How to Replace a Cast Iron Toilet Flange in Concrete Simple Steps Explained

Do you really want to know the answer to how to replace a cast iron toilet flange in concrete question? The job needs some sweat and hours, but you can do it if you know and follow the steps.

As time advances, the toilet flange may be damaged because of some issue. If it happens, you need to replace this from your toilet. You may undoubtedly not want any horrible smell to come out of your bathroom or things like that.

Don’t worry. There are some possible ways that you can go through to fix these issues on your own. Read this short guide very carefully to understand the factors.

How to Replace a Cast Iron Toilet Flange in Concrete

Some people have some misconception that it is needed to cut a wide area of concrete. This doesn’t seem right at all. You only need to cut the amount of space based on the flange. It may take some time to fix the issue but don’t rush at all. You have to remove the cast iron flange to add a new one.

Some problems often occur with the flange. You can have 6-8 years to replace the iron flange. If it runs smoothly, then wait until any errors take place.

The first task you will have to complete is to remove the cast iron toilet flange, and then you can replace it. Sometimes the current cast iron offset toilet flange looks good, but we suggest you replace it.

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Tools that you need to replace offset toilet flange cast iron

It would be best if you had some tools to get the task done correctly. Once you have ensured that you have all the essential tools available, it will give you a lot of ease.

  • A cast iron offset toilet flange.
  • Gloves
  • Tapcon Screws
  • A hammer drill machine
  • A screwdriver
  • A trash bag to put trash
  • A chisel
  • A measuring Tape

Now we will gradually discover the steps to replace cast iron toilet flange in concrete.

However, before you proceed make sure to turn off all the water supply to avoid any mess.

Step 1: Put Out the Toilet

To do so, first, you need to put out the screws of the commode so that you can get to see the toilet flange. Place the commode in an accessible place. You won’t proceed with your task without removing the toilet.

Step 2: Put Out The Old Flange

Once you remove the toilet, you will find a square cut around the flange. There, you can see an old flange, and it may be damaged. You have to perform the step here carefully. You can’t put out the cast iron flange on your own. You have to use a screwdriver first to remove the flange from the floor.

Use a hammer and hit the flange carefully. Then, try to put out the flange using the upper side of the hammer. Make sure you use a glove to protect your hand.

Don’t use a drill if you have done with the screwdriver and small hammer. It is hazardous to use a hammer if you have possible ways.

An iron pipe will be visible when you remove the flange. This is where you have to set up a cast iron offset closet flange.

Step 3: Cut the Iron Iron Pipe

When you tend to do cast iron toilet flange repair or replace it, you need to cut the iron pipe according to the floor height. It will make things easier for you to set up the new ones. Use a cutter blade in this regard. You can also use a plier to break the upper side of the cast iron pipe. This will give you ease as to how to replace a cast iron toilet flange in concrete.

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Step 4: Attach the new offset toilet flange cast iron

We have come to the actual task here. You need to attach the cast iron flange carefully, keeping some factors in mind. Put out the screw at first to set it up on the pipe out there.

Use a drill to adjust the tapcon Screws carefully to protect the pipe. Put the flange on the tube and set up the screws using a screwdriver. Measure the flange just to make sure it is equal to the floor.

Make sure there is no lick around the new flange.

Step 5: Set the toilet again

Once you have followed the steps, set up the toilet that you put out to replace the cast iron offset closet flange; besides, don’t forget to place the flash box and make sure you place all the screws accurately. That’s it. Isn’t it straightforward?

When to Replace Offset Toilet Flange Cast Iron?

  • Water passes through the area of the flange.
  • The flange is not on the level of the floor.
  • The flange is damaged, leaked, or broken.

Considering these issues are very important. Then it would help if you tended to replace the flange by removing it first.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are toilet flanges glued in?

Some toilet flanges are glued in. There is often a cylinder of pipe with the flange sleeve glued inside. But you can easily remove that using a hacksaw or reciprocating.

Conclusion Words

You have to give extra emphasis on the accessories that you use at your home. That’s why we have presented the solutions. With this, now, you can have the answer to how to replace a cast iron toilet flange in concrete.

We assure you that, following these steps, you can fix the issue without anyone. This may save quite a lot of money. Keep your hand and body safe while doing this task. You shouldn’t remove it if you don’t find any problem with your toilet’s cast iron flange.

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