Instructions For Fluidmaster Activate Actuator Troubleshooting!

Are you feeling sad as the motion sensor of the toilet isn’t able to detect when you put your hand near the device? Or perhaps it is damaged or need replacement and so not acting at all.

Working on infrared technology, most toilets activate actuators help to flush or drain the waste easily. And when this part doesn’t work or has a problem, you will never be able to flush unless you take troubleshooting steps.

In the online community platforms, a lot of folks are desperately asking for the fluidmaster activate actuator troubleshooting to fix their issues without spending a penny. Although not all methods are effective, so it is hard to tell which one would work for a certain error.

And, if you are one of those, then this could be the right place. We have found 2 major problems that fix battery-operated toilet flush sensor not working error so that you can solve it by yourself.

Explaining Fluidmaster Activate Actuator Troubleshooting – Causes, & Solutions!

Having an issue with the fluidmaster activate actuator is common and happens due to the damaged batteries or the part itself needing replacement. To solve the hassle, it is wise to change the parts and insert a new one in the right way.

Reasons for Fluidmaster Activate Actuator ProblemSimple Fixes to Take
Lifeless or dead batteries Change the batteries
Faulty activate actuator Replace the bad activate actuator

All fluidmaster touchless flush requires a motion sensor or activate actuator that helps to detect the movement of a person’s hand to drain the waste.

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Most of the time it will beam up to 2-3 times in quick flashes when you place your hand on the device.

The error of fluidmaster activate actuator usually happens due to the battery issue or perhaps the unit has some issue. Identifying whether it needs troubleshooting or not can be defined if you know the pre-signs. And, these are:

  • Actuator blinking but not working
  • Actuator not working or blinking

Now, let’s get straight to their solutions to fix at ease!

Solution-1: Faulty Batteries Might Causing Activate Actuator Problems.

How to tell whether the problem is the dead batteries? Well, if the activated actuator starts to blink in fast flashes 5 times, then it simply tells you to change the batteries ASAP. After checking that, let’s get to work:

  • Start by turning off the shut-off valve.
  • Flush the toilet to ensure an empty tank.
  • Disconnect the battery cable from the battery (located to the left side). Be sure to take out the locking collar.
  • Then, take out the dead batteries. Insert new ones.
  • Attach the locking collar back to its place. Next, connect the battery cable.
  • Turn on the shut-off valve and fill the water (wait for 5 – 10 minutes).
  • Test it out. And you are done.

Tip: Try to use recommended batteries by reading the manual that suits the toilet. Most of them use 4 or 3 AAA batteries. Plus, don’t take more than 3 minutes to replace the batteries so that the Flush Control Module can code rightly to synchronize with each other.

Solution-2: Replace the Fluidmaster Activate Actuator to Fix Trouble

If nothing works even after changing the batteries, then it needs a simple replacement. You just have to gather some tools like nose pliers, gloves, and other stuff to easily do the given steps.

  1. Turn off the shut-off valve and flush your toilet.
  2. Take out the battery cable on both terminals. Be sure to wear safety gloves before doing that.
  3. Remove the locking collar from the hose by twisting it out. And then, take out the hose from the backside of the actuator.
  4. Unmount the battery unit.
  5. Detach the nut and shim from the tank wall by turning them to the left-side motion.
  6. Use your hand to take out the facing tip. Disconnect the actuator by pulling it from the other side of the tank wall.
  7. Next, insert the new one. Mount the facing tip attaching the nut and shim by moving them to right-side motion.
  8. Attach the battery unit. And then, fix the hose and locking collar.
  9. Insert the battery cable in the battery terminals.
  10. Open the shut-off valve. Fill the tank with water. After that, check if it solves the hassle or not.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a toilet actuator?

In most battery-operated toilets, the actuator is the main part that senses the movement of the hand to flush without touching. And, this motion sensor toilet flusher works like magic to simply work.

How does Activate toilet work?

The Activate toilet usually works if you wave your hand near to the sensor or actuator to activate. This way it operates to flush at ease. However, it has to be close to 2 inches to ensure a successful start.
And, the toilet has a power button that lets you turn off the activate actuator to prevent needless indications when cleaning or doing something else.

Are touchless toilets good?

The touchless toilets are great for their responsive activate actuator and convenience options. And, it focuses on modern hygiene to benefit any users to flush the toilet waste without even touching any part. Due to the motion sensor, it makes life easier to use the bathroom.

Final Thoughts

The fluidmaster activate actuator troubleshooting methods didn’t work out for your toilet? Hope that’s not the case after reading this guide!

The battery-operated toilets that have a Hand Sensor Module might run when you place the hand in 2 – 5 inches near the activated actuator.  

But, sometimes due to the inner error or maybe damages, the fluidmaster activate actuator doesn’t work rightly. We tried hard to give you an easy toilet repair so that the issue never occurs again with your activate actuator.

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Hope this guide helped you to give information and details about the easy repairs of the toilet actuator. And, if these methods don’t solve your toilet motion sensor, then be sure to get help from an expert plumber. Now, It’s Time To Go. We’ll Be Back Soon, Goodbye For Now!

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