Will PEX Crimp Rings Work on Polybutylene Or Ruining Your Fittings?

Will PEX Crimp rings work with polybutylene? Yes. It works on some unique transition coupling. But, you have to know the condition and system to use the PEX crimp rings on the polybutylene.

When we talk about the fittings, they are easy to identify. To know the eligibility of those fittings, you have to remember them by the collar color. Specific fittings work well on PEX or polybutylene.

In this article, you will know to identify those fittings which can work on polybutylene. The detailed characteristics of these fittings are also described here. So, let’s explore the explanation of the PEX crimp rings for polybutylene.

Will PEX Crimp Rings Work on Polybutylene?

In the United States, polybutylene pipes are standard in domestic water lines. When there are some issues, we need to change some fittings. That’s when e search for the eligibility of PEX fittings and rings to fit on the polybutylene pipelines.

Though most of the PEX fitting has the same outside size as a nominal setting, all the PEX crimping rings cannot match the outer diameter of the polybutylene. Most of them differ by tubing type. So, you should not use all kinds of PEX fittings for polybutylene.

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The PEX crimp rings are pretty different too. So, you have to use a transition coupling of both the brass barbed PEX and polybutylene. Then both of them will work perfectly fine.

How to Use PEX fittings on Polybutylene Pipe?

First, you have to identify the PEX fittings by checking the color of the fitting collar. However, you can also use SharkBite fittings with gray-colored collar for the polybutylene pipeline.

Oh, if you want can give a read to the complete battle of Pex Crimp vs Sharkbite with more detailis.

Well, you can also use these fittings with gray collars with schedules 40, 80, and 120 PVC. Some SharkBite fittings have tan collars. And they are finely suitable for C-PVC, copper, PEX, PE-RT, and HPE pipelines.

When it comes to repairs, you should learn the available fittings options to transition from polybutylene. Actually, some polybutylene tubing is precisely similar to most of the fitting. You can use them with the push-fit type of fittings.

A great option is to connect the ¾ polybutylene to PEX adapter. It correctly fits and works better as a repair.

Some people think that it is possible to glue the polybutylene pipe. But in reality, there is no glued system for the polybutylene fittings. If anybody tries it, there is no approval for it.

Now the question is, what is the difference between the PEX and polybutylene pipe and fittings?

Both the PEX and polybutylene are the most common and popular plastic piping. Here, PEX is polyethylene made with cross link chemical bonding which is a PVC alternative. The primary difference between them is in the construction system. However, PEX can tolerate more heat and stay robust in the cold water too

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When the pipe in the water line is exposed to cold water, PEX works better during the pumping time than polybutylene.

So, depending on the user type, you should use the pipelines. But you can use them as the repairing exchange if the fittings are the same in diameter.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Are PEX and polybutylene fittings the same?

Though both the PEX and Polybutylene are similar plastic pipelines or fittings, there is a difference between their construction. PEX is made of cross-linked bonding of polyethylene which is absent in polybutylene. This feature makes the PEX more durable and stronger than polybutylene.

Can I use PEX fittings on polyethylene pipe?

Yes, if the diameter of the PEX matches the diameter of the polyethylene pipeline, then you can join them together. Actually, both of them are HDPE polyethylene piping. The PEX is made of cross-linked polyethylene that making it stronger and durable. So you can use the PEX fittings with the polyethylene pipe effectively.

Which is best, PEX or polybutylene?

If the comparison is between PEX and polybutylene, then PEX will win. Polybutylene is only a chain of butylene. But the PEX is a cross-linked formation of polyethylene. This cross-linking formation makes it robust and stronger. PEX is an HDPE polymer that stays durable at a cold, high temperatures, and even chemical attacks.


PEX and polybutylene both are similar fittings and pipelines. Polybutylene is the most-used pipe in the USA water line. So, when it needs repair, we need to exchange the fittings, especially the rings. That is why we have the asking- will PEX crimp rings work on polybutylene?

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The answer is yes. But the ring must fit the diameter of the polybutylene pipeline connections. There is a transition coupling system to make the joints correctly. The other solution is the barbed polybutylene connections. So, the answer becomes easier to fit well.

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