric current reaches your pump perfectly in the first place. 

This is because either the voltage is too low or too high for your pump to be damaged.

If your little giant pool cover pump is a pneumatic pump, ensure the compressor is working correctly. Lastly, if you use a mains supply, call a professional to evaluate whether your mains electricity is stable.

Ups and downs in supply can severely affect pump efficiency, often leading to problems with the dosing pump. A wave protector can help to some degree.

If The Impeller of Your Pump Is Damaged

One of the first or most significant symptoms of an underperforming pump is the sound it makes.

Changing the sound can alert you to problems with the pool cover pump or the system. If you hear a popping type sound from the impeller, you may encounter cavitation.

This occurs when the pressure changes in a liquid, creating small pockets of air, which subsequently explode. This can severely damage your pump, especially the impeller, so check for any signs of cavities in the eroded material.

However, your pump will create a natural buzz. This is not a strange sound, but if it is a popping type sound, it indicates something is wrong.

Impellers and Piping If Not Installed Properly

Is your impeller aligned correctly? And what about your pump piping appropriately installed? If a pump is installed correctly, it will never vibrate excessively.

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It will never generate excess heat. If something leaks from your pump or system’s internal fittings, it probably indicates a problem as well.

Depending on the media you are pumping, this could be a severe health and safety issue that must be addressed immediately. Sometimes the motor of the little giant pump can become “frozen” and cause it to stop spinning.

Sometimes the dirt in the sucking shroud will be partially blamed. And, for those reasons, it might not turn on.

So, make sure to avoid those problems and be careful with your pump. Pumps are not expensive and are sometimes blamed on airlocks. However, these issues are sporadic.

If Your Pump Is Too Old

No matter how rough your pump system is, it will eventually wear out no matter how carefully you handle the pool cover pump.

How old is your system? How old is your pumpet? If you are using your pump for many years, you may need to replace it.

Check for visible signs of wear, such as debris or deposits in your system that have broken your pump, pipe, valve, or fitting interior.

If your luck is good, you may need to replace only one component instead of the entire pump or piping system. Otherwise, turning it on can be a problem.

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a little giant pump be submerged?

Yes, the Little giant is an automatic submersible pool cover pump that removes standing water from the pool cover and plays an ideal role for household water transfer applications.

How do you clean a little giant submersible pipe?

Remove the top of the pump from the reservoir. You can clean the reservoir with mild soap and water and a soft brush and pump inlet and float with a shake at the bottom of the tab.


The little giant pump is an essential element of today’s situation. But it is an electronic object, moreover, since it is an electronic object, it has many problems such as spoilage.

The problems described above are severe problems for your pump. If any of the above situations occur with your pump, your little giant pool cover pump won’t turn on.

It will lose its effectiveness. However, if the cause of the above problems matches your pump, then you can fix your pump through the described solution. But be sure to be aware before using it because prevention is better than cure.

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