[Experts Answer] Where To Install Check Valve On Water Pump?

Where to install check valve on water pump? A check valve can be installed behind the water pump or in front of the pump.

A check valve on a water pump is mainly used to ensure a one-way flow of water inside the pump. This device is one of the most mandatory things in the water supply system. Now, if you don’t have any idea on the installation position and direction, take a complete tour of this one.

Where To Install Check Valve On Water Pump

check valve

As you know, this check valve or reflux valve cannot function appropriately when it is installed in the wrong place. Further, this mistake can lead to valve leakage.

However, there are mainly 3 types of check valves. And these are-

  • Swing check valve
  • Butterfly check valve
  • Lift check valve

So, you can install these valves either on the front or back of the pump. Besides, there are various opinions about the pump check valves installation location. Some suggest installing it below the water supply’s drawdown level.

Although it is suggested to install the valve within 25 ft of the discharged line. In the case of deep wells, there should be check valves installed within every 200 feet of the area.

Installation Position Of Check Valve

When the check valve is installed in front of the pump where the vertical suction pipe ends, it generates -ve pressure. This means when the water level is much lower than the pump, you can apply this method.

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Then again, if the installation position of check valve is behind the pump, it prevents the backflow of liquid when the water layer is higher than the sump pump.

However, the check valves can be inducted both vertically and horizontally. Mainly the piping runs with the water flowing upward.

Tips: Place the check valves in between the gate valve and the water pump. So when the unexpected driver failure occurs, it will protect the pump by preventing reverse flow.

Check Valve Too Close To The Pump

You need to install a check valve too close to the pump when it comes to the submersible pump. It helps to minimize the amount of fluid flowing backward in every pumping cycle. This method is also useful for easy replacement or servicing purposes.

Installing check valves too close to the floor will reduce the water pressure on the section above the pump. So when you shut down your water pump, the water can’t go back to the well because of this.

Issues Of Misplacing The Check Valves

If the check valve is not installed correctly, events like water hammer, upthrust, or backspin can occur. Water hammer can cause damage to the pump or break the joints. When the pump is off, water flow contains kinetic energy, leading to damage.The upthrust condition in the motor can lead to pump tile or motor failure.

Similarly, the backspin causes huge damage to the water pump as well. The water pump and the motor thrust or shaft break occur when the water drains back in the reverse direction.


Be careful about the location of check valve installation.

  •  Vertical piping runs will not work for all types of check valves.
  • Keep the check valve away from tees, elbows, or other valves that may cause turbulence. Keep it for at least 3 to 5 pipe diameters away.
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Steps To Install Check Valve

After you have learned where the check valve should be installed, let’s take a look at how to install them step by step-

  • Before buying the check valve, check the size you need for your pump first.
  • Then check the inside and the edges of the check valve.
  • Select a place where you will install it. ( we have already mentioned where to place)
  • Then install the check valve on the discharge pipeline.
  • Now finally run the pump and test the check valve.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Where should a check valve be installed?

A check valve can be installed behind the water pump or in front of the pump.
Besides, there are various opinions about the pump check valves installation location. Some suggest installing below the water supply’s drawdown level, though it is suggested to install the valve within 25 ft of the discharged line.

Can swing check valves be mounted vertically?

Yes, swing check valves can be mounted vertically. Never install a swing check valve upside down. Follow the instructions pointed with a flow arrow in the check valve. To keep it closed with the help of gravity, be sure the hinge is situated at the top.

Should check valves be installed vertically or horizontally?

You can install it both horizontally and vertically. But the main thing is you should do it in the manner which the manufacturer agency approves. Otherwise, horizontal orientation is mostly preferred in the case of check valves.

Final Words

So that was all about the where and why you should install check valves for the water pump. Hopefully, you have got your answer to where to install check valve on water pump. As it is one of the most important tasks while installing, you need to be very careful about the placement.

You can do it yourself by merely emerging the instructions in the manual. But if you can’t, just call a professional or a  plumber and ask for help.

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