Boiler Pressure Relief Valve Keeps Going Off- Why & How to Fix

Do you hear a vibration inside the water line? Maybe your boiler pressure valve keeps going off? There may be rust or dirt clogged for the long time use of a boiler. Sometimes high psi over 30 pressurize the valve, which causes a slow leaking. Even if the pressure valve is not set accurately, it may stop working.

It is dangerous to leave the release valve leaked or failed. Just go through this small content and get an accurate idea of why a water heater pressure valve keeps going off.

Boiler Pressure Relief Valve Keeps Going Off- Troubleshooting and Way Out

Let’s start with a view of a small chart of water heater pressure relief valve keeps going off? The solutions will help you to take proper steps to stop any accidents.

Rust or waned gasket stuck in the relief valveCheck and clean the valve system
The pressure release valve reaches 30psiRepair the valve with the help of an experienced person.
Expansion tank logged with water or air.It needs to be repaired by a plumber.
Defective aquastat get low water pressureFix the limit, place the machine properly.
The relief valve is not installed properlyFit the connection of the valve.

There Can Be Corrosion, Rust, Or Gasket Missing In The Relief Valve

Rust, corrosion dirt can block the relief valve seat may cause a leakage issue. Also, sediment with water is stuck inside the valve.These may close the valve pressure release point. Sometimes a deteriorated gasket part makes this problem.

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When you face this leaking problem, it will be the instant step to check the valve if there are any brittle pieces or dirt issues inside.

Step 1: power off the boiler.

Step 2: let the pressure out cold for two hours.

Step 3:Lift the relief valve to come out the water inside.

Step 4: Now check the valve and see any dirt or breaking piece issue that may block the valve.

It is ideal for examining the boiler pressure release valve after three months for good maintenance.

Pressure Over 30 psi Can Leak The Release Valve

Your boiler has a gauge to check the heating pressure. The ideal pressure is 12psi (pounds per square inch). It is perfectfor staying the psi in between 12-15.

The modern boiler endures almost 30 psi pressure. But this more pressure can leak and open up the whole valve system, later spoil it.

Now check this machine.

Step 1: Power off the boiler. Let it cool for two hours

Step 2: Release some water until the gauge shows 10 psi.

Step 3: Now your power is off, and the gauge is low. Still, the psi is going up. You have a problem with the valve.

A Leakage Or Waterlog In The Thermal Expansion System

An expansion tank handles the thermal explosion of the water. Sometimes leakage produced from this safety tank can fail the valve system. You can understand the causes by this table.

Long time use may cause damage issues inside of the tank.  Tighten the fittings.
An airlock resists the flowing of water in the heater and pipes. You will see no water in the boiler radiator.  Fix the airlock instantly
Steel tank absorbs air for the time being and creates air blockage.  Refill the tank with water at the proper amount.
Lack of air in the diaphragm tank.Pump air into the tank at 12psi.

Aquastat May Face A Low-Pressure Problem

Aquastat is a boiler heat limit resistance machine. If you set low pressure or it faces less pressure, there is a failure on the pressure valve on a boiler.

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The causes are

  • Wrong set limit control
  • A wide gap between a limit sensor and its mounting place
  • Defective sensor

What you can do is turn off the boiler system. Examine the control system. Set the proper limit. If you do not adjust the correct pressure, the valve may not reach the appropriate point. And mismanagement can’t release the pressure appropriately. Just a continuous opening and closing but not completing the task.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my pressure relief valve keep going bad?

If you set the pressure wrong according to the boiler, there can be a leakage issue on the valve. The water pressure above or under the system worsen the valve condition. Another issue is there can be dirt or brittle gasket or ring of the release valve which makes problem.

Why is water coming out of the pressure relief valve on a boiler?

There are two causes of this problem. One is, your relief valve has a leakage due to excess heat and pressure. And the other reason is your relief valve may not be adequately sealed or set. As a result, water comes to the valve and continuously leaks.

Final Words

When your boiler pressure valve keeps going off, the access heat is stored inside the whole system. This may result in a big explosion, and any accident can happen.

The first sign is you face decreasing pressure of your water line. That means your release valve is jamming. So, better to fix it now before any bigger blunder takes place.

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