3 Handle Shower Diverter Not Working- What to Do Now?

Did you just find out that 3 handle shower diverter not working in your bathroom? The most probable reason can be a clog in the pipe or worn out diverter parts.

Well, there is nothing to worry about. It is a prettycommon issue faced by people often. So, if you are thinking about why the problem occurs and what is the solution,read out the full article. You will get all of your answers.

3 Handle Shower Diverter Not Working- Know Why

The 3 handle shower includes three faucets, one for cold water and one for hot water and the middle one includes the main power for supplying water.

Now the main power is on, but 3 handle shower diverter not working properly– what can be the reason! Let’s find it out.

Probable ReasonsSolutions
Clogging on the pipesClean the dirt or need to install new valves.
Diverter parts are worn outReplace faucet
If the diverter valve is leakedYou need to replace the new same model used before.
If the valve gets jammed by dirtClean and refit.

Now, let’s get into some of the solutions that you may do it yourself.

Solve the Clogging in the pipes

Due to dirt or broken parts inside, it gets clogged on the pipe, and thus water does not come. So, when you face the issue, take out the parts and clean the valve; your clogged will remove.

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Fix for Diverter parts worn out

It’s a common thing of tearing out diverter parts. Due to water pressure or sometimes the screw get damaged or get rust and as a result, the rubber or the screw you will find broken. So, you need to uninstall all the parts and need to replace them with the new models.

If the diverter valve leaks

Due to leaks inside, the water don’t come through the shower. So, you need to call the plumber or, if you can, then need to repair with the new pipe. However, you can’t use a different model, you have to bring the same model that was used before.

If the valve gets jammed by dirt

Sometimes you don’t need to spend money on changing faucets. Due to dust, the mainline gets jammed, and as a result, the water gets blocked and do not come.

So, all you need to do is, remove all the parts of the diverter valve and clean with tissue or paper towel and reinstall the faucets, you will see it is now working.

How Do You Fix A 3 Way Shower Diverter?

Step 1: We need to turn off the main water supply. After draining all the water out of our household plumbing, let’s direct our attention back to the diverter. In the centre, there is a Phillipe screw. Grab a Philip screwdriver and remove that screw.

And as you remove this screw, be cautious that you don’t drop it down the drain. Now pull the cap off and remove the inside parts. You need to be careful that all the parts don’t break or get lost.

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Step 2: On the second step, pull your diverter out of the exterior cover. Grab a wrench and slowly turn it counterclockwise. Now you will see a hole inside.

Step 3: In this step, you need to put a paper or towel on the hole to alleviate any drops of water going behind the actual tile and drywall. Now, after checking, remove the paper towel out of the internal valve.

Now set the site in our brand-new diverter, check that out carefully, align it properly with the internal thread and get a good feel for it; you do not want to cross-thread this. That would not be good.

Also, do not over tighten the handle. If you over tighten, you could cause internal damage to the valve,which would not be good. So, get a pretty snug hand tight.

Step 4: And then from there, we will grab our wrench and get a pretty snug but do not overtighten.

Step 5: Now, make sure that the internal flathead screw is backed out to allow us to centre this new diverter, and from here on the bottom portion, we will grab our flathead screwdriver and tighten this cover plate in place.

Step 6: After setting the cover plate, we will grab our brand new screw.

Step 7: Now, everything is step up with new models. Now turn on the main power and check the 3 way shower diverter valve. You will see it’s working pretty fine.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does a 3 function diverter valve do?

This sort of diverter valve enables you to choose between three outputs. You might use a handheld, a showerhead, or a tub faucet.

How much does it cost to replace a shower diverter valve?

An average shower mixing valve replacement costs $225-$575. A shower faucet leak may be fixed by replacing merely the shower valve cartridge, which costs $100-$350.


So far, we showed you the solution of 3 handle diverter not working. Following the steps, you will find it easy to fix the issue.

However, keep in mind- always try to call a qualified plumber to remove the clogged issue, and they will suggest where to clean and install a new model.

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