Will Bad Wax Ring Cause Toilet Not To Flush?

It’s probably the most “Ewww” kind of thing if your toilet flush stops working. Super annoying and unbearable, isn’t it? How do you fix this? Indeed, there is a “Toilet wax Ring” that needs your attention! So will bad wax ring cause toilet not to flush? Yes, it can sometimes.

We experienced this situation a few days ago. It was pissing us off. We were unable to use the toilet anymore. A plumber wasn’t available at that moment, so we thought of driving some research!

And guess what! You don’t have to be a plumber to fix this! Just go through this article as it will clear all your confusion.

So,we hope you will stay till the end!

Will Bad Wax Ring Cause Toilet Not To Flush?

Well, there could be a number of vital factors for your toilet unable to flush. There could also be an error in the mechanism of the flushing. Sometimes the flushing itself gets broken. However, the wax ring tends to be the main reason in this case whether it be directly or indirectly.

But how would you find out that the wax ring is malfunctioning?

  1. Mostly it starts with a clog in the toilet bowl. It doesn’t refill after a flush. As a result, it remains dry and gas cannot travel through the toilet.
  2. You flush after using the toilet. Instead of cleaning the waste materials, you end up with a leaky toilet base.  Most of the time these leaks come from a wax ring that is no longer functioning properly.
  3. Additionally, you smell a bad odor that could fill up the entire house!
  4. Another sign could be your toilet rocking back and forth. If it’s moving, it will flatten one side of the ring a little more than it should be. And this would create a gap. Imagine sitting on the toilet, and you are literally able to move it!! Eventually, you are getting a gap in some areas. This gap lets water seep out underneath the toilet. Thereby leaking onto the floor.
  5. Another sign indicates a crack in the bottom of the toilet. These could be the areas where the water runs through the toilet. For instance, you use the toilet and flush it down. The water sits for a while. But you come back in two hours. And notice that the water level inside the toilet bowl has lowered. Water starts leaking without being used. In this case, you might have a crack in the bottom of the toilet. And this could take place due to a faulty wax ring.
  6. The bolts might be loose, creating a wild scenario!
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In this case, the plumbers follow the easiest solution. They install a new wax ring over the old one. Or remove the old wax ring, clean the area and install two wax rings.

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Does this sound complicated? Worry not! There are simple steps for removing or fixing a broken wax ring. I am gonna elaborate on it for you in the next step.

Total Wax Ring Lifespan

Wax rings are supposed to last for a lifetime. If being properly sealed and set, they last for 30 years! Or even more. It hardly needs and maintenance or repair.

However, they can dry up and experience a premature fall. So, they crumble as a result of which, water starts leaking. If such things keep happening in your toilet, your wax ring needs immediate replacement.

Why Do Toilet Wax Rings Fail

The most frequent reason could be the inappropriate tightness of your toilet setup. If your toilet has a loose grip, it will cause a gap. As a result of this gap, the toilet will rock back and forth. That is when the toilet wax rings fail.

Now you could fix this yourself! When you see it moving from the right to the left, squish the wax ring on both sides. When it moves to the right it’s gonna put a little more pressure. Squish this down. Similarly, moving to the left, it’s gonna put a little more pressure there. Flatten this area.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Since the plumber might not be 24/7 available in your area, people like these DIY techniques more often. In this regard, they frequently ask questions concerning this wax ring. I will share those here, in case if you are curious to know.

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What happens when wax ring goes bad on toilet?

The first thing you would encounter with a bad wax ring is water leaking from the base of your toilet. Moreover, your toilet bowl water level will be lower. The toilet will get wobbly while generating a horrible smell! If you have a wooden floor and the toilet is leaking underneath the wood floor, it is gonna rot out the wood floor. However, if it’s a concrete floor, it will not do much damage.

What can I do if my toilet won’t flush?

If your toilet won’t flush, check the water of your toilet tank. It might get lower. You might have to unclog the toilet and fix the flapper. Check if the wax ring is loose. Confirm that your toilet is properly set and installed, leaving no gaps. If you need immediate solutions, contact a plumber asap.

How much does it cost to replace a wax ring on a toilet?

Usually, replacing a wax ring would cost you from $50 to even $200. This includes the proper instalment of your toilet by some expert hands!. But if you just need to replace the wax ring, it would probably take $2-$10. Often you need to replace the flange, too, so that increases the overall price.


So these are everything you need to follow to fix a wrong wax ring. Almost once or twice, you face problems with your toilet. As it is unpleasant, you need an instant solution.

A plumber may not always be available in your area. And these steps are easy-peasy, so you need no hassle. Will bad wax ring cause toilet not to flush – we hope you have no more confusion regarding this.

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Needless to say, if fixing a bad wax ring yet doesn’t help in smooth flushing, contact a professional plumber asap.

Good luck!

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