Mixet Shower Valve Hard To Turn- Try These Easy Solutions

 Damn! My eyes are filled with shampoo, and the damn Mixet shower valve hard to turn!!! The reason can be a mineral buildup inside or the seal worn out.

Yes, we know many of you can relate to this situation, especially those with a Mixet shower valve installed in the bathroom.

When a shower valve doesn’t work, your pocket and time are in danger. To make the loss less here, you will find some fast and straightforward solutions to fix the stubborn faucet to provide you with clean water for a long time.

Mixet Shower Valve Hard To Turn

A stuck faucet is the least wanted situation in a washroom for everyone. After a certain time, the valve may get stiff suddenly for various reasons. 

In this section, all the possible problems and solution has been given so that you can go for a quick fix whenever the new shower valve hard to turn.

Let’s check out the problems and solutions through this table to increase the lifespan and performance of a shower valve.

Age of the valveIf you are using your shower valve for some long years then it may need to get replaced.
Mineral buildupsBy checking the mixet shower valve diagram, you can open the parts and clean them with vinegar or a cleaning solution to get rid of the buildups. You can also use a scrub brush to brush the deposits.
Wrong CartridgeTry to use the ceramic cartridges to avoid the stiff situation
AbrasionUse lithium-based or silicon grease to loosen the parts
Worn out sealsReplace the seals

The solution to fix the shower valve hard to turn:

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In this section, we will try to describe the solution of the new shower valve hard to turn.

Age of the valve

After using the shower valve for a long time, the valve gets old and stiff. When you will get a stuck shower valve, check the age of the valve.

If it is giving you service for a long time, it is time to bid goodbye to the valve and get a new one. A branded shower valve is highly recommended.

Mineral buildups

Residue from different cleaning products and cosmetics builds up over time in the valve. Water leaks from the pipe and inner mechanism can also produce mineral buildups.

You can get rid of the residue buildups by using vinegar. You can use the vinegar inside and outside of the valve and the cartridge.

With a scrub brush, the deposits can loosened from outside and inside parts. Thus you can clean the buildups and use the valve the same as before.

Wrong cartridge

If you use the compression valve, you will face a hard turn valve more often. It is for the usage of the O-rings valve stem, which gradually becomes weak after frequent use.

Try to use the ceramic cartridge as the rubber seat makes the valve stem work smooth in any condition.


Sometimes the valve friction makes the usage hard. It is for exposure to heat and air through the nozzle. Excess exposure hardens the seats of the valve stem, which increases the friction. By this, the shower valve gets stiff, and water leakage starts to destroy the inner parts.

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So to avoid such friction, use lithium or silicon-based grease in the valve. This keeps the valve turn smooth. Plumber grease will keep the rubber working for a long time.

Worn out seals

When you find the seals are completely worn out, there is no option but to replace the seal with a new one.

One thing you have to check is to take a similar seal to match the parts of the valve, or else it will not work.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What would make a shower valve hard to turn?

Various reasons make the shower valve stiff, but the common issue is the buildups. Water mineral residue, particularly calcium, builds up and blocks the turning mechanism.

How do you lubricate a shower valve?

When you want to lubricate the valve, you have to use heatproof silicon grease to get the best result. Don’t use petroleum products like Vaseline as it tends to decay the seals and rubber O-rings over time. Apply a light coating of the silicon grease on the valve with your finger.

How do you remove a stuck Mixet cartridge?

Take a screw with different nuts and washers. Place two washers on the bottom of the left-hand threaded bolt, one nut on the outside and the other one on the top. Give pressure on the nut and washer, the stuck cartridge will get out in no time.


For frequent use, the shower valve gets stiff over time. Many reasons make Mixet shower valve hard to turn. For this, the faucet gets hard to use. If you know how to fix the problem, the sudden incident can be avoided.

You will not need any help from plumbers if you have gone through this informative guide. Make sure to follow the steps when your shower valve is not cooperating with you. Keep the right tools in your house to enjoy the plumber task.

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