Crown Boiler Troubleshooting- Why is my Crown Boiler Malfunctioning?

If you are reading this article, you are definitely looking for a detailed discussion about crown boiler troubleshooting, which includes the solutions to ignition problems, starting problems, or noise issues. And knowing about them can save you from a bigger blunder.

The Crown boiler is mostly used for household reasons and always gives efficient performance.

But like all other machines, abnormalities can be found in your crown boiler. Malfunctions like power issues, steam system not firing up, blockage, etc. can be seen.

But no worries. We will solve these issues with your crown boiler from experts’ analysis and suggestions. So, let’s stick to the end and troubleshoot with eagerness.

Crown Boiler Troubleshooting Guide

Here is a short list of crown boiler problems, their symptoms, and their short solutions. The procedures of these fixations will be discussed elaborately later on.

No firing or ignition on the burning chamberAfter switching the fuel for burning, steam is not producingRemoval of blockage from the gas exit line
The boiler is making an unusual sound when workingTerrible shaking of the chamber, producing harsh noiseChecking the gas pressure on the boiler along with the gas meter.
The boiler is not giving adequate heat or steamLow conservation of fuel, the lesser temperature of the water and steamExamine the gas fitting of the boiler, if clogged, clear that clogging.
The boiler is not turning on at allWhen you turn your crown boiler on by pressing the switch, it does not give any feedback.Check the power supply of the boiler. Internal issues may also be reasonable for it.

No firing in the burning chamber

When looking for crown boiler problem solutions, you may have experienced firing issues on your crown boiler.

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In a crown boiler, the fuel is burnt to produce heat and steam. In this chemical reaction, many harmful gases like carbon-di-oxide, carbon monoxide, etc. are produced that lessen the firing. And these are also harmful tothe human body.

So, how to fix a crown boiler when there is no firing in the chamber? You have got the main point. Check the gas exit line of the boiler. Certainly, a blockage is present there for which there is no combustion of the fuel.

Clear the blockage from the gas exit tube properly. Make adequate passage of air through the boiler and then in the presence of enough oxygen, a high combustion rate will occur. 

After that, if the boiler is not firing fully, you can try by pressing the crown boiler reset button. Then start the boiler again by turning it on. It will work properly.

Unusual sound from the boiler

Sometimes you may hear harsh noises from the boiler with mild shaking. But what is the reason behind this? You know that a boiler works with high gas pressure.  When there is less pressure of gas in the furnace, it may produce such types of sounds.

Check the gas pressure in your furnace. Sometimes the gas meter may be reasonable for this. Increase the gas pressure in the boiler.

You can also try crown boiler troubleshooting codes. There are several troubleshooting codes of a crown boiler. However, you can find these codes in the manual book.

Here some necessary codes are given

CodeSymptomsMost probable reasons
b08The pressure switch circuit is openClogging at vent system, blockage in the condensation trap above the intake system.    
b18MCBA supply sensor detected temperatures above 200° FThe control system in the furnace may be miswired for some reason.

The boiler is not giving adequate heat or steam

When the boiler you are using in your house for several years but not giving adequate heat or steam, the problem may lie in the fuel.

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During the winter season, the fuels generally get clogged, and for this reason, the combustion rate decreases significantly. Again, internal disconnection of the combustion chamber and faulty gas fitting is also reasonable for this problem.

Check the gas fitting of your furnace and if there remains any clogging or blockage, clear it properly. Then start the boiler again and wait for a while.

If the problem remains, then change the fuel. Condensed fuel will not produce sufficient heat and steam. As a result,it can not produce any type of energy.

This is all about the crown hot water boiler troubleshooting when the output heat is low.

Why My Boiler is Not Turning On?

If your crown boiler not turning on, first check the power supply zone for the furnace. When you turn the furnace on, notice whether the indicator light is lit. If it is not lit, then recheck the power supply connection.

Apart from this, systematic errors may also be reasonable for this issue. Internal problems like leakage, loose connection, etc. often happen in this machine. When the leakage is found, then fix this. It will solve this issue too.

You will find a more manageable solution from the crown boiler fault codes. The fault codes are designed in sequential order, which costs less time to fix. Here is the table of some fault codes given in the table below.

Fault codesDetailsSolution
18Internal electronic failuresCycle the power and replace it
23Before the pilot valve is opened, the flame was sensedChange the defective gas valve

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Following those fault codes, troubleshooting codes, and necessary steps, you can expect to know the steps for crown boiler troubleshooting.

But it’s better to consult a technician before fixing any issue. Otherwise, there will be the possibility of damaging the machine, which will not bear any profit for you.

If you face any further issues with your crown boiler, don’t forget to share. Stay updated with our website.

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