How To Replace Bathtub Spout Pipe [Easy Tricks And Tips]

Bathtub spout pipe directs the water to flow out of. If accidentally or for a long time used, your bathtub spout pipe gets damaged, then you have to replace it. So, let’s know how to replace bathtub spout pipe!

You know what? Replacing the bathtub spout pipe is an effortless and easy task. And you will be happy to know the process is not expensive at all.

Our article will provide you with the process of replacing the bathtub spout pipe with some beneficial tricks and tips. These tips will help you to replace it quickly and skillfully.

How To Replace Bathtub Spout Pipe

As we already told you, the process is straightforward and inexpensive; you need to take any tension to fix it.

Here, we divide the whole process into two parts for your better understanding.

When you need to replace the bathtub spout pipe, firstly, you need to remove the old spout pipe. For this reason, we will show the steps for removing bathtub spout pipe in the first part. Then in the next part, we will discuss the replacement method.

A question can come to your mind. Are all the tools that you need to replace the spout pipe available to you or not?

Therefore we will tell you the list of tools that you need for removing and replacing the bathtub spout pipe at the beginning of the procedure.

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Necessary Tools For Replacing The Bathtub Spout Pipe

Tools used for replacing a bathtub spout pipe are mostly readily available. You can find them around you. If you do not have any tools, you can manage them from any hardware market. Here is the tool list for you.

  • Internal pipe wrench
  • Adjustable wrench


  •  Pipe wrench
  • 4-in-1 screwdriver
  • Caulk gun
  • New spout
  • Thread tape

Now, let’s come to the main topic. We will try to describe the process easier to catch the procedure quickly. And can change your bathtub spout pipe without facing any trouble.

How To Remove Bathtub Spout Pipe

Do not wait for long when you can identify your bathtub spout not working correctly or have any damage. Go to the market and purchase a new spout.

Now, you have to remove the old spout. Initially, you have to scrape the old caulk and take them off. Then remove the spout. You can use your hand for this step.

But we give you a special trick to do it perfectly. You can use a screwdriver that is accessible for you. Put it into your spout and move it anti-clockwise for one or two turns. Then you can remove it effortlessly.

After removing the spout, you need to unscrew the nipple. You can use an adjustable wrench or a pipe wrench in this step. If the nipple is tiny to hold, you can use an internal pipe wrench. Here the removal process ends.

How To Change Bathtub Spout Pipe

 You knew the nipple replacing process. But if you do not need to replace it, you have to clean it after removing the spout. Then wrap it with the thread tape. Make sure all the portions are appropriately warped.

Now take the new spout and fix it to the stub. After inserting the new spout, turn it in the clockwise direction. Tighten it

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 To tighten it correctly, use a wrench and tighten the set screw.

Now, use the caulk gun. And apply caulk so that there does not remain any gap between the wall and the spout. Wait for some time until the caulk is not fixed correctly.

That’s how you can replace your bathtub spout pipe by using these simple pieces of equipment at home.

So, when your bathtub spout pipe breaks, do not panic about how to replace broken bathtub spout pipe and why you should not be afraid! The reason already you realized after reading this article. Just follow our described techniques to replace it handily.

6 Special Tips For Replacing Bathtub Spout Pipe

We already mentioned some tricks in the procedure. And here we mainly refer to the tips so that you do not miss them. During replacing the bathtub spout pipe, keep in mind these tips. They will help to avoid any trouble at the time of working. Moreover, it will make the process easier.

  1. Use a 4-in-1 screwdriver to replace the old spout.
  2. When you remove the old spout, never use high force. Pull gently; otherwise, additional screws attaching to the wall can be discarded.
  3. Be aware while using the caulk gun; otherwise, it can harm your bathroom wall.
  4. Use the thread tape and ensure any other portion is not naked.
  5. One of the most important causes of bathtub spout pipe damage is shaving your leg to keep the leg on to the spout. So, you should avoid this.
  6. Overall, always be conscious when doing the procedure.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a universal tub spout?

Not really. There are mainly two types of tub spout. One is threaded, and the other is slipped. Besides, the size and length also will be different according to your bathtub.

Do all tub spouts unscrew?

No, There are 2 types of tub spout. And both of them are attached by a set screw. So, we can say all tub spouts do not unscrew.


Replacing the bathtub spout pipe is a prevalent thing. At any time, we may need to replace the bathtub spout pipe.

So, you should learn how to replace bathtub spout pipe, and you can apply the process when you need to change your broken or disabled bathtub spout pipe. Remember our provided tips that will be beneficial for you.

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