[Explained] American Standard Champion 4 Toilet Problems+ Ideal Solution!

Getting ready for using your bathroom with much peace till now, but suddenly the American Standard Champion 4 toilet problems occur and you have no clue how to fix them. Basically, it happens when you have used it for up to 5 – 6 years.

Sometimes due to interior faults or damages, you can face terrible problems while using it. Now, you must be thinking about how to solve the errors?

Based on the issued, the process of fixation might be different. And so, we have thought of giving a detailed guide including major issues and their solutions with the Champion 4 that most people suffer during usage. Let’s Drive Into That!

How To Fix American Standard Champion 4 Toilet Problems?

Have no idea what to do when the Champion 4 toilet has faults like ghost flush, running issues, and broken washers or bolts. To fix these, you have to change the damaged pasts. Take a look at the procedure.

Reasons for American Standard Champion 4 ProblemsSimple Solutions to Try
Broken or damaged gasketReplace that inside the piston
Higher or lower speed of flushChange the fill or flush valve
Cracked washers or boltsInsert new washers and bolts

Does your toilet have ghost flushes for more than 20 hours? Or, perhaps it is running weirdly by flowing water at high speed? Maybe the leakage is the reason why your toilet won’t flush or run water correctly.

According to Twimbow,

It uses only 1.6 GPF (gallons of water per flush), qualifying it for a water-saving toilet.

Whatever is your reason, it would be better to identify the problem before you do anything. According to EPA, most toilets will flush by using up to 30% of your home water per day. Now, branded models like American Standard Champion 4 will use the same amount.

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And if it is problematic or has errors inside parts, then the toilet will spend a lot of water. So, this is where you need champion 4 toilet troubleshooting. Read down below to solve the error based on your problem.

How To Remove Old Gasket & Install New Gasket On Champion 4 Toilet

Step-1: Close the shut-off valve (on the lower left side of the toilet)

Step-2: Flush the toilet to clear water from the tank.

Step-3: Take out the tank cover. Clean the tank if it is dirty.

Step-4: Detach the chain and clevis pin from the fill lever.  

Step-5: Slowly lift the chain in order to reach the piston assembly.

Step-6: Get rid of the thumbscrew cap and piston top cover. Be sure to move the screws in a counter-clockwise position.

Step-7: Take out the piston cover (in the bottom) using your finger.

Step-8: Pull out the rubberized gasket inside the piston. Take a paper towel or tissue to clean the inside of the piston seat. Make sure there is no mildew or build-up left.

Step-9: Insert the new gasket on the piston top cover. To do that, try to align the 4 tabs of it on the upper and bottom side of the piston cover.

Step-10: Place the thumbscrew cap by turning it in a clockwise position. Insert the chain, clevis pin, and other parts to their place. Once everything is done attaching, including the lid of the toilet tank, turn on the water supply.

Step-11: Wait for 5 to7 minutes to fill the tank. Then, flush the toilet to see its speed.

Tip: Be sure to listen to the “click” noise 2 times when turning the thumbscrew cap clockwise. That way you can ensure ideal tightness to avoid ghost flush again.

How To Fix a Running American Standard Champion 4 Toilet?

  1. Start by turning off the shut-off valve.
  2. Open the lid of the toilet tank. Then, use nose pliers to take out the trip lever and clevis pin.
  3. Remove the rod of the trip lever. Next, take out the flapper from the tank.
  4. Locate and detach the flush valve. Inspect parts to locate any error.
  5. Then, insert the new flush valve and old flapper back to their place. Be sure to tighten the chain gently.
  6. Next, attach the rod, trip lever, and clevis pin. Close the cover of the toilet tank.
  7. Lastly, open the shut-off valve. Wait for 15 minutes. Then, test whether running happens on the toilet or not. If yes, then change the flapper seal.
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Repair American Standard Champion 4 Toilet Tank Bolts Leaking

Repair American Standard Champion 4 Toilet

Just like American Standard Cadet 3 problems, the Champion 4 also has leaking errors but in the bolts or washers. It would be great if you inspected the bolts and washers to take steps. If yes, then follow the steps:

  • Take out the lid of the tank. And detach the tank by taking out the fill valve and other parts. While doing that, you’ll find nuts and bolts. If you see any defects, then replace them.
  • Next, locate the washers that are attached in between the tank and bowl. If the washers are damaged, then change these with a new one.
  • Then, put every part back to its place. Afterward, turn on the water supply and see if a leak happens or not.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the American Standard Champion 4 a good toilet?

Based on most users, agree the Champion 4 toilet be one of the finest options that have both good and bad sides. It is easy to clean the waste and doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. And, the price is logical.

But you may need to use a mild solution or cleaner on the surface of the Champion 4 toilet bowl to avoid damages. And, it is a bit heavy and needs 2 people to hold it comfortably.

How long do American Standard toilets last?

Even if they have only 5 to 10 years of warranty assurance, the American Standard toilets are made to last for up to 50 years. Furthermore, it can last even longer if taking proper maintenance and care.

Final Thoughts

The given methods didn’t solve your American Standard Champion 4 toilet problems? Hope that’s not the case. Basically, the toilet is made with a smooth finish that sometimes causes an issue if the inside parts are broken and need replacement.

Most of the time during installation, improper fixing or misalignment are the reasons why the damage happens to the parts of the Champion 4 toilet. Try to clean the toilet tanks once a week using vinegar and baking soda (1 cup) so that it stays good shape for years.

We hope this guide didn’t let you down to solve the hassle you are facing with the Champion 4 toilet. And, if our guide didn’t fix your problems, get help from a pro plumber.

Good Bye!

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