Little Giant Vs Barracuda Sump Pump

The main difference between Little Giant and Barracuda is that little giant pumps are submersible effluent pumps and Barracuda pumps are thermoplastic utility pumps. Effluent pumps usually pump sewage liquid from septic tanks. At the same time, utility pumps drain out the wastes from residences.

Though they both are used for removing waste, there are still some differences. In this detailed guide, we will share all the information about the little giant vs barracuda sump pump. And after reading this guide, you will be able to identify which sump pump you need.

Little Giant Vs Barracuda Sump Pump

FactorsLittle GiantBarracuda
Construction MaterialsCast-iron or stainless-steel materialsCast-bronze and epoxy-coated cast-iron with stainless-steel, alloys and different types of plastics
Motor PerformanceMotor can pass tiniest solids through the plumbing pipesPowerful motor which can handle high-capacity tasks
Flow RateHighest flow rate is 46 gallons per minuteHighest flow rate is 69 gallons per minute
LongevityApproximately about 10 yearsApproximately about 7 to 10 years
PricingPrice range from $120 up to $899Price range varies from $119 up to $560

Construction Materials

Little giant pumps are made of cast iron or stainless steel. It has no thermoplastic in it. If we look into details, we can see that the outfit is encased in a protective component that allows it to function correctly. But, as the case is not thermos-resistant, it cannot prevent the engine from overheating.

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Moreover, this brand’s pumps do not allow any water to come in contact with the components of the motor. But, these pumps are durable enough, and the structure is not destructive. It can clean water from the garden more quickly, and it is more professional.

On the other side,the Barracuda brand has a high-quality cast-bronze and epoxy-coated cast-iron construction, including an impeller made of corrosion-resistant thermoplastic. It also has stainless steel, which can efficiently prevent leaking.

This brand’s sump pumps are very energy-efficient compared to other brands. These also include double O-ring seals which do not corrode. The exterior is painted in black with epoxy resin which ensures that it will be rust-free for a long time.

Motor Performance

According to the manufacturer’s guide, Barracuda sump pumps have a split capacitor motor. For this reason, the motor remains excellent for an extended period.

If we look at Barracuda 3/4 HP sump pump reviews, we can see that the motor is potent and can handle any capacity tasks.

The little giant pump has various ranges of motor capacity. The pump has a 1/3 HP motor and can do the job even in harsh circumstances. In addition, 1½ HP motor can pass through small solids without getting clogged.

The engine of the Barracuda is thermally protected from overheating. The Barracuda 1 HP sump pump will be an excellent choice for residential applications. It will not shorten the lifespan due to overuse.

Flow Rate

If we compare the flow rate of the Little giant vs Barracuda sewage pump, the latter one has more flow rate than the former one. The flow rate of Little giant pumps is 46 gallons per minute, whereas Barracuda pumps flow rate is 69 gallons per minute.

Barracuda pumps can work faster than the Little giant pumps. We can definitely choose Barracuda pumps if we want a maximum flow rate.

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Longevity refers to the fact of how long the machine can serve without any major issues. Life expectancy of the pump usually depends on many different factors.

Some of the factors include quality, how often the pump has to run, and the electrical supply provided to the pump.

Little giant pumps life expectancy is approximately about 10 years. For Barracuda sump pumps, the longevity is about 7 to 10 years. But if we can manage to use it sincerely, longevity would increase.


Price ranges vary for different models. Moreover, it depends on many aspects such as motor power, flow rate, how long it can run, etc.

Before buying, we have to keep it in mind that we have to buy a sump pump that will work great for any situation.

Usually, the price range of a little giant sump pump varies from $120 up to $899. For a Barracuda sump pump, the pricing starts from $119 to $560.

Whether it is a Little giant or Barracuda pump, starting range is almost the same but Barracuda pumps are comparatively cheap.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Barracuda pumps good?

The features of Barracuda sewage pumps include high-quality components and are designed for sewage purposes. The Barracuda ¾ HP sewage pumps are strongly built, excellent in performance, and reliable.
The HP motor has thermal built-in, which allows5400 gallons per hour performance. The best part is it is CSA certified. Also, the Barracuda sump pump Lifetime warranty is available.

Where are Little Giant pumps manufactured?

The Little Giant Pump Company started its journey in Oklahoma on March 8 in 1940. These pumps were initiated for manufacturing vaporization and evaporation of water. Mainly for using the water in evaporative cooling and humidifying installations.

What is the little giant sump pump life expectancy?

The little giant sump pump life expectancy is almost ten years.


Up until now, we have covered all the possible factors of Little giant pumps and Barracuda pumps. We have shown the differences between these two brands.

If you are looking for a sump pump that works best for commercial purposes, then you can choose the Little giant brand.

But, if you are looking for residential purposes, you can definitely choose the Barracuda brand. To sum up, if you want suggestions, we can recommend that Barracuda pumps would be the best sump pump for basement.

Barracuda would be the best choice for the highest flow rates to more budget-friendly pumps.

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