Top 3 Reasons Behind Neptune Water Meter Problems

Neptune has revolutionized water meters and has a reputation for its accurate results. But even the best sometimes might troubleshoot. Their probability of having Neptune meter problems is rare. Still, even if you are experiencing this problem, our experts got your back. Neptune water meter problems commonly occur if the meter has an air valve or meter counter or leakage.

Understanding Neptune’s water meter malfunction depends on investing and observing its condition. It is crucial to diagnose the actual problem initially, or incorrect problem repair might call upon an accident. Read the guide below to identify the meter problem and its solution in depth.

3 Reasons Behind Neptune Water Meter Problems

Inaccurate resultRepair through
LeakageCheck building plumbing system to repair
Air valve malfunctionFixing internal plumbing pipes or valve

Problem 1: Inaccurate Result

Inaccurate meter problems are pretty tricky to find because the monthly usage of water is not the same. If you see a Neptune water meter with no display mode always on, then be sure that the inaccuracy leads to this.

Firstly, check your meter every month when the utility worker checks and notes down the number. If the water meter is in good condition, then you’ll not find much difference in numbers.

However, if the meter is down, then you’ll see significant number differences. Also, read the last number of your bill and current meter reading, and if both are the same, then the Neptune meter is faulty.

Note down the meter number in the morning and at night if you only stay at home for a quick measurement. Suppose the number changes, then the Neptune water meter not working correctly. Sometimes inaccuracy can indicate meter leak.

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Also, if there’s no water pressure yet, the number keeps increasing; that is a complete inaccuracy issue. Neptune meter tends to go on a no display mode if the water pressure reading is ninety or above, indicating potential danger.

Then again, different users have complained about increasing meter numbers despite 50 psi below water pressure. That is a straight-accuracy issue.


We highly discourage DIYs when it comes to water meters. It is a risky job, and professional utility trainers can handle it smoothly. For an increasing or different number issue, it is wise to contact a professional.

Still, for pressure problems, you can adjust the drainage system. For example, you can install a blockage pipe to help the Neptune meter stay in place for excessive pressure.

Problem 2: Leakage Issue

Again, to find Neptune water meter issues, the best solution is to monitor and observe. In case of leak detection, turn off every water system in your building. That also includes lawn garden hose pipe, washing machines, and dishwashers. Then read your Neptune meter flow indicator to read the flow indication.

Even after turning off every source, your meter shows small movements meaning the ticker moving in clicks. There’s a plumbing leak in the building.

Neptune has a combination of ticker and number reading which makes it more advanced than regular meters. So, even if you can’t read the ticker, then note down the numbers.

Besides, the new Neptune SEER analysis works great for leak problems, especially the neptune e coder water meter problems. Technically, the meter doesn’t leak; instead, your plumbing system does.

Check out the meter between your lawn and home if it’s summer and if you detect a wet grass space. In case you do, then it’s the closest pipe having a water leak. Even a leak can happen in a crawlspace within the plumbing pipe. But if the leak occurs from the slab, it is probably concrete that is causing the leak.

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In case of a building plumbing leak, the simple answer is to repair the faulty pipes. But if it’s under a concrete slab, then replacement is a more suitable option than repair.

It is because the air under can temper the pipe quality due to oxygen deprivation. But even after checking, if you don’t find any leak in the house, contact Neptune customer service. If the problem occurs within the warranty, they offer free repair.

Problem 3: Air Valve Malfunction

Finally, another common reason why Neptune water meter faulty appearance occurs is air valve malfunction. It means the number shown on the meter is for water and air.

Mostly, this happens for plumbing leaks and also poor water quality, and excessive pressure. So, you are paying for both water and air pressure.

We tried out a faulty Neptune meter and filled up a 1.5-gallon bucket. We changed the air valve as a test. We immediately saw the meter tuned down numbers to 60%, meaning the 1.5 gallons is actually 1.1 gallons.

Water flow turbulence can affect the air valve severely. The sheer technology of Neptune now has brought new updates to fight turbulence. The air valve task is to stop letting air inside the Neptune meter, and malfunction of the valve also indicated future plumbing or drainage problems and even internal pipe damage.


We advise you to change the air valve in the meter immediately after identifying the problem. If you are handy with a water meter, then you can do it yourself.

Still, we highly recommend contacting customer service if you are new. If still, the problem doesn’t solve, then check your drainage system and get the plumber.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Fix My Neptune Water Meter?

In case if the air valve is not working, then simply install a new one. But we highly recommend taking a professional’s help or contacting Neptune customer service.

Is It Possible for A Water Meter to Malfunction?

Yes, and just like any other regular device, it can cause problems. If your building has plumbing and drainage problems and your meter is old, then there’s a high possibility of malfunction.


Neptune is a big name in the water meter world. Fortunately, Neptune’s advanced technology has made it easy to detect any kind of Neptune water meter problems.

However, the indicator tends to show leaks, and meter readers can easily see it. In case of a leak, we advise replacing the leaking pipe immediately. If you find that your Neptune meter has different problems than mentioned above, we advise you to contact Neptune customer service.

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