How to Turn on Shower: Steps for 3 Types of Showers

Moved to a new house and found out that the showers are not quite working the way you thought they would be? Here, we have a complete guide of how to turn on shower of three different categories, each with three different tutorials.

For ease of understanding, we have discussed the necessary accessories of the tub showers and their installation across the content. Also, we have clustered all the possible sequences required to turn on and off each shower type.

So, find the one that is in your house and read it thoroughly. Without wasting time, let’s dive in and take your shower zone back to comfort.

How to Turn on Shower: A Complete Guide

The shower manufacturers like Delta and Kohler have introduced their market with varieties of products. The tub showers are categorized into three different categories according to their knobs, such as a single knob, double knob, and triple knob.

In this part, we will have an elaborated discussion on how to turn on different types of showers available in the market based on the number of existing knobs. We have made a complete series of guidelines in this article just for you. So, don’t miss a part because we hate to see our readers leaving disappointed.

Parts of Tub Shower Everyone Should Know

We have a list of the accessories you will need to know available in your tub showers. This list is meant for a better understanding of further topics and tutorials in this article. The parts are

  1. Showerhead
  2. Shower arm
  3. Shower arm flange
  4. Handle (lever)
  5. Valve body
  6. Escutcheon
  7. Tub spout
  8. Diverter (pull tab)
  9. Overflow cover

What Do The Shower Knobs Do

If you are wondering how to turn on shower without handle, then let us first inform you that the tub showers these days don’t come with a specific handle to turn on and of directly. To help you out, here are the knobs.

The shower knobs are basically to control the water temperature before it reaches the outlet. Once the knobs are on, it might take a few seconds to reach the desired temperature.

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Sometimes, when multiple knobs are also used to change the valve direction on simply work as the diverter. With the latest models, the extra knobs are removed and have been added with an additional tab to divert the direction of water flow where the knob performs only the temperature controlling. Keep reading for further details of these knobs.

Type 1: How to Turn on Shower with 3 Knobs

The showers with three knobs are one of the oldest types that are still in use around the world. In this category, each of the three knobs performs three different tasks. They are as bellow,

Knob 1Turns on the flow of cold water through the cold water pipe
Knob 2Turns on the flow of water through the heating chamber to the warm water pipe
Knob 3Diverts the direction of water flows from the tub outlet to the showerhead

In this type, you will need to manually control the water temperature by checking the outlet temperature. To turn on the water, do as follows,

  • Turn on the cold water knob.
  • Turn on the hot water knob slowly.
  • Check the temperature and then regulate the hot water knob again if required.
  • Turn the third knob to divert the water direction to the showerhead.

N.B.: for this type of shower, the cold water knob is mandatory to turn on at first because there are a number of cases of hot water burning due to ignoring the first step. Besides, never turn on the hot water knob completely. Be steady and slow to have a safe bath.

Type 2- How to Turn on A Shower with Two Knobs

This model came right in between the three knobs and a single knob. So you might yet see it in use quite often. The function is almost the same as the three-knob shower. So, where did the diverter go?

Well, you will not really need an additional diverter in this type of shower as they are replaced with a small tab of puller right into the tub spout (at the top or the bottom). The first two knobs serve a similar purpose as the three-knob, which are turning on the cold and hot water flow, respectively.

To turn on a double knob shower,

  • Turn on the cold water knob.
  • Turn on the hot water knob.
  • Wait for the temperature to adjust.
  • Pull out the tab on the top of the outlet (in case of the shower with pull tab).
  • Pull out the tab downward under the outlet (basically looks like a ring under the outlet of showers without pull tab).

N.B: Now, the risk of this category is the same as the three-knob shower as well. Users claimed burning struggles from time to time. So, be careful while adjusting the water temperature.

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Type 3- How to Work A Shower with One Knob

Now this one is the latest and the most popular one installed almost in every newly constructed house.  The single knob controls the flow of hot and cold water by turning it either left or right. Like the two-knob shower, it doesn’t require any diverter knob to change the water directly to the showerhead. So the flow direction changing is also conducted by a pull tab (or pull ring) in this shower as well.

Now, if you have got one of this type, then here is how to turn on shower knob for a single knob shower.

  • Turn on the knob (the blue mark indicates cold and the red mark the hot water supply).
  • Wait for the water temperature to adjust.
  • Pull out the pull tab to start the showerhead (for shower with pull tab).
  • Pull out the pull ring under the tub spout (for shower without pull tab).

The good thing is, these single knob showers have overcome the previous demerits of the double knob and triple knob showers. There are almost no cases of burning among the single knob shower users as the water temperature is easily controlled inside the water pipes. Where the cold water comes straight to the outlet and the hot water waits in the heater to heat up and then get mixed.

How to Turn on Shower Head

In the three different types of shower working tutorials above, you have already come to know that the tub shower heads don’t turn on like any simple showerhead or hand shower. So at this point, we can categorize the showerhead opening into three categories too,

  1. Knob: in the three-knob showers, the third knob turns on the showerhead, which we call the diverter knob.
  2. Pull tab: in the showerswith the pull tab, the showerhead starts by pulling the pull tab out at the top of the shower tub spout.
  3. Pull ring: the showers without pull tabs have a pull ring right at the outlet, under the tub spout, which is needed to pull out to start the showerhead.

How to Turn on Shower Kohler

The Kohler has introduced one of the intelligent showers to the world by converting the operating process completely automated. You will only need to know how to use the monitor and set the temperature and pressure. Then the water pressure and temperature are automatically maintained the entire shower time. Also, the shower heads have flow varying patterns that can be changed by turning the knob at the spout.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to turn on shower valve?

The opening of shower valves are directly connected to the knobs. The water flow is regulated by turning on the knobs, and the direction is changed by turning the diverter knob or the pull tab of the tub spout.

How to turn on shower diverter?

In the case of the three-knob showers, the third one works as the water flow direction diverter. In the double and single knob, the pull tab on the tub spout is the diverter. The ring-shaped puller under the tub spout helps turn the diverter in the showers without pulling tabs.

How to turn on shower delta?

The Delta thermostatic shower is designed to maintain a +/- 3 degree Fahrenheit only by turning on a single knob. The diverting job is done by the pull tab or pull ring.

How to turn on a shower with no pull tab?

try to focus under the tub spout outlet, and you will find a ring-type puller. Pull it downward, and the water flow will be diverted to the showerhead.

Final Words

Up to this far, we have gone through different types of showers, their knob types, how to turn them on, what purposes they specifically serve, how to turn on the shower without handle and with handle, etc. The purpose of discussing these topics in such a detailed manner is to make things equally clear for every single type of how to turn on shower tutorial.

Although the topic seems quite simple to read, you will hardly be able to sort out the opening process if you don’t know the difference among the types of these showers available in the market. Therefore, under every topic, we have specified the differences before starting the process. So, find your one and get started.

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