What States Allow Air Admittance Valves? Complete Guide!

An air admittance valve allows proper ventilation to occur at the site of a plumbing fixture. It doesn’t need a connection to larger vent systems at all. The best part is that these inexpensive devices work without costing you a fortune. They also reduce the number of plumbing that is required in the roofs. But the question that arises is, what states allow air admittance valves?

To know more about this, reading this post will be needed from head to toe. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

A Brief Discussion on Air Admittance Valves

Air admittance valves are special one-way valves activated by negative pressure. You can find them mainly in attics to prevent any roof protrusions. If these air admittance valves were not present, the toilet sinks or flushes would be very noisy.

Since most households follow proper air admittance valve code, these air admittance valves prove to be useful. When they’re opened, the air is allowed to enter into the plumbing system.

The air admittance valve was first developed in Sweden in the early 1970s. The first debut was in the United States in 1986. These valves have been placed in millions of homes, resulting in savings for the people. An air admittance valve lowers drainage expense as well. The plumbing fixture doesn’t need a separate vent line.

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As a result, you get massive cost savings due to these air admittance valves. Furthermore, the removal of several roof vent outlets provides aesthetic benefits.

What States Allow Air Admittance Valves?

Several states allow air admittance valves. These states include Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington, Virginia, and Vermont.

There are, however, some rules and regulations for installing air admittance valve California. The air admittance valve code may change with different states.

Some of these codes are effective statewide, whereas other codes come with limitations. Air admittance valve Minnesota code is what has been adopted by the local government.

Air Admittance Valve Code

There is a certain air admittance valve code you need to follow. This code also dictates the location where air admittance valves shall be fitted. They should be fixated 4 inches from the horizontal branch. Besides, locating at a minimum of 6 inches from the flood level will be required.

According to the IPC or International Plumbing Code practices, there are certain installation specifications for air admittance valve California. Following these codes of practice, it will relieve positive pressure.

The seal of AAV must be above a safe distance over the drain or the pipe where it is fitted. If wastewater gets into the AAV, then it may stop functioning correctly due to a blockage.

The AAV doesn’t need to extend over the flood level rim of the fixture it serves. At zero or positive pressure, the valve is meant to shut and seal automatically.

Air Admittance Valve Minnesota Code

According to the rules and regulations of Minnesota, air admittance valves are still not allowed out there. The air admittance valve Minnesota code, mechanical valves can’t be used in Minnesota. This is because the law doesn’t permit it.

Although they’re pretty much cheap and work easily, they didn’t get the allowance in Minnesota according to the rules and codes of practice.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are AAV allowed in New York state?

Air admittance valves are allowed in the homes of New York state provided that they comply with the air admittance valve code. If the building has 3 levels or it is less in height, then you can fit AAV easily.

Are air admittance valves allowed in Texas?

Yes, with the approval of the building commission of Texas. If it is a branch-type or individual air admittance valve, air admittance valve can be fitted in accordance with the rule.

Are AAV allowed in Massachusetts?

AAVs are not actually permitted in Massachusetts, but they can be approved with special permission obtained from the Board. Individual vents as well as different kinds of vents such as stack vents, are permitted in Massachusetts if there is special permission from the Board.

Are air admittance valves legal in Michigan?

According to Section P3114 of the IPC, Michigan allows air admittance valves. This is only allowed if it complies with the code of compliance.

Are air admittance valves legal in Florida?

Air admittance valves are not legal in some states, including Florida. It is not permitted in some states of the US and mostly not in places like Florida.

Are air admittance valves legal in California?

According to air admittance valve code California, the AAVs are not illegal in places like California, Section 911. According to the California plumbing code, it is allowed.

Are air admittance valves legal in Pennsylvania?

According to the residential code 2009 of Pennsylvania, air admittance valves are permitted to be used there. They may be used in branch vents and circuit vents in Pennsylvania too.

Where can air admittance valves be used?

AAVs may be used in pipe fixtures and vents. But they don’t eliminate the requirement for a separate kind of vent either. You can use them in stack vents or horizontal pipe fixtures.


AAVs are the saviors of the plumbing system as they allow to reduce the materials required for the ventilation of the pipe. Although they don’t have permission to use in many states, air admittance valves are still one of the unique advancements for the plumbing system. 

And guess what? This takes us to the question of what states allow air admittance valves. Hopefully, the above article will be insightful to answer that question.

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