What Size PEX For Shower- Things You Should Know

Knowing the right size of the PEX for a shower is very important when you tend to set up your water supply. The size of PEX depends on some factors, and that’s why you have come here to explore what size PEX is for shower. You can choose up to 1 inch, but for a residential purpose, this sizing can vary.

If the size of the PEX is not compatible with the manifold system, you won’t get the regular water supply. To be more specific, the flow of water won’t be possible. While buying PEX, you should need to have an obvious idea about your manifold and water supply system.

To help, we will explore some essential facts here.

What Size Pex For Shower

For residential use, you won’t need a broader length of PEX. You can go through 1-4 inches. Whereas if the water supply serves a more extended area, the length of the PEX should increase calculatedly. In terms of industrial water supply, you can choose between ¾ inches to ⅞ inches.

People prefer PEX over the copper pipe that they used to use. There are some possible reasons behind this. PEX is long-lasting, and as a user, you hardly see any sort of leaks with your water supply if you go through it. PEX is made with elements that are very water-friendly.

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You may have your water supply system for cold and hot water at a time. Besides, your water supply may cover a short or long area. Manifolds are another key thing that plays a prominent role while identifying the size of the PEX. Don’t rush to select the right ones.

You will find several sizes of PEX in the market. But the most common size is called Normal Size which suits every water supply system. The length depends on the area that your water supply covers.

The most common and basic size is 1-½ inch.

Let Your Seller know the best information regarding your water supply area

However, if you are confused, read if ½ inch pex big enough or not with other factors to right pex sizing.

Now, let’s talk a bit about the range of the PEX that you tend to use. This key as far as what size PEX for shower supply question is concerned. Basically, there are ranges between ½,¾ inches. You can also buy water length too. As we have said, it depends on the manifold and the valve of the water supply system.

You can reduce the range of the PEX if you have adjusted it with a valve to ensure a smooth water supply to your shower.

Anyone who wants to understand this doesn’t need to be an expert. Let’s say you want a swift water flow to come to your shower. Then, you need to buy or select the size of ¾ inches of the PEX that performs well with the manifolds. But when we are talking about showers, people have different conceptions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use PEX for a shower?

Yes, you definitely can. Nowadays, Using PEX for the shower is very popular among people around the world. Users claim that you are getting the best water flow without any leaks that often irritate people. So, you can go through with PEX without a doubt.

Is 1 2 PEX OK for shower?

Quite OK! Experts in this sector say that you can use 1 or 2-inch PEX for your water supply. Though it depends on some of the factors still, these sizes are prevalent. Make sure the PEX suits the power supply, including manifolds and valves.

Can I run 3 4 PEX to shower?

This is very ideal, as we have mentioned earlier. You can quickly run your water supply with the help of 3 4 PEX. The same thing as 1 2 PEX, you have to make sure it is tied with the water flow system.

Can I use 3/8 PEX for shower?

If you don’t need an emergency water flow when you wait patiently, you can use ⅜ PEX for sure. Getting hot water faster is possible using this sort of PEX. Anyone can smoothly run this for showers and other stuff at home quite comfortably.
Hope you got the points here about what size PEX for shower.

Concluding Words

As we have come to the later part of our discussion, you may get a crystal clear idea about what size of the PEX you should use. If you don’t give enough emphasis on these factors, the water supply will be disturbing you.

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You need a very clear idea about what you are doing with the water supply to get water to your shower. When you are feeling so warm, the slow water flow might create a disturbance. Do you want this to happen?

So, before knowing what size PEX for shower, gather enough information about your water supply’s components and system.

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