[Read Now] We Found 6 Reasons Why Drain Bladder Not Working?

Why drain bladder not working? Due to this, your toilet might start overflowing. The bladder can be faulty or stuck inside. Talking about it itself is cringy, but we are here to teach you how to deal with this issue.

A drain bladder is a special type of tool that you use to get rid of your house’s clogged pipes and drains.

Let’s have a dive inside the different problems related to the malfunction of the drain bladder. Additionally, we will provide solutions so that you can fix it instantly whenever you come across this problem.

Why Drain Bladder Not Working?

Drain Bladder

You usually hook up a drain bladder for the toilet to a water hose and stick it down to clean outside your house.

When you turn the water on, the bladder expands first, stretches against the sides of the pipe. And the hole at the end of the pipe scores waters out by creating pressure and pushes the clog through. So suppose the drain bladder stops working? What are you gonna do?

Let’s talk about the possible reasons for drain bladder failure and the solutions to get rid of this.

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Drain bladder burstAvoid applying higher pressure
Incompatible size compared to the pipe.Measure the size of your clogged pipe before purchasing
Faulty drain bladderReplacement
Drain bladder stuck in pipeConnect a hose
Drain bladder not expandingAvoid using hot water
ChemicalsAvoid using with chemicals

Drain bladder burst

This usually happens due to excessive water pressure. Hydro pressure is needed, but higher pressure might lead to the burst and cause injury to the pipe as well as the bladder. A general thumbnail is to apply less than 80psi.

Incompatible size compared to the pipe

Often you do not check the size of the pipe and end up purchasing a small drain bladder. As a result, it doesn’t fit the pipe appropriately. Moreover, if you fit it somehow using your strength, the flow is not adequate enough and fails to work. So you should know the size of both the drain bladder and your pipe.

Faulty drain bladder

Suppose you apply pressure less than 80psi with the proper size drain king bladder corresponding to the size of the pipe, and yet it fails to work.

In that case, that means your drain bladder itself is faulty or defective. So, the solution is to replace it with a new one and try.

Drain bladder stuck in pipe

The drain bladder gets stuck in the pipe and hinders adequate flow. If you are facing such a situation:

  • Connect a hose to the hose bib and attach your drain bladder to it.
  • With maximum pressure, the hose lets you push the drain bladder all the way to the end of the drain.
  • Once it reaches the bottom of the drain and the bladder exerts complete pressure, the drain gets clear and good.
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Drain bladder not expanding

When you apply hot water to the drain that too with extremely high pressure, it does not expand. If the drainpipe fails to expand, you wouldn’t be able to get the drain bladder all through the pipe. Moreover, the pipe has a rough surface that adds to this problem.

So you must avoid using hot water and applying high pressure. Be easy with the bladder to clean up your clogged pipe.

Using with Chemicals

Avoid using the drain bladder if you use chemicals to clean up the clogged pipe. Because when the drain bladder comes in contact with the residual chemicals, it might malfunction.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This part will cover the most frequently asked questions concerning the malfunctioning of the drain bladder. Many users come up with these questions, so we thought of sharing those here.

How long does it take for a drain bladder to work?

Do not worry about its runtime. A drain bladder can work as long as your drain becomes clean. Once you fill up the bladder with water and apply high pressure, it opens up the other end and lets water unclog the pipe. However, the process barely takes 6 to 10 minutes.

How do I get my bladder drain unstuck?

Unstuck your drain bladder by connecting a hose to it. Exert maximum pressure on it until it drives water pressure clears the drain completely.


We hope all your confusion about the drain bladder not working is sorted out in this article. These are the most common problems concerning drain bladder. These problems don’t just happen randomly, but you should at least look for any abnormality in your drain. Inspect it after every six months.

If you still come up with unknown issues regarding your drain, consider calling a plumber. Unfortunately, a plumber may not be easily available at your place. In such cases, you might look for the reasons yourself and apply the solutions that we mentioned above.

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