How to Bypass Automatic Vent Damper

It is not very tough to bypass the automatic vent damper. All you need to do is just follow some simple procedure. You can always unwire the vent damper to bypass it, or you can totally unscrew the entire item if needed.

Moreover, an automatic vent damper does not affect the appliance or the running efficiency of the broiler. So, if the automatic vent damper is troubleshooting, you can always bypass it to keep things safe.

Moreover, the broiler can run properly without it; it’s only to save off-cycle hot air. You are here to learn how to bypass automatic vent damper, so keep reading in order to learn about the easiest way to bypass it.

How To Bypass Automatic Vent Damper

Automatic vent dampers are not necessary for broilers. It is there to save some of the heated air being wasted. But when a vent damper gets broken or starts to troubleshoot, your broiler can get bad. So, in order to keep things safe, the best choice is to bypass the vent damper.

Let’s show you 2 ways to bypass the vent damper.

Bypassing Way 1: Unwire Vent damper machine

If the vent damper goes wrong or troubleshoots, you can always unwire it. Well, it is the easiest way to bypass it, and there are no complications. But to do this, you have first to find the proper tools.

  • Wire cutters,
  • Safety Gloves,
  • Safety glasses,
  • Pipe range.
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Now, follow the below instructions:

  • Search and find the automatic vent damper.
  • Now see that the damper has a straight bar from it to the pipe.
  • Try to figure out the opening. Most of the time, the opening remains on the right-hand side.
  • Take the pipe range, hold the steel bar, and move it clockwise/ anticlockwise to open the vent.
  • When the vent is open, try to keep the range over there. Thanks to the range, it will remain in the position you will take.
  • Now, see the wirings and figure out which one came from the vent damper.
  • You will find, the wires are at the main control center.
  • Open the control center and see there are different cords. See the direction of the vent damper and find the cords over there.
  • Follow it back to the control center and see the attachment side.
  • You will find the attached area of the wire.
  • Unscrew the bolts that are holding the wire on the control board.
  • Use the wire cutter to pull the cord out from the circuit.

Your automatic vent damper will not do anything, and it will stay on hold the way it is. You don’t need a Vent damper wiring diagram as it is not that complicated. But if you have a diagram or get a chance to get a diagram, then everything will be easy for you.

Bypassing Way 2: Take off The Automatic Vent Damper

This part is another one, but it goes the same way as before. However, suppose you bypass the vent by taking off the automatic vent damper. In that case, you also have to seal the vent area as there will be a lid that can cause problems in the future.

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If you find the automatic vent damper not working, first follow the previous steps and unwire it. Now follow the steps below to take the entire thing off:

  • Now, unscrew the bolts of the automatic vent damper. You will still see the vent damper still in place as the lid is holding it.
  • See the bottom of the pipe below the vent damper.
  • There will be a bolt of the lid.
  • Unscrew the lid, so you can pull it out.
  • Now pull out the entire vent damper alongside the machine,
  • Use a sealer to seal the bottom and top of the pipe.
  • You can always weld the pipe with iron to keep the air intact. It will also keep the pressure of the broiler at the perfect level.

You can follow these steps to bypass the automatic vent damper. But don’t overdo anything as overdoing can cause accidents.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What does an automatic vent damper do?

It restricts the flow of heated air to the chimney and also reduces cold air leakage.

Is a vent damper necessary?

No, A vent Damper is not necessary. You can always keep your system simple, and it is not a must. But if you use a damper, it will be more efficient.

How do I know if my damper is open or closed?

If you put your hands on the openings of the pipe or chamber, then you can realize if it is closed or open. The time you feel a cold breeze, it means the damper is open, and if you don’t, it is closed.


If you are wondering about how to bypass automatic vent damper, we have provided all the ways you can bypass it. Moreover, there is also another option that helps you to remove the entire vent damper. So, choose what you want to do, and follow the steps.

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However, while working, try to keep your head straight as these works can be dangerous sometimes. It can cause unwanted accidents, so it is best to take suggestions from the experts in this field. Keep a fast aid box near if necessary, but the work we described here has a meagre chance of any damage.

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