Can you convert a gas dryer to electric? Know the answer

The top appliance to dry your dresses following washing is a dryer. Gas dryers and electric dryers are incredibly competent for drying your dresses. Can you convert a gas dryer to electric one ? Yes, you can. You have to change the functioning parts of the gas dryer like heating component, gas combustion, and burner to convert it.

Even though switching from a gas dryer to an electric dryer is no easy task, the average homeowner can succeed. Due to the high cost of operating and equipment emitting greenhouse gases, gas dryers are losing popularity. Well, what about the people who only have one? After all, you can make the conversion.

Regardless of the fact it may sound unusual, some individuals move to residences that only have electricity. At the same time, others are merely looking for an electric dryer. We’ll go over everything you need to make sure about switching from a gas to an electric dryer in this article.

Can You Convert A Gas Dryer To Electric?

The answer is yes, of course. Many people may be relieved after seeing this answer to the question, “can you convert your gas dryer to electric? Changing the components and redesigning a gas dryer to use an electric heat assembly can turn it into an electric dryer.

These parts of the gas dryer need to be changed with an electric kit first. After that, the plug-in outlet requires altering to assist the power-up of the machine. It is cheaper to buy a brand-new electronically controlled dryer than to switch an old gas dryer to electric.

Changing the temperature and combustion mechanisms on a gas dryer and the settings menu will require switching to power. It is impossible to turn on an electric dryer by connecting it to a gas system, whereas an electric dryer has its thermal energy storage and igniting systems.

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How Hard Is It To Convert A Gas Dryer To Electric?

If you want to know whether or not you can gas dryer be converted to electric one, you first need to know how tough or convenient the process is. You can compare a gas dryer to another dryer like electric and its components, and working processes aren’t easy.

This transition will be a little more complicated and cost you a lot of money. The significant difference between them is in regulator panels or consoles. In addition, the wiring and appliances are dissimilar. The challenging portion of conversion is in the computer-regulated quantities of the electric one.

The cost of converting a gas dryer to an electric dryer may be prohibitive. That is why it may not be a possible option.

The sensors, controls, relays, and many more need to be substituted or altered. It may be very challenging. Therefore, it is tough and not even affordable to convert gas dryers to electric dryers for some reason. You can even purchase a brand-new electric dryer instead of flipping a dryer from gas to electric.

However, there are considerable consequences to switching from energy resources to electricity as well as benefits. In contrast, if you intend to use your dryers for a lengthy time and would never want to be aware of the detrimental maintenance, perhaps it is worthwhile to invest in an electric dryer.

Can You Convert A LG Gas Dryer To Electric?

Yes, A gas-to-electric dryer conversion is possible with an LG dryer. You can accomplish this by purchasing an LP starter kit from a registered spares dealer in your area. Additionally, keep in mind that a gasoline dryer was designed first from a source with a gas supply setup.

Can You Convert A Samsung Gas Dryer To Electric?

Generally, it is not possible to transfer a Samsung gas to an electric dryer. If the dryer manufacturing company utilizes many of the same components in both gas and electric dryers, you may be able to obtain enough components to execute the switch. Even if you were to buy a more expensive electric dryer, it would cost you more money in the long run.

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The Major Differences Between Gas Dryers And Electric Dryers

Finding out whether or not the answer to the question- can you turn a gas dryer to electric is essential to recognize and appreciate their differences. The entire mechanism is dissimilar for both gas dryers and electric dryers. Propane and all the other natural gas dryers utilize a gas burner that generates heat.

Besides this, they function similarly to electric dryers. A significant difference is the energy use that every kind of dryer needs. Running costs of a gas dryer will generally be about 50 percent less compared to an electric dryer. Besides, installation requirements differ between these 2 kinds of appliances.

The final thing that differs between gas dryers and electric dryers is their buying prices. Gas dryers are often more expensive than their electric counterparts in terms of purchase cost. When purchasing a new dryer, it is critical to understand what sort of connection you will require. Electric dryers require power, while gas dryers hook to a pipeline.

There are merits and demerits to each form of connection and certain similarities between them. Electric dryers expense less down payment than gas dryers, but operating costs can be more remarkable since they utilize power instead of gas, which is more expensive than gas.

It’s reasonable that those who wish to save cash on their monthly payments would choose electricity over gas. If you do not want to see your power go out at any time, probably, picking a power source isn’t the most outstanding choice for you.

When weighing your options and determining which dryer is more effective, consider factors such as the air temperature that your dryer can create, the humidity inside when the dryer operates, and the amount of air flowing through your clothes. Since they use a lot of energy, an energy-saving dryer would not be the worst one to save energy as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is A Gas Dryer Better Than Electric?

Drying your clothing with a gas dryer takes significantly less time than with an electric dryer. As a result of their higher operating temperatures, gas dryers are more efficient than electric models. It is also inexpensive to run a gas dryer than an electric dryer, making it more affordable. A gas dryer is more energy-efficient compared to an electric dryer, and it performs better. Gas dryers, on the other hand, are typically more expensive than electric dryers.

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Is It Cheaper To Have A Gas Or Electric Dryer?

Using gas to dry a relatively similar amount of items is less expensive than using electricity. Electric dryers are nearly significantly more costly than gas dryers for drying textiles. On the other hand, gas dryers are often more expensive to purchase than electric dryers.


If you’re still wondering whether can you convert a gas dryer to electric one? Maybe this article has answered your query. It is capable of converting a gas-powered dryer to an electric-powered dryer. But you need to alter several parts and connections for a reason. This is an extensive process and requires skill as well.

The working procedures of both gas dryers and electric dryers are different. So, they need extensive alteration for the conversion. However, we have discussed everything you need to know about converting a gas dryer to electric dryer to make your journey easy.

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