Can You Use A Jet Pump Without A Pressure Tank?

Though only a jet pump is enough for a smooth water supply, you may want to cut the cost of the pressure tank. But the fact is, can you use a jet pump without a pressure tank? You can utilize the water pump without a pressure tank. Certainly, you will have some disadvantages as well.

In this article, you will unearth the answer, and also, you can find out the advantages of using a pressure tank and the disadvantages of running a well pump without a pressure tank.  

Can You Use A Jet Pump Without A Pressure Tank?

A jet pump is a non-submersible water pump that is typically inaugurated with a pressure tank. If you already have made up your mind to install a jet pump in the house, you need to invest both in the pump and pressure tank.

Most house owners who get water supply from a well install a jet pump and a pressure tank. However, if you don’t like to add a pressure tank, you may wonder, will the jet pump work without a pressure tank? Before knowing the answer, let’s take an overview of these two components.

  1. Jet Pump: jet pump is a self-priming pump, and there are no moving parts. It works by pulling the water on the top and creating a fast jet of any liquid. It drives the fluid from the inlet side to the diffuser to recover the driving pressure. There are two or more inlets in the jet pump to extract a consistent flow of fluid. The inlet pressure and velocity together create the way to flow out the storage tank.
  1. Pressure Tank: a pressure tank is designed as a bladder-type storage vessel. It holds the water under pressure. It controls the pump switch so that each on and off-cycle doesn’t trip so often. The pressure tank provides a more consistent flow rate.
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Now you are aware of the working process of the jet pump, and it indicates the jet pump can produce water supply individually. So we can tell, you can use the jet pump without a pressure tank. Still, there is a question about why you need a pressure tank. Scan below to know the answer.

Why Does Jet Pump Need A Pressure Tank?

Jet pumps and pressure tanks are often used together to maintain a continuous water flow. After turning on the jet pump, it fills the pressure tank with water until it reaches the pump’s preset pressure.

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When the pressure tank fills the jet pump shuts off. The jet pump starts again when the pressure drops below the pump’s cut-in lines. Due to the whole process, you can maintain the water pressure in the water lines. 

The Benefits Of Using A Pressure Tank

When you turn on the tap, the excess water flows which are kept by the accumulated storage in the pressure tank. Until you have used the stored water, the jet pump won’t turn on. In this way, the pressure tank soothes your jet pump. It controls pump cycling and hammering.

In addition, a pressure tank helps to increase the lifespan of the jet pump, saves energy, and offers a smoother and quieter operation.  

What If You Use The Jet Pump Without A Pressure Tank?

The biggest disadvantage is premature pump failure. If there is no pressure tank, there will be no control over the pump cycle. It leads to the high frequency of the pump turning on and off. As a result, the pump builds up excessive heat and increases the usage of energy.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does a jet pump work?

A jet pump comes with multiple impellers and diffusers with an ejector. The pump pulls out the water from the well through an inlet pipe using the pressure of moving fluid. Jet pumps are usually used for residential purposes.

Do you need a pressure tank for a jet pump?

A pressure tank controls the pump switch until the storage water has been used. It stops the frequent running of the jet pump. Thus, it prolongs the pump lifespan, saves energy, and ensures a quiet operation.

Can I use a pressure pump without a tank?

A pressure pump can be used without a pressure tank. But you can not properly maintain the use of the pressure pump. As a result, the pump can get premature failure.

Final Verdict

As you are confused in deciding can you use a jet pump without a pressure tank, now you have a clear overview of this operation. You can use the jet tank without a pressure tank, but there is a high chance of pump damage. Pressure tanks offer lots of benefits.

So, if you want to maintain the healthy condition of your jet pump, then you have to install a pressure tank.

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