Are Shower Valves Interchangeable Or Not?

It’s a common question that arises in everyone’s mind are shower valves interchangeable? If yes, then how to interchange on your own. Well, sadly you can’t interchange valve shower valves. We are here to resolve all your dilemmas and explain why it’s not possible to interchange.

Shower valves are unique according to each company and made of a unique size. I have plumbing experience of years, and I like to fix my house’s plumbing issues with my own hands. Over the years I tried to interchange shower valves to cut off extra expenses. But nothing worked properly.

In this article, you will get an apparent stating reason for why it’s not possible to interchange shower valves.

Are Shower Valves Interchangeable- Know the Facts

No, shower valves are not interchangeable. You can’t fit one company shower valve to another.

Only Delta shower valves are interchangeable. And this is with their own company trim kit. So, It might not work if another company is used.

Why You Can’t Interchange Shower Valves?

Shower sets come in a single package where every necessary part is available. Every shower valve has a unique size according to different companies. So, they are not interchangeable.

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Shower valves are connected to the size of a specific shower valve kit. They are not made universal, but only the delta shower valves are universal. 

Again, shower cartridges are also not universal, so they aren’t interchangeable either. Even mixing matching shower valves doesn’t really work well.

Step By Step Replacement for Shower Valve

As you already know, shower valves aren’t interchangeable. So, you definitely need to know the steps of replacing the old shower valve with a new one. Such as:

  1. Firstly, the shower drain needs to be blocked with any cloth. It will help in keeping the screw and other equipment in place.
  2. To stop any kind of leakage turn of the water supply. You need to directly stop the water flow from the house main water supply if there is no way to stop from the bathroom.
  3. Take out the handle of the showerhead with the help of a hex. Also, using a screwdriver, remove the other parts one by one.
  4. After that, loosen up the trim plate from both sides using a screwdriver.
  5. After removing the old valve, you will see a hole, and the hole needs to be resized enough to put in the new valve.
  6. By holding the new valve’s metal end, put it through the hole.
  7. Reattach the water supply with the new shower valve.
  8. Do a leakage test by turning on the water supply of the bathroom.
  9. At last, place the trim plate and handle to the right place and secure tightly.
  10. Remove the cloth covering and other pieces of equipment before turning on the shower.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are delta shower valves interchangeable?

Delta shower valves are interchangeable but only among their own company’s trim kit. Here, the trim kit is the main part that determines function instead of shower valves. Delta is one of the most popular companies for producing different varieties of products related to showers.

Are American standard shower valves interchangeable?

Yes, American standard shower valves are interchangeable with American rough valves. But they aren’t interchangeable with other shower valves. Even old model American shower valves can be rarely found, making it harder to change when anything is broken.

Are Moen and Delta shower valves interchangeable?

No, Moen and Delta shower valves aren’t interchangeable at all. Moen is an expensive brand for shower products, and they are definitely unique. They are not interchangeable with any company, let alone Delta shower valves.

Can you replace a shower cartridge with a different brand?

Yes, you can replace a shower cartridge with a different brand. But as you have to buy the whole set, it’s logically impossible to waste it. Even keep that in mind not every kit contains the same-sized shower cartridge. Basically, rarely it can be unfit if you replace the cartridge with another brand.

Can you mix and match shower parts?

Unfortunately, you can’t mix and match shower parts. Shower parts come in a single package together. You can’t buy them in a single different part. So, you have to match the shower trim along the shower valve to set it up.


Now, we hope you won’t have to waste time thinking are shower valves interchangeable or not. We showcased enough views of how It’s not really possible to interchange shower valves of one specific company with another because of their unique size.

Read our other articles to know about plumbing solutions that can be done at home without extra hassle.

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