Moen Shower Faucet Won’t Turn Off: Reasons with 9 Fixing Steps

Life is way harder while pesky plumbing issues keep rising and you are trying to get a relaxing shower. Are you one of the Moen shower and fittings users who are facing the same plumbing problem? Then we are writing this fix just for you because your Moen shower faucet won’t turn off until you get through this simple tutorial.

The Moen manufacturers have introduced varieties of shower faucets with newer features from time to time and have become a reliable name. So, we are not here to doubt their quality but the arrangement of the shower faucet in your house.

Moen Shower Faucet Won’t Turn Off

In this part, we will have a short overview of the possible reasons that are hampering the shower faucet to turn off completely. To repair, it might require entire dismounting, cleaning, or even partial or total replacement.

The partial replacement might include the replacement of the cartridge, handle or handle adaptor or there might be simply debris that just needs to be cleaned up.

Have a look at this table…

Why The Shower Faucet Is Not WorkingHow To Get Fixed
DebrisDismount and clean
Faulty cartridgeReplace
Stripped faucet handleReplace

To find out which one is bothering your shower faucet, you will always require to dismount the entire arrangement of the faucet, which is not quite an easy task. It needs steady nerves as you might even need to remember the positioning of each part.

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What’s New in The New Moen Shower Faucet?

The brand new Moen posi-temp single handle tub shower has been featured with a new feature to their customers. This new Moen shower faucet won’t turn off if you try to pull the handle. This product has been featured with a clockwise and counter-clockwise turn to respectively turn off and on.

However, the internal parts and parcels don’t vary so much but in the arrangements, which have become more specific to the water temperature as well as to the house piping.

Required Tools to Mount and Dismount

Here is a shortlist of tools that you might require to fix your Moen shower faucet as you are required to dismount it anyway to find out the problem and determine whether it gets a repair or a replacement,

  1. Allen wrenches
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Plier
  4. Needle plier
  5. Puller
  6. Puller key

The wrenches, screwdrivers, and pliers will be required for primary disassembling. For the cartridge, an additional puller and puller key is needed as it is one of the most sensitive parts of the shower faucet, which is hard to remove and any wrong pressure can cause a fracture to the internal piping arrangement.

Fixing Steps When Moen Shower Faucet Does Not Turn Off

When Moen shower faucet won’t turn off water, most probably there is debris growth inside the pipe way. So to get a repair, try to follow these steps specifically as stated below,

  1. Turn off the water.
  2. Take the handle screw off while keeping it in the on position.
  3. After removing the screw, take the handle to the off position and remove the handle (or you may call it a lever).
  4. Unscrew the handle adapter (try to save it somewhere just the way you took it out because this part handles the water temperature).
  5. Pull out the collar.
  6. Right after the collar, there is the cartridge placed with a clip on the top. Simply pull it out (there is no thread or knob).
  7. Be careful with the new cartridge placement and focus on the H/C indications (respectively stands for hot and cold) because that is the way the house is piped.
  8. Use a puller to pull the cartridge out (use a key puller if it seems too tight).
  9. Check if there is any debris.
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Clean it manually with your hand or use a stick. Then re-assemble the entire thing right in the reversed sequence. Now have a check if the problem is solved as mostly these problems raise due to debris. If it didn’t work, then you need to have a replacement.

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my bathroom faucet not turning off?

If your bathroom faucet is not turning off, then there might be debris, faulty cartridge, stripped faucet handle, etc. While there is debris inside the piping, it hampers the natural flow and temperature of the water and clogs the lever or handle to turn completely. The same issue can occur if the cartridge is rusted or broken or might have been set in the wrong way.

How do I fix my Moen shower faucet?

While there is debris inside the piping, it will require a simple clean-up. But if the issues are with the parts inside the shower faucet (lever, handle adaptor, sleeve, cartridge, etc.), then it might need a partial replacement of each or the entire shower faucet. But no matter what the problem is, you will need to disassemble the entire shower faucet and have check every specific part.

How do I identify my Moen shower valve?

the Moen manufacturers use three types of valves for their tub and shower faucets: the standard, posi-temp, and mentor. Each of these valves looks quite similar except for the trims. To find out the one you are using, check the handle close to the shower valve, where you will find written ‘H’ and ‘C’. If it’s not, then the handle might have been replaced.

Final Words

Did you find out why your Moen shower faucet won’t turn off? You definitely did if you have checked the entire arrangement because while you have disassembled the entire shower faucet, there is no way the culprit can skip your sight.

If you have never done this dismounting before, then this is totally a bad idea to fix the problem on your own no matter how hard you have tried to follow the steps. In this case, simply ask for help from a plumber (better if Moen is authorized). We suggest so because the cartridge is one of the most sensitive parts of the shower faucet, which is hard to remove, and any wrong pressure can cause a fracture to the internal pipeline.

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