How to Pick the Right Pump for Washing Machine in Basement- A to Z Guide

Basements with washing machines definitely need a pump attached to raise the dirty water from the ground level. You will require a booster pump if you wish to install a washing machine in the basement below the ground level.

Pumps in the washing machine are not very powerful in pumping the water. Thus, the pump for washing machine in basement should be a booster pump. If you want to know more about this, then read the detailed guide below.

Installing Washing Machine Drain Pump

Several tips and tricks you can follow before installing the best pump for washing machine in basement. Before setting up the washing machine drain pump, ensure to unplug the power cord and turn off the water valves. Wearing gloves while working is a useful tip to follow. Another important tip is to wipe off water spills if there are any.

While working, you may spread cardboard or rags in front of the washing machine to prevent any scratches. The next is to remove the old drain pump. If you follow some simple steps and tips for opening the bolts, this can be a breeze. Install the new drain pump and secure it with a clamp. Restore the water by turning on the water supply valves.

The washing machine drain pump is installable in the basement. But if the drains are on the ground floor, then you need to install a special kind of pump or the booster pump to set up the washing machine. Then, it is possible to set up the washing machine in the basement.

Top 7 Pump for Washing Machine in Basement

There are several basement washing machine pump. For your ease, we have listed the top 7 for you.

1. Superior Pump Store Utility Pump – Compact Design for Perfect Fit 

The sump pump has a weight of close to 6 lbs. It may transfer several gallons of water, typically around 2000 g of water in every hour. This ensures that there is no flooding in your basement. 

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This sump pump is composed of thermoplastic. It is a small and sturdy device that prevents flood with a replaceable suction screen. The sump pump also has a unique power cord attached to it. Its flexible discharge adapter may be used alongside a special kind of hose.

Overall, its small and sturdy design makes it great for any kind of basement area. Moreover, this pump ensures compact fit which is a bonus. 

2. Zoeller M53 Mighty-Mate Sump Pump- Water Level Rise Prevention

Zoeller’s unique sump pump features motor parts made from cast iron. This can resist a wide range of situations while protecting your property from increasing flood damages. The sump pump has a built-in switch that turns on the pump automatically when the water level rises. 

Speaking of the capacity, it can release around 40 g of water in every minute, the credit goes to its automated design. The equipment also has a long power cord along with it. To conclude, this is one of the bests if not the best pump for washing machine in basement. 

3. Wayne Upgraded Sump Pump: Great Battery Life

The Wayne Upgraded Sump Pump has a special kind of backup battery that can pump up to several g of water at the same time. Thus, it’s suitable for big 16-inch sump basins. The pump features a strong and durable cast-iron frame that protects the 12-horsepower motor.

Besides that, it also includes another battery additionally, keeping your property protected from flooding and destruction in the event of a power outage. The Wayne Upgraded Sump Pump has an adaptable design with high-quality construction, making it the best basement washing machine pump.

4. Superior Pump Cast Iron Sump Pump: Great Value for Money

The Superior Pump has a typical connector that allows homeowners to turn on the pump either automatically or manually. It discharges around 2800 g of water every hour. Along with that, it equips a 13-horsepower motor protected within a cast-iron body. This ensures that the pump is safe inside the sump pit. 

The pump’s strong engine allows it to transport to great heights. In addition, the sump pump comes with a screen filter which has an easy cleaning option. All of these make this sump pump one of the unique ones out there. 

5. Zoeller Aquanot 508- Best Backup Life

Do you think you need to get your hands on a sump pump that requires no assembly at all? If so, then getting the Zoller 508 isn’t going to be a bad idea! Here, you’ll find an efficient battery backup as well, designed to save the basement from unexpected water damage.

To maximize your functionality, it includes valves, piping, light indicator, float switches, and more importantly, an effective “alarm system.”

6. Liberty Pump 257- Unique Magnetic Technology

Liberty Pump 257 is the company’s most popular choice. The pump is sturdy enough for any basement or septic tank. It features a magnetic kind of switch and cast-iron motor. The pump also works with different types of backup pumps. 

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Interestingly, it gets unique “sump pump alarms” to indicate any problems of flooding. This one right here is able to pump around 50 gallons of water every minute. Speaking of the flow rate, this is around 3000 gallons every hour. 

7. WAYNE WWB WaterBUG- Easy Installation

The Wayne WaterBUG may be used as a sump pump or in open spaces because it has a top and side outlet. You’ll be happy to know that it has a sealed thermoplastic and corrosion-resistant brass construction to maximize longevity. 

This pump may be utilized in deep basements, around the house, and in small ponds, why? Because it has a maximum head height of 30 feet. This pump has a maximum flow rate of 1257 GPH. Its easy installation is what makes it so exceptional. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Basement Washing Machine Pump

There are several vital factors that you should consider before buying a basement washing machine pump.

This list compiles the washing machine drain pump specifications that you need to know.

1. Switch

When the water in the sump reaches at a specific level, all 3 types of switches — tethered float, vertical float, and electronic — immediately turn on the pump. So, make sure to check the switches well.

2. Torque

1/4 HP, 1/3 HP, 1/2 HP, 3/4 HP, and 1 HP are all common motor sizes. What you actually want to know is how many gallons of water it can pump each hour and at what height.

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Consider upgrading to a more powerful pump if your current one does not operate properly. Similarly, if your basement ceiling is extra-high, along with the depth of your sump, you’ll want one that can lift the water up the tall discharge pipe. The gallon-per-hour (GPH) capacity of the pump should be found on the product packaging and instructions.

3. Construction

One of the most important washing machine drain pump specifications is its construction.

The majority of pumps are made of cast iron or plastic. The more expensive ones have a stainless-steel construction. Since a sump encloses a submersible pump, it receives the necessary protection.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you pump a basement washer?

You may easily pump a basement washer by using a sewage ejector. The sewage ejector is going to get rid of any clogs, thus making it easy for you to pump your basement washer.

Can a sump pump be used for washing machine?

It is important to note that a washing machine should not be used to drain into a sump pump. If a washing machine drains into the pump, it will wash dirty water into your pump. This will eventually lead to soil pollution as well. This is because the dirty water from the washing machine will contaminate the soil. So, a submersible sump pump is effective here to use for washing machines.

Why is water coming up from basement drain?

It may come from the basement drain if the water backs up from the municipality’s supply of water. At the same time, a clogged drain pipe deteriorated drain pipes, etc., these things may lead to water coming up from the basement drain.

How much does it cost to replace a washing machine drain pump?

A washing machine pump replacement needs professional attention. On average, it may take a few hundred dollars to replace the washing machine drain pipe. It may cost around $400-$500.

Why Washing Machine Drain Pump isn’t Draining?

The most probable reason is a clogged filter. and this is why the Beko washing machine drain pump does not drain. This filter should be cleaned every 3 months. Even other brands such as the lg washing machine drain pump get clogged at times. This is why they need to be cleaned.

Hisense washing machine drain pump may not drain sometimes. In that case, disconnect the power hose, clean it and then attach it again. Like the Beko and Hisense drain pumps, the Samsung washing machine drain pump also sometimes gets clogged. If this happens, salt and hot water may work to release the clogs in the pipes.

Final Words

In conclusion, a pump for washing machine in basement keeps the basement dry and even prevents flooding. We have selected the top pumps for washing machines, which will be efficient and less costly.

Many of our top picks can pump several gallons of water at a single charge, which means that they are cost-efficient too. We hope that this detailed guide can help you in choosing the best pump for your washing machine.

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