Taco Zone Valve Control Indicator Lights Meaning for Better Control

If you want your heating system to work in a different zone, you must have a Taco zone valve. Generally, the control valve redirects the flow of liquid and gas to operate the heating system. This call is also called hydronic heating or cooling procedure.  But will be discussing Taco zone valve control indicator lights meaning here.

You can operate your valve according to your instruction, and that’s why you need to know the meaning of what is the purpose of the Taco zone control indicator.

Taco Zone Valve Control Indicator Lights Meaning

The zone valve helps you to perform its task separately in different areas of your house. When you turn on the zone valve using the controller, the end switch of the valve orders the circulator pump to circulate water.

You may have an expected temperature for each zone. So, when the zone reaches the predicted heat, the zone valve closes. The thermostat plays a prominent role here. The zone valve works according to the command that you give through the thermostat.

The number of LED lights depends on the zones. Let’s say your Teco valve is operating in 6 zones, then the number of LED lights will be six except the power lights. The power light lets you know the machine is running. It is green in color. It should always be on; make sure of this.

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Zone Valve Control Usually Has Two Panels Of Lights: The Yellow One And The Red

The yellow light means the call for heat. When you want a particular zone to start heating, the yellow one will be lit with the help of a thermostat.

There is always an end switch out there in the valve. Here comes the role of the Red lights. The red lights reflect the starting of circulating water or gas when they come in contact with the zone valve.

If you follow the Taco zone valve control lights, you can also notice whether everything is working correctly or not.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How long should a zone valve last?

Though it depends on the uses and many other factors, it lasts for nearly 10-15 years. Sometimes the problem may occur with an individual zone or the whole valve itself.

What is zone valve control?

Zone valve control works for controlling the flow of water or steam. It works as a hydronic heating or cooling system as well. The main benefit of the zone valve is, it controls its operation based on several zones. It is also essential to know the Taco zone valve indicator lights meaning to understand zone valve control.


We know how important it is to understand how the machine works; taco zone valve control indicator lights meaning are something that is no exception. If you don’t know how the lights work here, you probably can’t fix the issue with it.

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Once you know how everything works with your valve, it will remove your discomfort while using it. Make sure the lights are unable based on your command. If some of these misbehave, then you should try to follow the errors.

A zone valve is needed to decrease energy wastage. When you need the valve to run, and when you don’t, it won’t continue its performance. The lights of the indicator will allow you to follow up on the facts. That’s the reason this blog is all about you.

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