Who Makes Delex Faucet? How Do You Recognize It?

Are you confused about getting the answer, who makes delex faucet? Well, the straight and simple answer is Delta.

However, to expand your ideas about how to replace or the eligibility of interchanging any faucet cartridge, check out the entire article.

Read the whole story to find out your queries related to the Delex faucets. So do not skip getting your desired ideas. You will know how you can remove the faucet if you need to change it or how you can recognize any brand’s name of the faucets.

So let’s begin!

Who Makes Delex Faucet?

Delta made the Delex faucet approximately in the 70s. It’s been a long year to provide plumbing services.  Moreover, the thing is that Delta took an edition to their manufacturer.  Delta delex faucets are mainly the two forms of faucets. One is two handled lines, and one is one handled line.

However, Delta was the one-handled faucet; on the other hand, Delex was for two-handled faucets. So, the delta delex tub faucet is basically the same, except for the difference. Moreover, let’s see, if anyone wants to know the brand name of their faucet, then what to do.

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How To Recognize The Brand Name

If you buy a faucet but do not know which brand it is, then follow the navigation.

  • You can check out the logo. As every manufacturer has its own logo, so it will recognize the product.
  • The other hint is to look for a model number. Check out the model number and search it online on the manufacturer’s renowned website. It will help you know more.
  • However, if you don’t find any logo or model number on the body of the faucet,  then start counting the number of splines on its broach.

Another task to do is to measure the length of the stem. You see, some manufacturing firm such as American Standard and Price Pfister keep their sign in their own faucets. For example, the taps of the two manufacturers contain a four-point square broach. So this is an identity to recognize a faucet brand.

However, that is how you can see the brand name of your faucet. Now, it’s time to learn how you will do if you need to change or replace the delex faucet.

How To Change Or Replace The Delex Faucet

Generally, Delex Faucet Cartridge isn’t replaceable. It is quite tough to match and place a replacement.  But if you really need to replace it, you need to know the parts number, and then by it, you can match another one. Then order one from the manufacturer’s website or local shop, wherever you find it.

However, you can choose any part manually yourself if you have known it before. Then you can replace it by turning off all the plumbings around the causets. Then change to a new one.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know what brand my bathroom faucet is?

It is pretty much simple to know what brand your bathroom faucet is. Have a look at the manufacturer’s logo because it will recognize the brand as every manufacturer has a specific logo. Furthermore, you can see the model number to get the brand name.

Are faucet cartridges interchangeable?

Basically, you can’t change the faucet cartridges. In this case, if you want to replace any faucet, know the parts number and look for it on the manufacturer’s website, or you can search it by manual. Then order it by checking the number online or from the shop.

How do you remove a Delta faucet assembly cap?

Well, when you want to remove a Delta faucet assembly cap, what you need to do is, put a screwdriver in the groove. Oh, the screwdriver should be a flat blade screwdriver. Then twist the cap and try to break it. But if the cap doesn’t break, try to cut the groove. Bravo! Then the faucet assembly cap will unscrew.


Well, to sum up, the entire story, you may get the answer of who makes delex faucet. Basically, the Delta is the Delex faucet. Delex faucets contain two hot, and cool water line handles, but the Delta was designed to have a handle.

However, delta delex is the two forms of a renowned brand named Delta. So, we can hope that you will realize now what they are and how to use them.

No matter how old the manufacturer is, but the use of a Delex faucet is a must. So, good luck with your plumbing experiences.

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