How to Replace Toilet Bolts Without Removing Toilet- The Easy Way

Last day while cleaning the washroom, we found that the toilet bowls were a bit rusty. These seemed pretty unusual for the fact that the bolts were pretty new. Nonetheless, as there was no leakage, we would have to replace toilet bolts without removing toilet.

We searched a lot and talked to some of our plumber friends. What I found is that this is a tough ask! But, with some ideas and some experience with rusty bolts, We finally replaced those. But that kept us thinking of you guys.

So, today we will share all the tips and tricks of replacing toilet bowls without removing the toilet itself. Stick right here with us to learn more about it.

Replace Toilet Bolts without Removing Toilet

Now, fairly speaking, removing the toilet bolts is not an easy job. On the contrary, you usually don’t have to replace them regularly.

Now, there might be two big reasons that can lead to bolt replacements. And those are rust and leakage. Either of the two reasons can damage the bolts or, in some cases, your flooring.

How Does the Toilet Bolts Get Rusty?

You see, there can be many reasons behind a toilet bolt getting contaminated. The biggest reagent of rust is moisture. Now, we can all agree that toilet bolts have higher chances of getting wet. So, it is probably the cause of the rust.

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To prevent that, these bolts come with a toilet bolt cap. This cap seals the upper area of the bolt. So, water or any sort of moisture can’t get past it. If the cap is not in place or somehow broken, the bolts might get rusty.

On top of that, if there are any leakages in the toilet, you will face such problems. To get rid of the leakage, you will have first to identify the problem and then take the necessary steps.

Nonetheless, to prevent such unfortunate situations, you can use brass bolts. Yes, these bolts are a bit more expensive than regular coated steel bolts. However, you will be thanking me for pushing you to spend some extra pennies.

Steps by Step Guide to Replace Bolts without Removing the Toilet

Here are the 5 necessary steps that will help you execute the removal mission successfully. So, get all gears and dive into the work (not literally!). Before moving on to work, you might reassess all the tools first.

Essential Tools for Replacing the Toilet Bolts

These are the essential tools you will or might need to replace the toilet bolts.

  • Wrench
  • Plier
  • Sponge
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill (If needed in special cases)
  • Rust Removing Spray i.e. WD-40

Now, as you have all the essentials, we can head to the process of removing toilet bolts.

Step 01: Removing the Water Supply

It is very important to cut down the toilet water supply. You will find the water line behind the toilet. First, close the valve and make sure it is not supplying water. Then use a plumber’s range to release the toilet.

Step 02: Remove All the Water

Now, flush twice to remove all the water from the tank. The tank will not refill as you have cut off the water supply. Don’t worry, the supply cut-off is temporary, you will have to reinstall it once you are done with the whole process.

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Now, even if you have flushed, you will still see some water in the toilet itself. It is because of the U-vent. To get rid of that water, take a sponge and soak the water out. You might have to repeat the process a couple of times to get all the water out.

Step 03: Remove Caps

Now, as you have no water in your toilet, you have no fear of leakage. Now, remove the caps of the bolts. You can do that easily with a flat-headed screwdriver. Just push down the flathead on the edge of the cap and it will come off.

Step 04: Remove the Bolts and Install New Ones

As you have removed the cap, unscrew the bolts with a wrench. Normally, the bolts are pretty tightened up. So, you might need to apply a good amount of pressure.

If the bolts are rusty, try using WD-40. Spray all around the bolt and wait for some time. Then you might be able to unscrew it. If not, you might have to drill your way through. You need to be careful about not removing the toilet or in worse cases, breaking the shafts.

Step 05: Replace the Bolts and Seal it

Now, once you have removed the old ones, replace those with the new ones and reverse all the processes. After that, you are good to go!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Replace Toilet Bolts Without Removing Toilet?

It is hard and nearly impossible to replace the toilet bolts. But by following the above steps, you can replace them without actually removing the toilet itself.

Can you over-tighten toilet bolts?

In many cases, you can overtighten the toilet bolts. Overtightening the bolts can cause damage to the floor or the toilet.

Why do toilet anchor bolts rust?

It is because of the moisture. To avoid such instances, use brass bolts and make sure that the caps are installed.

Final Thoughts

So, by following these steps, you can replace toilet bolts without removing toilet. You can follow the same process for toilet anchor bolts.

On the contrary, you might find toilet anchor bolts loose. In such cases, you might have just to tighten the bolts. However, if it is hard to screw, you will have to replace that anyway. Use your tools very carefully to avoid injury. And most importantly, make sure of the water supply is installed back on!

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