Standard Laundry Sink Stub Out Height – Too Low or Too High?

What is the ideal height for a laundry sink stub out? The height of the laundry sink rough-in should be 36 inches above the floor.

Here, you will find why you should maintain this height? And what is the exact height required for your laundry sink stub out? And What will happen If you don’t plan for proper stub out height?

Laundry Sink Stub Out Height Measurement

When installing a laundry sink, you should pay attention to two specific details. These are the drain height and the stub out height. The lack of attention to these can lead to cracked or uneven flooring or other severe damage.

The Laundry Room Sink Rough-in

A laundry room sink should have the drain sitting 16 inches above the floor.

The height of your laundry room sink is essential because you don’t want water to splash out of the sink every time you turn on a faucet.

You also want people filling their laundry baskets with clothes to be able to lift the basket up and over the lip of the sink without having to struggle with reaching down too low.

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The Laundry Sink Stub Out Rough-in

To prevent water damage and structural problems, you should plan your plumbing rough-in so that the stub out is 36 inches above the floor. This will ensure that all water drains appropriately.

This height will be different if you install a pedestal laundry sink or a wall mount laundry sink. In the case of a pedestal laundry sink, you should plan for a 36-inch rough-in when designing your plumbing layout. If you install a wall mount laundry sink, the rough-in should be 30 inches to allow enough room for all connections to drain correctly.

What Happens if You Don’t Plan for Proper Stub-Out height?

Plumbing installed with a stub out that is too short will lead to water damage and the need to repair or replace damaged flooring. In addition, if you do not have a laundry sink, this could cause poor drainage from your washer drain hose. If it is done improperly, it can also cause a low spot on the floor and cause water to pool.

Laying tile over the top of grout lines while not planning for proper stub-out height will cause the grout lines to crack and break, and uneven flooring without drain height can lead to significant gaps in your flooring or even cracks along the grout lines.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How high should a laundry sink drain be?

It is determined by the sink you choose. Some are on legs, and others are wall-mounted. It is typically 16″ to 18″ from the floor to the center of the pipe.

How far should a stub out extend through a finished wall?

Stub-outs that protrude through exterior walls should be at least 1/2″ from the wall’s surface, with an insulation barrier between the wall and wire.


In replacing or moving a laundry-room sink, the height of the stub out for the drain is crucial. When moving a laundry sink to another location, you must have it high enough to drain the water properly.

The laundry sink drain also needs to be lower than the back-splash for septic reasons. If the drain is not lower, use a floor flange with water connections below it. To figure out what type of elbow or tee you will need, you must know the height of your new washing machine and whether the hoses are kink-resistant. A plumber can also help you find the correct drain parts.

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