Can I Use Plumbers Putty On Granite Composite Sink? Get the Answer

Can I use plumbers putty on the granite composite sink? In general, yes, you can use it! Well, a plumber’s putty is made for sealing any plumber, and it seems supposed to work on granite composite sinks. Let’s see how effective use it is on granite composites and whether is it really usable or not.

However, this context will show you how you can use a plumber’s putty on your granite composite sink and what will be its alternative to get the best outcome.

Moreover, you will know, can you use the plumber’s putty on plastic, if you can’t, then what will you have to do instead of it? So, please read the entire article to get a clear idea about it.

Can I Use Plumbers Putty On Granite Composite Sink

Well, as we know, plumbers putty is a sealing component to adjust any plumbers and seal the leakage. But when you want to use it on granite composite sinks, you think, can you use plumbers putty on composite granite sinks? This is a common phenomenon to be confused about whether a plumber’s putty is usable in the granite sink.

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However, you can use plumbers putty on granite composite sinks only when you have installed the sink, and it gets a leak. Then you can use it to seal the leak. But except that you can’t use it for installation purposes. It won’t work so far.

However, if you can’t use plumbers putty on granite composite sink, what should you use there to get a watertight installation?

Well, In that case, you can use silicone sealant to get an excellent result on it. It will give you a smooth finish and a stainless look among the joints. 

When Can You Use  Plumbers Putty On Granite?

Since we are not encouraging you to use the plumbers putty on the granite sink because it needs a heavier tightening, which a plumbers putty can’t offer, however, you can use it only to seal any leak.

Moreover, using silicone to install a granite sink will be efficient. It is more capable of holding weighted things like granite composite sinks.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you seal a granite composite sink?

Very often, a professional likes to use silicone to seal the granite composite sink. Generally, natural granite surfaces do not need to seal, but a composite granite surface does. However, before sealing any sink, wipe off the area and let it get dry. Then install the sink and seal it precisely.

What happens if you use plumbers putty on granite?

As plumbers putty contains oil, this one seems prohibited by experts to use natural stone granite. Some manufacturers claim that the plumber’s putty is designed to use granite or any other stone, but the professionals do not agree to use that. Instead of using plumbers putty, they like to use silicone sealant.

Can I use silicone sealant instead of plumbers putty?

Obviously, you can use it. In fact, you will love to use a silicone sealant instead of plumbers putty. Although silicone and the plumbers putty are the most usable sealant in our construction journey, comparatively, silicone works better. It can hold anything tightly, whether a plumber putty can’t. So, it will be wise if you use silicone sealant.

Is plumbers putty safe for plastic?

Generally, plumbers putty is used for setting faucets, pop-up drains, and sink basket strainers, etc. As it is a soft compound that creates a watertight seal by filling in the gaps, we can use it to stop the seep of water in any gadget. But we can’t use it for plastic anymore. It won’t work well.  


To sum up the entire story, can I use plumbers putty on granite composite sink you may have got your answer that when you use plumbers putty for your granite composite sink and what to use for a good result.

However, we will suggest using silicone sealant instead of plumbers putty; it will give you a tightening joint for the long run. Except for getting cracked, silicone won’t be separated from the sink. And there is a low risk of getting a leak on the silicone sealant.

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