Corner Toilet Vs Regular Toilet- What Are the Actual Differences?

What makes a corner toilet different from a regular toilet? The most basic difference between a corner toilet and a regular toilet is that a corner toilet is ideal to fit in the corner of your bathroom, whereas a regular toilet stands perpendicularly to the back wall. 

To settle the debate – corner toilet vs regular toilet – we will compare two of these toilets in detail. Stick around till the end to know which one best suits your modern bathroom interior.

Corner Toilet Vs Regular Toilet- A Quick Comparison

FactorsCorner ToiletRegular Toilet
PositionPositioned diagonally from one of the cornersPositioned at right angles to back wall
Tank ShapeTank shape is triangular mostTank shape is rectangular
Installation Comparatively difficult to installEasier to install
Rough-In12″ standard rough-inMost come with 12″ rough-in, 10″ and 14″ are also available
Best UseBest suited for small bathroom, cloakroomSuitable for any regular size bathroom

Hopefully, you got the basic idea about the regular vs corner toilet from the table. Now we will discuss the differences between these two toilets more elaborately depending on the following points:

  • Design & Outlook
  • Size & Dimensions
  • Best Use for Space
  • Ergonomics
  • Installation 
  • Pricing 

Let’s get started.

Design & Outlook

Needless to say, there are unlimited designs and models to choose from when it comes to regular toilets. You can do whatever you wish to make your regular toilet setup look sleek and functional at the same time. 

On the other hand, the corner toilets may not be available with the most stylish looks, but some models are well designed to fancy up your small space and make it look neat and spacious. 

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Though regular toilets leave you with more options, sprucing up your bathroom doesn’t seem impossible whether you have a regular toilet or corner toilet.

Size & Dimensions of Corner & Regular Toilet

Generally, a corner toilet is a compact toilet to fit perfectly in a small space. However, the dimensions vary depending on the shape, model, and brand.

The length and width of some of the most common corner toilet models range from 30–34 inches and 17–20 inches, respectively. On the other hand, the height greatly varies; it can be as low as 14 inches but can also go up to 32 inches. A corner toilet typically has a 12 inches rough-in.

The regular toilets are typically 28–30 inches deep and around 20 inches wide. The height of a regular toilet varies from 27 to 32 inches. The rough-in measurement for most regular toilets is 12 inches though some have a rough-in of 10 and 14 inches. 

Best Use for Space – Corner Or Regular Toilet

Most of the time, the corners of the bathroom remain unused. Using a corner toilet occupies the unused space and makes enough room for other purposes, especially when the bathroom is not big enough. A corner toilet is best known for using the bathroom space efficiently. And the best part is you don’t need to worry about the knee room and can set up other fixtures or cabinet as you want.

A regular toilet is installed against a flat wall which takes a significant amount of area in your bathroom. If your bathroom is big enough and the toilet is placed smartly, then the regular toilet won’t be a problem. But if there is a lack of space, you may consider having a corner toilet or a low profile toilet instead of the regular one.

Ergonomics- Regular Vs Corner Toilet

We cannot easily settle down between corner and regular toilets when it comes to ergonomics because it totally depends on how the toilets are being used. 

The clearance or free space between the toilet and the front wall or cabinet should be at least 30 inches to create an ergonomic bathroom. The toilet paper holder or other fixtures should be mounted in a position and height that is easily accessible.

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Again sitting straight at a 90-degree angle is not considered good for your health. The height of comfort height toilets or ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) toilets is 17–19 inches. Standard height toilets have seats that are 14–15 inches high. But, both the corner toilet and regular toilet include more than 20 inches high seats, and some people find it convenient to use toilets with extended height.

So, no matter your toilet type, regular or corner, it will be ergonomically efficient based on how you arrange them.

Installation Differences

The installation process of a regular toilet is easier than we think and can be done without any professional help if we have DIY experience. It might take 2 to 4 hours to install a regular toilet.

On the other hand, a corner toilet installation is quite tricky, especially if the waste and supply lines are placed for a regular toilet. It will necessitate a lot of plumbing work then.

To install a corner toilet in a regular bathroom, you need to alter the position of the waste pipe and the water supply line. It will undoubtedly require much more time and effort and professional assistance as well. But if your bathroom has a built-in drainage system for a corner toilet, the installation might be easier like a regular toilet.

Pricing Point

The price range of a regular toilet varies from $100 to $1500 based on size, design, and brand. But it will cost around $300 to $500 for a good quality regular toilet. Toilets with a square-shaped bowl are the most expensive ones. The round shape comes at a standard price. The elongated shapes are slightly more expensive than the round ones. 

For a modern corner toilet, you don’t need to pay much more than for a regular toilet. The price range of a corner toilet is almost similar to the pricing of a standard toilet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Do corner toilets save space?

Yes. Most of the time, the corners of the bathroom remain unused. Using a corner toilet occupies the unused space and makes enough room for other purposes, especially when the bathroom is not big enough. A corner toilet is best known for using the bathroom space efficiently.

Can you put a standard toilet in a corner?

You cannot put a standard toilet in a corner. A corner toilet is specially designed to fit in the corner of your bathroom with a triangular-shaped tank. But a standard toilet comes with a rectangular tank, which will definitely not fit in a corner.

What Toilet to Pick For Your Bathroom?

Finally, it’s time to settle the debate – corner toilet vs regular toilet. After knowing all the differences between these two, you might have realized that it depends on how much bathroom space you have and how you want to arrange it. 

However, you may consider the hassle of shifting the waste pipe and supply line if you have a pre-installed drainage system for a regular toilet. 

A regular toilet gives you the freedom to furnish your bathroom the way you want, though it takes up a standard amount of space. But you don’t need to worry about having one when you got enough room for a regular toilet.

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