Can I Adjust A 30/50 Pressure Switch To 40/60: How To Do So?

Home or business — well water system is quite popular in any setup. The system contains a pressure switch that can typically read the pressure measurement and know when to start and stop. It is at the heart of the water well system.

However, you may wonder can I adjust a 30/50 pressure switch to 40/60? This article will answer this. Further reading will offer ways to convert the switch, with possible consequences. Finally, a few frequently asked questions regarding pressure switches will be answered.

Can You Adjust A 30/50 Pressure Switch To 40/60?

The most common types of pressure switches are the 30/50 and the 40/60. It’s all up to you which one you would choose. However, adjusting a 30/50 pressure switch is pretty easy. Now, How to do that?

First of all, you should make sure to turn off the breaker or disconnect the power connected to the switch.

In simple words, adjusting the center screw plays a key role in the 30/50 pressure switch adjustment. You can increase or raise the pressure by tightening the nut. A full clockwise rotation of the screw may cause an increase of 2-3 PSI in the pressure. So, about four turns will increase 10 PSI in the reading. A smaller nut on the left is responsible for the upper limit or the stoppage point of the pump. It means this one adjusts the differential.

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So, if you tighten it the upper limit or cut-off point increases and your pump continues for a longer period.

What Does 30/50 Pressure Switch Mean?

Pressure switches differ depending on the starting and stoppage points present in them. The 30/50 pressure switch indicates that the pump will start when the pressure drops to 30 PSI (pounds per square inch) and stop when it is measured at 50 PSI. The starting point is also called the cut-on point while the stopping one is called the cut-off point. The switch can be wired 115 volts or 230 volts. Now can a 30/50 pressure switch be adjusted to 40/60? Yes, you can. Find here what happens next.

What Happens If You Adjust The 30/50 To 40/60 Pressure?

What Happens If You Adjust The 30/50 To 40/60 Pressure

As already said, a 30/50 pressure switch starts at 30 PSI and stops at 50 PSI. Similarly, a 40/60 pressure switch starts at 40 PSI and stops at 60 PSI. The latter is commonly used for submersible pumps.

Now, what happens when you adjust pressure? The switch will start at 40 PSI instead of 30. It means it will wait for the water pressure reading to go for 10 additional PSI. On the other end, the pump will stop when the pressure gauge hits 60. Such adjustment is done when you have less power at your home. One important thing to note is that if you set the differential or the cut-off point at a pressure the pump cannot produce, the pump will not shut off. Simply loosen the nut in that case.

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Choosing between the 30/50 and 40/60 pressure switch often comes tough for many. It depends on your personal preference and the size of your home in the first place. Generally, a one-story home easily works with a 30/50 switch while a home taller than that deserves to have the 40/60 one. Further considerable factors are the condition of your pump, plumbing, and water well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between a 30/50 and a 40/60 pressure switch?

A 30/50 and a 40/60 pressure switch differ in terms of preset cut-on and cut-off points. A 30/50 pressure switch starts at 30 PSI of pressure and stops at 50 while the latter starts at 40 PSI and stops at 60.

Can a pressure switch be adjusted?

A pressure switch can be adjusted easily. The water well pump contains two screws that are responsible for the adjustment. The clockwise rotation of the main screw adjusts for example from 30/50 to 40/60. The clockwise rotation of the smaller nut raises only the upper limit and expands the range.

What does 40/60 mean on a pressure switch?

The 40/60 on a pressure switch indicates the lower and upper limit of pressure respectively and commands the pump when to start and stop. A 40/60 pressure switch refers that the pump is preset to start at 40 PSI and shut off at 60.

Can I put a higher-pressure switch on my good pump?

The point settings on a pressure switch are associated with personal preference. Through 30/50 and 40/60 are the most common combinations, you can put a higher-pressure switch on your good pump. You can go for 50/70 as well.


You got a well water system at your home. The default setting is preset at 30/50. Now you wonder can I adjust a 30/50 pressure switch to 40/60? The answer is yes. Both setting are common and can be converted easily. The pressure switch can be mechanical or electric. The mechanical switch has a nut while the electric one has a keypad for adjustment purposes. All you got to do is rotate the screws of the mechanical pressure switch. The well water system has been more popular and user-friendly with the adjustment feature.

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