How to Cover Exposed Pex Pipe?- 5 DIY Solutions

How to cover exposed pex pipe to use it for the long run? Using latex paint can be an easy and cheap solution to the problem. You can also use foam and duct tape, brass craft push connecting stop, etc.

The red, blue, and white plumbing pipes you see running in your basement are made of cross-linked polyethylene. These pex pipes are durable and don’t corrode easily. So they are preferred over copper pipes for plumbing purposes. But nothing is without its disadvantages. These plumbing pipes are vulnerable to damage when exposed to UV lights and heat. Then

So, let’s get into the detailed troubleshooting guide to cover those exposed PEX pipes without any delay.

How to Cover Exposed Pex Pipe?

Covering an exposed pex pipe is both a budget-friendly and smart decision. Ignorance in this case may be proven fatal. Excessive heat and UV rays break the pipe resulting in massive water loss.

Then what is the situation with uncovered indoor pex pipes? Unlike the outdoor pex pipe, indoor pex pipe is more prone to damage from fluorescent lights in our house.

So, here are 5 simple techniques for the homeowners to cover the exposed pex pipe.

Solution-1: Using latex paint

The first technique you can apply is painting the uncovered pipes with latex paint. This is waterproof paint. It helps to create an extra barrier between the pex pies and the UV rays.

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  • Best look latex paint and primer in one
  • Brush or roller
  • Clean clothes
  • gloves
  • plastic sheet
  • apron


  • First, wipe off the exposed pipe with a piece of clean cloth to remove dust and dirt.
  • Put on the apron and gloves
  • Spread the plastic sheet on the floor just beneath the pipe. This will prevent the floor from getting dirty.
  • Using a brush or a roller, apply the first layer of latex color.
  • Wait until it dries.
  •  Then apply another layer color and let it dry naturally.

Tips: Abstain from coloring the interior of the pipe to prevent clogging

Solution-2: Installation of pex pipe protection sleeve

Now moving to our next solution – the installation of a pipe protection sleeve. This might sound a bit tricky but easy in reality. It is usually ½” and covers the exposed pipe. They are available in multiple colors-red, blue, black, etc.


  • Pex pipe sleeve
  • Sharp cutter
  • hand tool


  • Cut off the water supply of the house temporarily.
  • Before installation, cut the pipe with a cutter to get a perfectly square end
  • Then slide the tapered end of the compression sleeve into the pipe
  • Use a hand tool to expand the tool.
  • Enter the fittings into the pipe and hook the fitting in the pipe using the hand tool.
  • The expanded pipe gets back to its original shape.

Solution-3: Use of pex stub out elbows

Toilets or sinks pex pipes are sure to have stubbed out, i.e., exposed areas of the pipe. Installing a simple ¾pexstubout elbow can excuse you from many plumbing hassles.


  • cutter
  • stub out bracket
  • bend support


  • At first, determine the perfect location for installation of the stub-out elbows
  • Then use a stub-out racket to support the pex pipe.
  • Insert the Pex into the racket and secure it tightly.
  • Support the pex with bend support for getting a 90- degree bending angle.
  • Cut the excess pex pipe using a cutter, leaving some space for the expansion of the line.
  • Connect the pex tubing with the pex connection instrument and it is ready for multiple connections.
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Solution-4: Installation of a pipe cover tube

Is the scorching sun the main cause of heat extension in the pipe? Then you can install some budget-friendly pex pipe cover tubes over the exposed pipe. These insulating pipes are available in different colors on Amazon, eBay, etc.


  • Marker
  • Drill machine
  • Anchors
  • Screw
  • Cutter


  • Use the pex tube and mark the location using a marker.
  • Make two holes on the wall using a drill machine according to the measurement.
  • Then install the anchors.
  • Slide the cover tube into the pipe and fix it with a screw.
  • Cut the pipe and finish it by installing the valve.

Solution-5: Installation of suspension clamps

Exposed pex pipes are very prone to cracks with regular frictions. Then what can be used as a pex wall cover? Suspension clips easily cover that vulnerable area and protect the pipe for the long run.


  • plastic suspension clamps
  • clamp tool
  • Clamp rings
  • clamp fitting
  • wrench


  • At first push up the tabs on the clamp tool.
  • Then slide the clamp rings on the pipe.
  • Insert the clamp fitting into the pipe.
  • Squeeze the clamp tab in the pipe to secure it.
  • At last, install the total infrastructure in the pex pipe.

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you sleeve pex pipe?

Start by cutting one end of the tube with a cutter. Then slide the pex protection sleeve in the pipe and compress it to make a firm fitting. If the pipe is compressed, use a hand tool to expand it.

How do you protect pex underground?

Foam tape or protection sleeves can protect the pex from excess heat and freezing. But to protect it from surrounding gravel, it is best to pour some sand around it.

Do you have to wrap pex pipe?

It is best to wrap the exposed pex pipe. This way, it can be safe from sudden temperature changes and rocks and gravel.

Can I put heat tape on pex?

As pex is a plastic product, it is ideal not to use any kind of heat tape. This will damage the outer covering of the pex pipe.

Final Thoughts

Pex pipes are commonly used for building the house’s plumbing infrastructure. Though they are flexible and durable, UV rays and heat harm the uncovered pipes. Then how to cover exposed pex pipe?

Here, we have introduced five basic ways to cover exposed pex pipes. You do not need to be a certified plumber or require high-end tools for applying these DIY tricks. Let us know your opinion on these facts and share your experience.

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