Par 30 Vs Par 38- What Is For You

You don’t need to be an electrical engineer to know the differences between these two types of bulbs. Par 38 has a bit larger diameter than 30, along with a few differences. However, both bulbs are most common among users in several circumstances.

Considering some factors, we will get into the nitty-gritty of par 30 vs par 38. Both types of bulbs create a spotlight effect. With the help of this discussion, you will be able to choose the right sort of bulb for indoors, outdoors, or anywhere else.

Par 30 Vs Par 38

FactorsPar 30Par 38
Design & Outer LookTwo types of design regarding neck sizeA round-shaped bulb with different colors as well
Differences in Lightning BeamBroader beam angle with deep light intensityAn impressive beam angle reflecting the light
PriceAffordable price compared to other quality bulbsA bit higher than par 30 bulbs
UsabilityUsable in many conditionsUsed mostly in commercial and residential downlights
Sizes & DimensionIt comes with a suitable diameter size.The diameter size is a bit larger than Par 30
CoverageCover the directional area where spotlights are needed.Covers a comparatively wider area than par 30

It might have started to sound decent if you had kept a close eye on the above column. Among many factors, these are the top comparisons that you should notice.

Don’t feel so confused seeing br light bulbs in the market. Though BR and PAR may seem a bit similar, some districts have differences. Whatever, let’s beep up the above factors that we have presented straightforwardly in the column.

Design & Outer Look

The design of any product always plays a leading role. Never mind what kind of product you buy; you must look at the design. For example, if we talk about Par bulbs, every bulb comes with an attractive design. The design drives someone’s attention and has a massive role in the bulbs’ performance.

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Plenty of materials is often used to make par bulbs. This material includes inert gas, glass, aluminum, different metals, etc. Par refers to a Parabolic Aluminised Reflector. Par bulbs either have glass or plastic sealed.

If you compare par glass to any other glass, par bulbs have a premium look.

The outer look doesn’t have many differences if we discuss par 30 and par 38 separately. Par 30 is available in two neck lengths: short and long. Both the bulbs have halogen and LED versions, with some differences in design.

As most of the PAR bulbs are often used in theatres and public places, the manufacturer emphasizes the design. Therefore, you can get different colors of par 30 and par 38 bulbs. You will find lead wire brazing in par 38 bulbs.

Differences In Lighting Beams

Switching on your bulb, you might be wondering what attraction is coming from the perfect light intensity with great reflection. The light beam is another crucial factor that you should keep an eye on.

Every light bulb has a beam angle, and there are ways to calculate this. The lighting beam angle shows the intensity of the bulbs. You may want your bulb’s light to reflect on something. Besides, the area where the lights will be spread is another consideration.

Par 30 bulbs will provide a wider beam of light. For this, they suit spotlighting and floodlighting. However, you don’t have to stop here—the lighting beam angles depend on the neck size of the bulbs. You can get a 40-to-120-degree lighting beam on Par 30 bulbs. The most common beam angle is called “Narrow Flood,” which generates a 60-70 degree beam.

On the other hand, Par 38 also produces an excellent light beam. It depends totally on your choice. As Par 38 has a bigger diameter than Par 30, it has a comparatively wider beam. The angle description facts remain almost the same as with Par 30 in this case.


When we start talking about usability, you’ll get a clear picture of par 38 vs par 30. According to customer reviews and world standards, there is no issue with the quality of these bulbs. However, the usability of the usage may vary.

You can undoubtedly use Par 30 indoors and outdoors, as shown in our comparison column. However, par 30 is mainly used in track lighting and recesses. If you need vigorous light intensity for a particular object, you can also use the Par 30 with high light resolution. Thus, these Par bulbs are most common for directional nature spots.

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We prefer you to use a short-neck bulb indoors and a long-neck bulb outdoors.

The usability of Par 38 is not less than that of Par 30. At that time, people used Par 38 bulbs for outdoor floodlight illumination. Anyone can use these bulbs for indoor setups as well.

Most people use Par 38 for safety and general floodlights as well.

Because it has a very long reach for a larger diameter, Par 38 is better suited for outdoor fixtures. Therefore, most of the lighting applications are suitable for Par 38. Besides, they have higher wattage options.

Par 30 Vs Par 38 Sizes & Dimensions

Par 30 has a dimension of 3.75 inches, and, on the other hand, Par 38 has a diameter of 4.74 inches. Remember one thing, that diameter is not a base size. The calculation of the present diameter is easy to do. When you talk about Par 30 values, make 30×1.8=3.75.

The same calculation is for 38 values. But the question is, what does “diameter” really mean?

Well, the light bulb size is determined by the diameter. So, here, we can say that Par 38’s size is bigger than that of Par ’30s. These two types of par lighting sizes are the most common as far as par light bulbs are concerned. There is a slight difference in the shapes of these bulbs.

We should mention the watts as well, as it is one of the key factors. For Par 38, 75W of incandescent is available, and 65W of incandescent is for Par 38, and the difference is quite natural here.


Par 30 has an extremely high light intensity, so it is used as spot and track lighting. Generally, par 38 covers a wider area than par 30. But, there won’t be any major issues as both the bulbs perform better in their zones.

Besides, because par 38 has a powerful wattage incandescent, it is more likely that par 38 bulbs‘ light will spread and cover a wider area.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many watts is a PAR38 bulb?

Par 38 has 3-watt types. These are incandescent 65W, CFL 22W, and LED 9 watts. You can pick one according to your requires for better and suitable performance.

What is a PAR-30 bulb?

The Parabolic Aluminised Reflector 30 is a light bulb with a 3.75-inch diameter. These varieties of bulbs are used for recessed lighting fixtures with incredible intensity. 30 is the bulb value.

What are PAR lights used for?

A par light is a special sort of bulb used when a narrow beam of light or deep intensity is needed. You can’t use these to replace your traditional bulbs. Don’t do so. You can have halogen and LED versions depending on your use and choice.

What is a PAR38 light bulb?

Par 38 is quite a similar bulb type to Par 30, with some differences. The diameter on Par 38 is more significant than on Par 30. Par 38 bulbs were used in many theatres at the time. Nowadays, these bulbs are used in headlights, downlights, etc.

After reading the mentioned FAQs, we hope you now get the point regarding par 30 vs par 38.

Which Bulb is for You?

It’s time to decide after a long discussion as we have. We suggest you not make any bogus choices as you have to keep some crucial aspects in your mind.

The main factor is where you want your Par bulbs to be set up. You may have got a clear point about what types of bulbs are suitable for what kinds of places.

Besides, if you are wondering about your money, you can use a cheaper one as long as there is no significant performance gap. We hope we provide you with the information that you badly need about par 30 Vs par 38.

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